More of these credible gadgets unlocks gel blaster, the unlock x as a toy gun that takes the fun to a whole new level, as it gives no room for boredom. It was designed with a unique four in one modular design for you to have four alternative modes. You can switch to based on how intense you want your game to be. You may decide to switch to the pistol mode, assault or rifle mode. The choice is yours: on a full charge, you can use the unlock x for over 4 hours and it has 700 loads capacity with the automatic expulsion of 11 biodegradable and non toxic beads per second to a distance up to 18 feet. The gel balls are 100 made of natural non toxic and eco friendly materials, which disintegrate on contact and immediately begin to evaporate, leaving no mess and no cleanup to start your game. Just soak the gel balls in water and watch them grow. Then, as you fill your ammo, you can get this for 89 on indiegogo and it will be available on amazon in january of 2022.. Apo air glass, the apple air glass, is a lightweight assisted reality. Monocle that modifies your specially designed glass when attached air glass is made of two basic parts, which are the frame that supports other components and the lens it was built with a monocular waveguide and a self developed spark micro projector that uses micro, lead technology to project Information through the five element – glass lenses – you can easily control whats overlaid through the air glass by touch voice, hand, motion or head movements.

Oppose air glass has a custom made optical diffraction wave guide with two display modes: 16 level, grayscale and 256 level grayscale, which can deliver up to 1400 nits in average brightness, so that the information remains visible in different lighting conditions. You need to nail a presentation: poe air glass can be used as a teleprompter to take you through a smooth delivery of your project to the audience. So it has a built in translation function that works perfectly for a real time. Translation and the glasses can show a variety of applications like weather calendar, health and navigation feiyu, pocket 2s pocket 2s has a small and lightweight gimbal camera with a detachable handle that transforms it into a multi functional camera. All you have to do is simply strap the camera to your body, attach it to your helmet car roof the end of a selfie stick or any magnetic surface to conveniently record the best moments you want to hold on to with a great and steady filming angle, With the pocket 2s, the control to your camera is conveniently in your hand. Even if on high speed motion you get a stable and clean shot. The breakpoint resume function allows you to pause, filming temporarily, then resume the filming at the break. Point just start: shooting pause. It when you need to and restart it. This gives you the ultimate in control and immediacy plus youll, save time, editing, no more blurry faces in the action shots.

The pocket 2s has face tracking which will move as you and your friends move, keeping everyone in shot and sharp speaker. 1 322 choose between super wide, wide, narrow angle to get the original or distortion corrected shots. It charges using the latest usb type c port. That is preferred for reliability and fast throughput for mobile devices. The price is estimated at around 309.40. The hunt 40 as an extremely compact allen, owned gadget designed for people who love to go on adventures and serve as your refillable lighter rechargeable flashlight and multifunctional pry bar powerful and sleek, with a classy heavy duty design. The simple but effective, lead flashlight is lightweight ipx7 water resistant and works well in hot or cold temperatures, so you can take it camping, hiking, fishing and dog, walking to name a few. The flashlight is designed with two lighting modes and powered by a 1080 lion rechargeable battery that will last roughly one five hours at maximum brightness or seven hours on low brightness recharging is easy, just unscrew the head of the flashlight and plug it into your usb, whether You want to eliminate the need for carrying a full size tool or you just want to maintain a low pocket profile. Hunt 40. Has you covered? Hunt 40 costs about 60 dollars magnetic ring fingers fingers is a one. Size fits all ring that helps to solve problems. Cope with stress practice, applied kinesiology with your fingers and just do tricks to fully enjoy life.

The more with its continuous movement. The magnetic ring fingers has a wooden version which comes in a box of hard cardboard. The inner sleeves of the rings are made of metal with a perfect sleeve rotation for smooth rolling twisting. These rings, in your hand, gives a special pleasure in several ways, with particular smoothness of the rolling the gentle rotation of the sleeve, both the warm surface of the wood and the cool surface of the inner sleeve. You can keep the rings on your office desk and spin them to improve your thinking process or carry them around in your pocket and spin them just on the go. It is estimated to cost around 66. emma jacket, gamma jacket as a special one, infused with graphene a nano lattice hardest diamond, but thinnest and the most flexible material gamma jacket is ultra thin and lightweight suitable for your travels to any part of the world outdoor activities And other daily use, the graphene gives the jacket the ability to effectively regulate the distribution of heat according to your need. It expels heat through the pores in the heat and distributes heat in the cold. It has a smart customizable built in heater powered by a power bank that warms you up in 10 seconds and a multi function. 10 pocket system to safely keep your essentials. The graphene layer in the jacket was ensured to be anti adore non toxic and antimicrobial, and anti adora gamma as unbreakable breathable, moisture, wicking, waterproof and extremely durable.

You can get this with three hundred ninety five dollars: museum cyber shell muson cyber shell as an amazing sybridge, sound innovation that offers excellent sound quality, intending to bring a unique listening, audio experience to your space. It features dual speakers extra deep bass, stereo surround sound and full rgb lights that make it easy to immerse yourself in virtual reality, equipped with dual speakers and a 10 watt by 48 millimeter full range sound capacity. Cyber shell can perfectly cover high and mid bass, detect, dynamic changes between sound levels and restore realistic, sound effects. You can create different playback sound effects by switching to the three different audio modes, which are the normal mode, rock mode and rap mode. You can enjoy up to 13 hours of play time and you can stream music from your smart devices with the built in bluetooth, 50 type c and aux Music. It costs about 59.20 on amazon, peachy x2. Peachy x2 is a durable and lightweight pocket tool with a multi sized wrench head created with the edc. Enthusiast in mind, made with titanium ptx2 was made as compact as possible, with a featured angled crowbar to make room for a knife, while the other side is reserved for a corkscrew. It has a screwdriver slot that can perfectly twist over 20 different sizes of nuts within microseconds. You can change to the number 11 surgical blade to meet all of your cutting needs. Whether the job is opening jars or removed nails.

Peachy x2 has got you covered weighing only 44 grams. It comes with handcrafted and authentic, australian leather holster perfect for the peachy x2. You can see carry it around in your pocket. Ptx2 costs about 88..