Now i am a big fan of the sound blaster katana, because i personally own the first version and im super impressed with the sound quality and the features that it provides and the sound blaster katana v2 brings that to the next level and im here to tell All about it, after using it for a couple of days now. First of all, there are a couple of changes that i really like on the katana v2 as compared to the first generation katana. Now, in terms of the form factor, you can see that it is actually quite short as compared to the first generation katana, which i have it on my hand right here. This is the first generation katana and if i put it right on the table right here, youll realize that the old katana is actually a little slicker, but because of the legs over here, it actually props up the speaker a little bit in and in an angle And you actually find it that it is shorter than the katana v2 on the front here you also get a new led panel, where you dont get it on the first generation katana, because this is basically using a dot matrix, led panel. That shows you uh the most that it is in, and it also shows you some information like um, whether what device is being connected over bluetooth and some of the information which i find is pretty useful and you can turn it off if you actually want to, And another great improvement that i like it.

A lot is that it has a headphone jack right on the front here and, as you can see, the first generation katana doesnt have one and you got ta, go all over to the back here to access the parts which is kind of inconvenient now. Last but not least, the greatest improvement that i probably like on the katana v2 is actually the buttons right on the top right compared to the first generation katana, these buttons feel kind of mushy. They are not really so nice to press this one. They actually have a really nice tactile feedback. Now you do find a couple of new parts on the back here as compared to the first generation katana, which includes hdmi arc, which is great. If you are thinking to connect to a tv with an hdmi port with arc. You get a super x5 out usb a port. This is basically for the super x5 jungle, which i actually have it right over here. So if you happen to have other super x5 products that uses this dongle, you can actually connect to this usb port right. At back for wireless streaming and you have a usbc audio import, which is for connecting to your pc optical in the subwoofer port and, finally, the power port. Now i think this is a really nice port selection that you get right over here, but one thing that it lacks as compared to the old katana here is that yo katanas usb a port supports usb audio playback, which means you can actually just connect.

A flash drive and you can basically play music just off the flash drive instead of connecting to a pc or a smartphone. So this is what it lacks now moving to the bottom of the soundbar. Here you will realize that there is a really huge, led strip that is way larger than the first generation katana, and it shines really brightly as you want to. If you want to do it in your room now, you can still mount it onto your wall if youre looking for that, so creative does provide a pair of wall mount brackets inside the box that you will need to screw it right at the bottom. Here. You need to take out the screws over here and just mount it, and you can pretty much just put it on the wall, like you. Do like a typical soundbar now lets talk about the speakers and sound quality of the katana v2 now similar to the first generation katana youre, getting two top five mid bass, drivers and right over here you get two high excursion tweeters, and each of these speakers has Its individual chambers to produce really ultra precise, sound now in terms of power. This thing goes up to 252 watts of peak power, thats, actually a huge increase from the first generation katanas 150 watts. Now, of course, the subwoofer that is right under there is definitely a little taller and wider than the original katana. That explains the power and, with all these speakers, onboard youre, getting true 5.

1 channel sound, which is actually very, very impressive. Now another thing that sets the katana v2 different from the first generation katana is that it supports creative super x5 technology. Now ive actually reviewed that technology is a pretty cool, sound feature, but unfortunately it doesnt just work on the speakers. For that one, you got to go: get creative super x5 camera, which is another higher end speaker that cost way more expensive than this one. But super x5 basically works on the headphone port right over here. So if you happen to have tried out creative super xy technology already, you can have all your hearing presets set onto this device here and it will output through your headphones right at the front headphone jack over here, Music Music. We both done Music. We both run Music, like i mentioned earlier, the top buttons on the katana v2 is way nicer to press compared to the first generation katana and thats, even more so with the remote control of the katana v2. As you can see, you get more buttons this time. As compared to the first generation katanas remote control, so even though this is really slim and pocketable, but i dislike the fact that it uses the coin battery, which is something that we dont usually keep. And if you happen to run out of battery, you got to just run out to the store and get it im, not sure about you, but thats just me, but compared to the second generation remote.

It is powered by two triple a batteries, which is something that i usually store at my home, because most of my remotes are using this type of battery now in terms of the button layouts, you are definitely getting a better layout right over here as compared to The first generation katanas remote, so you are getting a four directional key over here, which gives you lets you control the volume, the music playback and you get some other buttons like a changing the sound mode, the lighting. Turning on and off the display and the subwoofer volume – and you get six customizable buttons right over here – that you can configure in the creative app so the sound blaster katana v2 no longer uses the sound blaster connect app, but the all new creative app, which is Available as a free download on ios and android and im going to show you guys on how the app works now, this is the creative app which actually works very well with the katana v2. And i, like the pairing process, its very straightforward this time and even if you dont carry over your phones, bluetooth settings, you simply enter the app and we it will search for the device. And all you need to do is to just tap on it. And you get paired really instantly, so you can actually do a lot of sound settings over here and you save into various presets now im actually on the onboard preset over here.

So if i kind of basically uh set all the settings like the crystallizer volume, the surround sound volume and smart volume, which is a feature that i really like it a lot, because this is something that i always use. If im gaming or watching a movie at night – and i dont want to disturb other people, it kind of reduces the rumbling sound of the woofer, but still gives you enough space and surround sound to give you a really immersive audio experience, all right so over here. Once youre done, you can simply just tap on save and you just simply name your mode and you can just switch over to if you actually want to now in terms of lighting settings im just going to head on over to lighting now. This is what you can do right over here, so you dont really need a computer to configure all that, as you can do it all over on your smartphone. You can change the speed of your of the light bar if you want to which is really super. Convenient you can change the different motion, more mode theres, a lot of things that you can do if youre an rgb fan and basically im not an rgb fan, but i do like that it gives me the option to configure the lights. If i want to. Okay, all right so right over here, you also get the mixer uh. You also get the mixer uh option right over here, where you can configure the playback volume and the subwoofer volume as well uh, which you dont actually need your remote.

If you want to – and this is where things get interesting now – you will be able to customize the custom buttons thats right at the bottom row of your remote control here over at your smartphone. Now lets try to go into c1 alright. So currently i have uh. I have no action assigned to the c1 button, so we can configure either mic monitoring scout mode, but you can set other things like, for example, if you want to simply press one button to go into lets, say a bluetooth mode and set they have the output. So, basically, you can choose between two outputs by either going to headphones or the speaker. So you can. You can set this all over here and even the volume look at that its actually so so nice, like you, can set a preset volume that youre always comfortable with so you dont really need to adjust the volume all the time and of course you have the Sound mode, whether what kind of eq effects that you actually want to do on the on the katana v2, you can actually have this all set, and once you press the button, all these settings will go to the speaker instantly. Removing the need for you to manually tune to the sound quality and the volume that you actually want to at this time of shooting creative is still selling the sound blaster x katana at his website for 249 us dollars and the katana v2 will retail.

At a more expensive price at 329, us dollars now thats, actually quite a huge price jump from the original katana. But if you were to ask me which one should you go for, i would have to say that it really depends on your preference. Now, of course, the v2 has definitely a lot of improved features such as hdmi arc, more powerful audio at 252 watts peak, and you also get super x5, so theres a whole lot of features thats being added into this soundbar at a smaller size. But there is definitely a price that could pay now, of course, what you are getting on the v2 here is, of course, dolby audio. Now that actually significantly improves the movie watching experience, because you will find that vocals are actually more precise, like the directional audio stuff. Its actually more precise, as you watch movies as compared to the first generation katana, and you also get slightly better, surround sound on the v2 here all right, so thats pretty much about my thoughts about these two sunblocks here they are actually pretty good and especially the V2, of course, this entire video is focused on this one. I think its a really good investment if you want a good, sound bar for your home as compared to the mainstream brands out there, because this really delivers a lot of value compared to those other soundbots out there. So thats pretty much about the video for today.