I will be showing you three more of these incredible gadgets. You might need one of these for yourself or as a gift to someone special to you, Music, Music, one arpara worlds. First, five kelvins micro led all in one vr headset what if there was a way to step into a world of future technologies right now, virtual reality, technology has come a long way. However, there are still many obstacles to conventional vr headsets, including low end resolution, bulky, design, limited usage scenarios and more arpara is looking forward to bringing more people to immerse themselves into the world of vr, providing our vr enthusiasts and professionalists with exceptional cinematic quality with high End resolution featherweight and flexible usage scenarios with arpara the future is closer than you think get ready to lose yourself in unbeatable visual entertainment, as well as an unprecedented gaming experience. Imagine yourself exploring a stunning new metaverse with wade watts in ready player. One featuring micro led displays and qualcomm xr2 processor arpara is designed for the immersive experiences of new worlds, such as building a personal paradise in minecraft or venturing about with friends in law. For adventures closer to home. Arpara also introduces you to a stunning new way to enjoy your favorite movies, with cinematic quality anywhere. You choose movies come alive right before your eyes. You will feel like part of the action, as you trade punches with sly stallone or fall in love with your favorite anime character, Music.

What if you could build a super brain in just minutes a day, Applause science shows you can work out your brain. Just like you work out your body, training. Your brain for peak performance gives you an edge in every area of life, career sports relationships. When senseis team set out to bring gamma neurofeedback to the home. They never imagined that three years of research and development and seven patents later they would be bringing so many other firsts to market, including proprietary technologies, that boost train and assess performance. Sensei is the first and only wearable to combine three powerful neuro technologies, brain training, brain stimulation and heart rate variability training into one personalized adaptive system. This means 20 minutes with sensei, provides more mind body benefit than virtually any other activity. You could do in that time. Sensei is for innovators, those pushing the boundaries of their potential in cognitive, acuity, physical fitness and meditation train mode goes beyond neurofeedback to incorporate heart coherence and adaptive light stimulation designed to accelerate your brains. Learning curve boost mode is the only personalized brain stimulation system. You can boost at home at work or on your commute for an immediate brain energy. Activation sensei solved a big problem with traditional pro grade neural feedback systems which require messy cables and gel applied to your scalp senseis breakthrough. Cushiony no fuss electrodes require zero, gel, never tangle and have unprecedented signal quality. This means its the first wearable tech to be able to train a full spectrum of brainwaves, including theta, and even gamma.

The brainwave of the most advanced meditators Music senseis. Full range of powerful programs go well beyond common focus, or even sleep management and brain defog into creative insight flow and deep meditative states. These were designed to help you be at your best in each of your lifes moments previously only available to those that could afford. Pricey clinics, now you can exercise your brainwaves like you, do your body and track meaningful brain biometrics on your schedule in as little as 20 minutes a day, you can shine brighter for yourself. I 16 8 to 12 week courses. Reference studies – 103, foci 2 work smart with the most powerful productivity tech. Why work hard when you can work smart and play hard, take advantage of an unparalleled productivity tool with the best in class focus skill training to give yourself the extraordinary edge in career and grades? Ditch the primitive time tracker and whatnots other productivity tools, capacity to track your performance dolls in the face of foci start draw unprecedented insight of how you work. Dont stay in the dark, get to know every focus, calm, distraction, stress fatigue, while you work find out when and why you lose focus or see how well you do today, thanks for watching guys, please click subscribe button and click notification. Bell for more tech updates.