I wanted to go over this free trading group um. Most of you i don’t know, might know about them, but uh it’s, completely free all you got ta. Do i’m gon na put this link in the description you just go to the discord you sign up and you got uh free access to all the education. All the alerts could trade. However, you want you. Can trade options, you can trade shorts? You can trade swings. You can trade large cap penny stocks, whatever the heck, you want crypto uh you can scalp, i mean you can see it all here, long term. Investing. I just want to go over a couple things about this trading group that i love. Love, love, love, love, love, love and that’s, mainly this trading floor. This is really all i spend my time in here because you get the alerts from. Basically all the guys in here are amazing, but the main three guys i stick around for are this pj matlock? Okay and then there’s another guy in here named ripster, who’s insane trader, and then you got another guy in here. Who’S, like the complete legend zack morris, obviously it’s just a pseudonym. These three guys and along with the rest of these guys in here, are feeding you information through this chat all day, you know, chart setups news, uh, their positions are always out in the open, so you know what kind of stuff they’re buying and they kill it.

I mean i don’t know i think i think zack’s, probably up like 10 mil this year, already uh pj malok’s priority up like three or four mil um ripster. I mean this dude had like a thousand percent year last year. These guys are are insane. So i just wanted to introduce it at least on my channel anyways it’s, something that this is a tool that i use, because it’s it’s completely free and you’ve got access to million dollar traders, multiple million dollar traders. You know basically calling stuff out for you like, for example, today, uh let’s see today they called this out cno. They called this guy out today, uh you had a nice little buy right here i mean this thing went from seven to. I think it it closed at 11., so by the time they were buying it, it was around 784 and it ran to 11.. So you had three points there on a uh on a seven dollar stock Music. You know you buy a thousand, you buy a thousand shares. You know, that’s already three grand right there, pretty much. Two grand three grand that’s three grand in this case, yeah it’s, like more like almost four grand right, uh, just off one one, tiny little stock that just decided to rip all of a sudden so that very interesting they got. This group has us in this sndl, which is a weed play. They were probably messing around with uh.

You know riot and mara all day. I know these guys all had positions in this stuff coming in uh they’re messing around with i got. I even got a watch list just for zach’s stuff they’re messing with this zyne, which they were calling out. They were calling out down here in the 430s 40s. This thing closed at 574., so you get a dollar 30. There you go buy. A thousand 10 000 shares – i mean you’re already killing it. So this is the type of place they they’re coming across all the time. Every day, bisl was a ripper from 270, yet a double. Almost there um clove guys. The clove is one of the biggest pounds that they’re giving us here, um it’s down right now, but this is a stock that guys uh chamoth in it. It’S got um mark cuban. In it it’s got zach morris it’s got pj, matlock it’s got tick, tock tick. If you guys don’t know who that is, uh we’ve got a big trader on twitter uh. This thing is uh is: has some massive uh traders in it and investors? I don’t know why it’s not going up but uh. This thing this thing has some massive. This is this is a lot how i trade i’m more, like i guess nowadays, i’m more of like yeah. I use these technicals but i’m more of like a social trader i’m following these guys, i’m listening to them i’m trying to see what people are buying, because your edge effectively is where the money is you’re just out there kind of surfing the waves so i’m always Kind of seeing what these guys are buying and why and it’ll kind of keep you on theme effectively like today was kind of a blockchain day.

Like you didn’t really, you know we some weed stocks kind of went, but it wasn’t like a full on weed day. Like the other like wednesday last week so wednesday, i don’t remember, but you know today was like crypto day. You know i don’t know it probably continues tomorrow to be honest, but it might be crypto week for all i know, but uh. You know unless some weed news comes or something, but you know it wasn’t really like a fang day. It wasn’t really like yeah. These guys will keep you on track as far as like what’s what’s really ripping. Is it eevee? Is it weed? Is it crypto? Is it you know, bio, and you can kind of just follow along with these guys that have, i think they have. I don’t even know how many people they have uh members now it’s, something like hundreds of thousands, and so you get let’s say you got a hundred thousand two hundred thousand people on this trading floor that are watching these guys, trade pj matlock. He throws out a trade and he says: look i’m in this stock for two hundred thousand shares. Then you got say it’s just seventy thousand other traders go in and go okay. I’M. Let me get like five thousand shares. Let me get a hundred thousand shares. Let me get a thousand shares and you got some guys getting 200 shares. You know that all adds up and that’s gon na give you some uh that that can be enough to break it out of a trend that can be enough to give you a nice.

Like two or three dollar pump, you know not sometimes it dumps. Sometimes it keeps on going um. For example, uh amc was a recent call and uh amc. We all know what happened with amc lately i mean obviously it’s not good now, but let me tell you when they were calling this. The zack morris was calling this thing back here when it was in the twos all through here. This dude was saying: hey i’m, adding the dip i’m adding on this dip i’m buying right here i got, i think he had uh 800 000 shares or something crazy like that 800 000 shares my man took it all the way to 17 20 bucks from two Dollars and he called it for a week week and a half before the pump started happening now – obviously we’re seeing some uh, obviously we’re, seeing some depreciation here, because the whole trade is over. But you know that was a trade that was a sympathy play off of gamestop and i’ll say most of the trades. Are sympathy plays off of other things, so you see what’s ripping for the day. Is it bio? Is it weed? Is it ev? Is it battery? Is it you know this that the other solar and then you find stocks that you know you don’t necessarily follow the main stock that’s ripping like if tesla’s ripping, then you go, buy one of their affiliate stocks like you, go, buy an ev stock or you go Buy some stock that’s affiliated with tesla instead of just buying tesla, so that’s kind of their mo, is just playing.

These sympathy plays based on what is already ripping so they’re like main indicator. Is you know what is ripping now and what could rip, because that particular stock is ripping, so obviously, today was crypto and so one stock they’re in i know this is they’re in this ebon. What the freak knows about ebon, you guys might know, i don’t know but they’re buying this stock, because you got mara which just ripped face. You got riot which is rip face. You got mstr, which went absolutely insane ballistic mode. All because of you know the tweet from from elon, and so they give you an opportunity to come in here and get a stock that hadn’t been touched. Yet so the rotation you know went from mara to riot mstr uh. You know it’s going to make its way down to all the other crypto stocks that haven’t really been hit, yet this one. I know this one’s going to be one. I told my uncle in law about this. One said that this could this could be a big winner. This could be like the next mara or riot. So this gave me an idea. I got this idea from you know my own research but that’s it’s, a similar concept where you’re just playing these sympathy, plays you’re just playing these you’re just playing a sector you’re, letting the leader kind of go like mstr is a leader because it’s just the biggest You know most massive and then you got mar and riot like these are your crypto plays.

If you want to buy bitcoin, you might as well just go. Buy these stocks you’re going to get a bigger return, you can play options on them and plus they rip like riot ripped 40 and you got mario rip. 42 bitcoin was only up from like ‘ 000 to 30 to 44 000, so it was only up. 5. 000 bucks that’s like a stock, going from ‘ to 44.. You know so you know why buy bitcoin we can go, buy, mara and and buy. You know someone that bought those 28 or 27s. This morning you know you have 500 600 000. So this is the type of stuff you can utilize. I mean you don’t have to follow every one of their trades, but this is something you guys can utilize as a way to generate your own ideas. How you like to play um, you know and and learn how to, if you’re doing, quick day trades or quick swing trades, you know, learn how to manage your risk. Learn how to position. Learn how to buy dips like something that this group will teach you? Is you never buy rips, so i didn’t buy any of this move today for one because i was a i’d already missed most of it in the pre market. So i was like you know. I’M gon na i’m, not gon na chase. This i’ll wait for it to come down again, but ebon gave you a nice little dip earlier.

So this was this was sweet. You got an opportunity to get into this one, even though this one hadn’t ripped as much, but you have an opportunity now to get into that on dips. You know if everything keeps ripping, then this is going to rip too z k. I n is giving you plenty of opportunities on dips, so this is what their mo is effectively and a lot of the guys in here, too, i mean they’re going to be feeding news all day i mean you just got a constant feed of a free chat Room then you got this guy ripster who i’ve uh. He doesn’t know me, but i’ve i’ve known him. For a year and a half like, i was in a uh like a a chat, a private chat with him with, like 10 other guys for about a month and a half, and i got to learn a lot from him and he’s a beast. You follow him on twitter, just set up tweet deck. Let me show you guys what i do with tweetdeck here. You can set up ripster my man, ripster man. He does everything for free and uh. He will hook you up with some trades. If you guys are new or if you guys don’t, know how to get your own ideas or if you’re, just lazy like me, and i just don’t, feel like looking at trades all day and scans and looking at setups and all this stuff just follow this guy.

This guy will just throw out trades to you all day. Look here’s one right here: rtp i’ll, give you some ideas here, and so you got tweak deck set up and you can just have all your users. So i got i followed zach. I followed this tick. Tock guy, if i was smarter trader who i’ve done a video on before uh, follow his free twitter, i i’m, not in his group anymore. I follow elon because what he tweets out some doge or tweets out something like, in my opinion, tesla’s too high or something crazy. I always keep track of what he’s doing and then you throw ripster in there. You can throw pj matlock cool. You could throw some of these other guys in here too, so just uh, just another tool to add to the toolbox uh for what you uh. You know to help you make some more money in the markets. If you guys are looking to make money in the markets uh, you want to make it as easy as possible and there’s no, in my opinion, there’s no better indicator than your own brain uh in your own intuitions, your own uh, your own logic, uh don’t, forget About the charts forget about you know what the fed is doing. You know, what do you think is going to be happening and that’s all that really matters, and you know following these other guys. What do they think is going to happen? Do you agree with that? You know does that make sense, and then you can develop your own trades don’t ever just follow them blindly.

Uh. You know like if the zack morris comes out and says i’m buying. You know snio he’s, like he’s, adding dips. Then i agree with that trade, because this is a great trade. Why would you why wouldn’t you come in here and buy this uh this company on dips, when you know it’s going to rip, and so if i know that there’s big money in it like he’s, going to be buying, like you know, million shares or something i Want to be in that trade as well so it’s a free resource, highly highly recommend it check it out and if you guys have any questions or anything. You guys got to follow me on twitter and get at me in the messages and we’ll be chill. We can, we can be chatting and chilling and uh just follow me at victorious. Vig. Okay, just add me on twitter and then follow this guy too tick tock tick. My man is uh he’s, a beast um one of the best uh traders out there right now. So anyways uh like subscribe comment.