So ive done the major heart rate accuracy test between the garmin vinu ii, a full on sport watch from garmin, as well as the huawei gt3. So this is the all new watch from huawei, which has promised that its got its heart rate accuracy up quite a bit and in fact its now within 96 accuracy of the polar h10 ecg chest strap. So what did i do? I actually went to the gym. I had a good strength, workout, just under 40 minutes doing lots of reps doing lots of these strength exercises getting the peaks up there, getting the trolls getting a lot of intensity in there just to make sure that we have a great test, and we did that. So without further ado lets get into the results. If youre new to west news, tech, news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news, we do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way, and so before we actually show you the results. Let me tell you about these two watches very quickly, of course, so the garmin vinu ii. This is a full on sport watch, but with the smarts that make it more civilized, because if you look at the phoenix 506, those watches are brutal, they are huge. They look rugged, they look like bricks and theyre, not very smart theyre, not very beautiful, but theyre, very precise theyre, very accurate and theyre very functional for the sport watches they are.

The garmin venue, 2 brings about more civilized, looks much better smarts. Everything is in color, everything is well animated. The infographics are great on this and the fact is you still get a long battery. It might not as long it might not be two weeks, but you still get at least three four days usage out of this. But the fact is its very accurate and it costs slightly more than the who are we. So if the huawei gt3 – which we have right here – and this is the 46 millimeter version – so quite a big chunky watch as well – this will set you back 230, quid or 250 to 300 bucks. The venue 2 is 300 pounds or around 300 to 350 bucks. So the venuto is slightly more expensive, but its accuracy is undoubted. So what ive done is actually been at the gym. Ive had the under 40 minute workout lots of intensity there and the benchmark was the polar h10 ecg chest strap and in fact i actually got the updated polar h10 ecg chest strap. So its got the new strap with new silicone dots in it just to keep it firmly on your chest and ill actually be doing. A review of that strap slightly later anyways, so weve got the benchmark. Weve got the two watches lets get into the results, and so lets start off with the benchmark, as we can see from the polar beat app to which i have the polar hd ecg chest strap connected to.

We can see that over the 36 to 40 minutes that i was doing these exercises, we can see that the average heart rate recorded was 120 beats per minute, while the max was registered at 148 beats per minute, and we can see on the chart that there Are a lot of peaks? There are a lot of trolls. We can see that this was quite an intense workout and, as we know that usually the optical heart rate sensors on the back of smart watches, they are great for things like when youre running, but during strength. Workouts. Quite a lot of the smart watches actually fail. Fail to be highly accurate, so if previously ive shown you the results of the huawei during an aerobic exercise, thats great, but this is an anaerobic exercise. This is all about intensity during a strength. Workout, so lets take a look at the results from the garment venue. 2 – and we can see that the results there are great – the average was actually measured at 121 beats per minute, while the max was registered at 146 beats per minute, so were looking at an understatement for the average of just one beat per minute and an understatement Of the max by two beats per minute, these results are great. This is what its all about. Garmin venue ii has proved itself on the numerous occasions across all the channels that have been testing this watch. The garmin vinutu is absolutely great, so lets take a look now at what the huawei has come up with, and what we can see here is that the average is measured at 120 beats per minute, while the max is also registered at 146 beats per minute.

Giving us an understatement of two beats per minute for the average as well as the max. What can we say? Well, im amazed. This is an amazing result for garmin well thats expected for who are we? I didnt expect it considering that the gt2 the previous model, it had a problem. It was really underestimating the strength workouts as well as the cardio workout. The gt3 has just shown amazing result now, thats slightly better. Does it actually warrant you spending that 70 pounds or 100 bucks more, i dont know it all depends on the use which youre going to be having of the two watches if youre going for the sports with a lot of the smarts go for the venue too. If youre looking for the smarts but with great accuracy and good sports, then go for the huawei anyways.