Look theres, no cabal of despotic devs sitting in some dark room. Creating helpful device features then intentionally keeping them a secret from you hidden ill. Accept because when features are buried, three or four menus deep, the word hidden does loosely apply, but i digress today, four months later, im gon na run you through some things, ive picked up, crowdsourced and stumbled upon, as i re examine the galaxy watch for classic much Of which also applies to the standard galaxy watch four and share with you some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your watch and i have an apology, a reconciliation. I need to make a realization of just how useful a certain person is in my life after the intro Music back in august of 2021, i first reviewed the galaxy watch 4 series, with a primary focus on the watch 4 classic. Some features like spotify downloads were not yet ready for prime time and some features i wasnt quite ready to accept for daily use theres only one bixby. I recognize mr mcgee dont make me angry. You wouldnt like me when im angry, but some things have changed since august and in december the watch received some updates. So where are we now? Where am i now lets begin with the thing youre going to notice every time you flick your wrist or tap those function buttons. The watch faces in that december update four new watch faces were added the info, brick basic dashboard live wallpaper and one specifically focused on weather.

Personally, i rock the digital dashboard face because its info dense enough for my needs, though i think a lot of users will like the new info, brick and basic dashboards as well. If you like, pretty animations, you may find the live wallpaper to your liking. It animates, when you raise to wake and then has a very subtle, thanos finger, snap effect where the edges of the color blob disintegrate im, not a huge fan, but you might be an addition. I did find useful in the update, was a new gesture. The ability to make a knock knock motion and launch a preset, app or feature. I have this feature set to launch the workout selections, though ill probably change it soon, because of launching them another way which ill address later in the video, and i know that yall power hungry. No, no! No, not like that. Like this, i can do this all day. You want that big battery energy. We we dont do that here and thats a bit of a letdown, but over time, ive taken some steps which have increased my up time, a bit one i use anytime. A watch includes that feature is bedtime mode. What this does is turn off always on display and raise wrist to wake. In addition, it mutes notifications and sounds all of which are polite things to do anyway. If you wear your watch to bed and are sleeping next to someone, but because it essentially turns the display off similar to theater mode youre gon na save some juice for those hours, youre asleep, you can activate bedtime mode on demand or set it on a schedule.

Side note how many of you turned on snow detection? If you did, what do you think? Has it helped you in any way i mean now that you know you snore or not, but what have you done with that knowledge? Let me know in the comments below now: there are other things you can do to manage the battery life. This display is bright and beautiful. I mean its really bright and auto brightness in my experience, seems to really favor keeping it lit. So you might consider turning off auto brightness and finding a level of brightness which is going to work for you and most of the environment. Youll find yourself. There are, of course, other things you can do to save on battery as well turn off wi fi wi fi for yeah set your display to wake only with the press of the buttons hell. Why dont we just buy ferraris with the stipulation that we can drive them only on surface streets during rush hour traffic. I try to actually do the least battery saving possible personally, because why buy a device, if im not going to use it to its full potential? Consistently so while you may find solace in your purchasing decision by throttling your watch id rather just put it on the charger every morning, while i shower and get ready for work, but you know, do you boo pro tip if youve been at work all day and Have evening plans but dont have a charger at work or the time to charge at home prior to your evening out im sure you already know that you can punch that battery icon in the shortcuts menu and the watch will cut essential functions, turn off weavey and Lte, so you can eke out all the juice you can get, but did you know that you can take that one step further hit settings battery and activate watch only mode that does what it sounds like turns.

Your smart watch into a dumb watch, but youll still look smart, because at your evening event you wont be wearing a dead device on your wrist youre welcome. One thing i have not seen too many folks talk about. Is the granular volume controls on the watch? Adding the volume shortcut to your quick settings menu allows you to control the volume for your ringtone media playback notifications system sounds and bixby and staying with granular control. Your heart rate measurement is an important factor to consider when using the watch, obviously, depending on what you decide, youre going to have an effect on battery life, you can set your watch to measure continuously every 10 minutes, while still or manual on demand measurements. Only remember my ferrari analogy yeah i have mine set to measure continuously. Why do this so that my measurements keep up with my interval training workouts? I may have moments when i stop during training and then get started back up again and ive found. The watch has more latency when i dont have it set to measure continuously if you arent in the gym too often or doing high intensity, workouts, think youre, just fine with the 10 minute intervals or even on demand Music. I measurements something to admit: ive hated on bixby on galaxy watch. My fears were irrational, my fear of activating it on my watch and having to activate it on my phone and instead of google assistant, my my fear of it being a waste of of it being craptastic.

I was wrong so wrong, but ive recognized the error of my ways and and im here for you now big speech. If youre happy, one of the most natural ways to interact with your galaxy watch is via voice for many things, and i have to admit that, having used other watches with voice input, galaxy watch use always felt incomplete. Now, im also used to having watches with lte connections, so theres a caveat here with bixby, but its still fantastic. As long as you have a network connection setting timers starting workouts setting reminders those reminders set on your watch, also showing up on your galaxy phone and the samsung reminders app and in your calendar, doing laundry and wanting to be reminded when you need to get your Clothes out of the dryer, hey bixby, set a timer for 40 minutes pro tip. Please do this! Those of us in apartments with crowded laundry rooms are tired of yall, leaving your things in the dryer for an extra hour to after theyre done drying. Now. Would i rather have google assistant, of course, if google assistant never comes to this watch, and i only ever have bixby, how would i feel about that? Actually id be fine. This gives me enough functionality that my needs are pretty much met. Even for my business functionality. Working with the android central team means working across time zones, so when me, and alex dolby, for example, are collaborating and need to have a virtual face to face bixby.

What time will it be in london if its 9 a.m, in los angeles and some days, the calls from my other business interests can come in fast and furious, but i can see all calls ive sent to voicemail or just missed. Bixby show me a list of my missed calls and last bixby note here: did you know that you can extend functionality of bixby with capsules, just open up bixby on your samsung device and go to its store and search for something you may want the watch to Do for me its generally reminder type function, so ask my brain that app and its capsule, which is capsule, is another way of saying extensions added functionality for bixby thats, one of my favs for the watch. It does things like help me remember, which target location carries my favorite beard, oil and washed scotch porter. Hey bixby. Ask my brain to remember that target woodland hills carry scotch porter, hey bixby, which target location carry scotch porter. This is also handy for remembering things like your favorite dish at a particular restaurant or someones, favorite, candy or clothing designer for when birthdays or christmas rolls around bixby is actually more powerful on this generation of samsung watches than ever before. So i recommend activating it and taking the time to engage with it, as it really will extend your functionality and enjoyment of your galaxy watch. A few quick features to get into by default. Your watch is set to show last app within 20 seconds, so you use an app your watch sleeps you raised awake and want to hit the app again but its gone back to the drawer.

You can change how long your last app remains active on screen. After it sleeps the camera controller, it is there and it works great set your phone up for that group shot then get in the shot and activate your phone from there and preview. The results all from your wrist. Instead of setting a complication which shows you, the temperature outside consider using the feels, like complication if its 48 degrees outside, but very windy, itll actually feel much colder, and this readout gives you that temperature, instead of the actual temperature fall detection, has been improved to operate. Better if you fall from a static position such as collapsing, if youre just standing, still want better text, input and voice to text, input, install gboard from the play store and now you can swipe for text input and youre going to have improved voice to text input. Much better and faster than the stock keyboard and please people for the love of obatalla. Please use theater mode when, at the cinema, im tired of having my enjoyment disrupted by people raising the arm to check a message and good news. It has a timer, so you can set it to be active anywhere from one to four hours. If you love me and want me to enjoy my movie, because you know its all about me and i and i know you do theater mode, do it and if youre a data nerd like i am, you can change how info dense each workout screen is, but Did you know you can change each screens layout if im going on a walk, i can go into settings and you see data 1 and data 2.

. Those are the two screens i can currently swipe between tap and you get into layout mode pick one of the layouts which has the most partitions and now youve got a screen where you could tap each partition and choose which data set goes there and, like? I said it is info dense. You can get quite a bit on screen customizable for each workout type, and you know the other thing i want you to do find out who your most authentic self is. What makes you excited to get out of the bed despite all the noise and madness around you dream big plan big make 2022 as awesome as possible ill, be here with you trying to make these videos as awesome as possible in 22. thats it. Those are all my tips. I will catch you in the next video next year.