Well, just want that intention of obviously uh one of them is pretty obvious, uh a vloggers thing, so the vlogging stain itself have like a little nimble, um yeah, i dont know what you want to call. It then flexible arm ish, where you can mount your phone into, which is uh pretty um nimble as it is. I have never seen a vlogging uh stain like a bring like logging thing, with a flexible arm like this, maybe im just out of the loop and thats pretty much it um. I have no bad things to say about it, other than maybe uh the lock knob down here its made out of plastic but thats. Just that and now lets shoot. The gadget monster vlogging kit on the gov recordings, which is uh, as as i see it, um its a seed more as i action vlogging kit i, when youre on the go and want to make some cool ass, uh vlogging videos. So what not? With uh extra grip around the phone and gear and whatnot and theres a shotgun microphone with it, theres also also a ring light. A little six inches ring light and it does require a uh. Either a power bank or a wall mount usb plug to be able to power. The ring light itself see if we can get behind my car here there we go its gon na and they got two different uh three different uh color modes, uh white balance.

Pretty much cold and warm as well, so there you go there, you go. It also have like a gorilla um, not a gorilla, but a little tripod. It comes with, and its certainly made out of plastic thats pretty much one of the only coins i got about this particular kit is that um, the holder for it is made out of plastic and uh the ball. The little wannabe midsole ball in this. In this case, its also made out of plastic pretty much snapped on me, so i had to go out in the workshop and drill out the little uh bit and then i used one of my own tripod hands, uh well mini tripods. For for the locking kit itself, i have tried the microphone on it, but i only used it on one of my mixers since i dont have a mini jack plug in on my phone. I also tried it with one of the adapters usb type c to uh mini jack, 3.0, 3.5 millimeter and didnt work, but uh after attaching it to my mixer uh and then the up towards my computer. I could get it working correctly or just pretty much fine as it is in the future. Something i want to mention to a gadget. Monster is uh. If any, if there is any chance, you can uh build this as a bluetooth microphone. That will be pretty awesome for many of us that do not have a jack stick on the phones, anywho anyhow.

This is what i have for now like comment and subscribe, and i will see you guys on the next one.