So in this video well talk about this device, which is a mi water, tds tester, before going into the video directly. Let me just talk about tds a bit. So tds means total dissolved, solid and it indicates how safe is your drinking water. So if the tedious level of your drinking water is below 300 ppm, that means this drinking water is very safe for you and if the tds level is above 1200 ppm in your drinking water, that means that is not at all acceptable and simply you cannot drink That water, in this video ill unbox this device and ill show you how to use this device and how to check your water tds level. My name is ani and i welcome you to my youtube channel money, online, Music, Music, so guys this is the box pack of mi water, tds tester. It has an entry dust and anti corrosion sensor. It has a lcd display to show the readings and, and it can read up to 0 to 9990 ppm of tds on this side. You have the mrp of the device quoted here, which is rupees 499 only, but on the mi website. This device is available for rupees ‘9 and additionally, you need two lr44 batteries which costs you around 50 rupees in the local market. Now let me just quickly unbox the device and lets see how the device looks like and what are the things we can get inside. The box okay, so this is the tds tester, as you can see – and this is the user manual.

So here you have the lcd display to show up the tds rating of your water and guys since the display is small, you will see multiples here. That means if the tds level of your water is 2000, you will see 200 into 10 here, and this is the button, and here is a cap and inside this tds testing sensor, as we can see over here, and this is the battery compartment. So, just let me install the batteries and then well continue. If you can see here is the marking of the positive and negative side. So accordingly, i have to install the batteries, so the batteries are installed now. So just let me put the cover on and whenever you press this button, the device will turn on and it will show zero reading because there is no water in contact with the sensors. This device looks very nice. Actually, it looks like a small thermometer and the shape is very nice from the aesthetic point of view. The device is really very nice and on this side, mi water, tds tester, is written here, as you can see. Now. Let me show you how to use this device and guys watch this part of this video very carefully, because i have seen many youtubers and some of them having more than crores of subscribers. They are using the device in the wrong way and they are showing it on their youtube channel, which is not correct.

So please watch this part very carefully to understand how to actually use this device before we go into the testing directly. Just let me tell you a bit why, knowing your water, tedious level is important because, as i have already told earlier in this video, that if your water, tedious level is below 300, that means the water is very safe for you to drink. And if the tds level is above 1200 ppm, that means you cannot simply drink this water, and that is not at all acceptable and you have to select your type of water purifier depending upon the water tds level. I am giving you a chart, as you can see, on the screen right now, so you have to select your water purifier according to your water tds level, as you can see now on the chart now lets get into the testing and ill show you how to Use this device to test your water tds level, the correct way of using this device is, you have to fill two thirds of this cap with water, and then you have to put the tester inside the cap like this. So just let me do the same now. So guys, let me just fill it with water up to two thirds of its capacity. Yes and now just let me insert the tds tester inside the cap, so yes, i have switched it on and just let me insert this, and guys here is that reading, which is 530.

This cap has something like oliphobic coating, so that is why there is no water sticking inside the cap guys. I was really not expecting that tedious level of my drinking water is ever 500 ppm. So definitely now i have to go for a good water purifier, but anyways thats all for this video. If you have any question, please do. Let me know to the youtube comment section below or you can ask me directly through the facebook page or my twitter handle. If you have found this video helpful, please do hit the like button below and if you are new to this channel, please do subscribe and if you have liked this video, please dont forget to share this video with your friends and family so signing off. This is ani and i hope to see you in my next video.