Okay, i’m ready about time. A little different fuss with your hair. Look it’s good to be back. I never knew you’d gone off somewhere what’s, your poison kilo, old bat top it up with beef and sprinkle. In some chili silver a while, since anyone ordered that you got it Music fear cassius writer may mean anything to you mm, hmm, tattoo guy. How do you know the name we go back? Where will i find him got a salon in watson, hershey street, so what’ll? It be billy, goat or the other one billy goat, more my style, she’s gon na love. It sure she will jeremiah grayson i’ve heard he’s an operator for smasher, but you didn’t hear that from me. Hey, who are you again? Yeah could say we had something in common ruby, collins, sloppy. Second for grayson after i banged her Music, hey what the hey drink, slinger, Music, foreign, Music, Music. I think i got something better. Hey you ruby! What you’ve heard about me, let’s, get out of here, tell you what i heard then you’ll show me: if i’m right just got a little biz to take care of first yo get your paws off ruby. She ain’t going anywhere with you. She’S on that clock got it. I miss this waiting outside you waiting for me. Let’S go back to my place where to martin street, but take the long way look good on. You got a light Music Music. Oh my god, we could have died.

Ruby, maybe i’ll call i’ll call ruby focus. I need to talk to grayson hello, night city v, spit blood first thing every morning. Ah talk about something else. Please sure. First time you walked up. Since there was something familiar about you blah blah johnny told you don’t seem surprised, but surprised, but not anymore. You probably don’t, remember, got flashes here and there not everything. Thank god. He called me early morning. Of course, i thought it was you and i thought cute kid too. Bad she’s gone completely. Whacked came to see for yourself, huh morbid curiosity, mm hmm and i found johnny silverhand. That feels weird. This you knowing about johnny face is changing. You know still look like v, but that means smirk i’d know it anywhere how he talks moves, how he smokes i don’t smoke. I know, could never confuse you two. So sleep soundly smashery, he tell you about him. Yes, didn’t know. He’D, come back to nc johnny found some way to get at him. Wait grayson jeremiah grayson works for smasher johnny got a tip off some stripper don’t. Ask me how ebonica just that? Still let me see what i can do. We’Re gon na get that son of a know what smasher’s been up to all this time disappeared after the soccer tower assault in 2023. All thought he was gone for good then suddenly reappeared did a few mondo jobs for arasaka then went right back to ground nobody’s.

Seen him in years except grayson, apparently, can i help it all in your state, you’re useless, almost hollow buzz. You when i learned something: okay, unbelievable that bastard’s somewhere in your head, uh. Oh you tricked me just supposed to talk to rogue, did talk to her empathy.