Connect 45 centimeter smart floor fan. Well, take it out of the box. Well, look at the build quality and well see what it looks like in the 2 year app and then check out how it looks in home assistant. So while i roll the intro take a moment to subscribe and hit the bell icon, so you get notified when i release new videos each week and lets get started Music now. I know that i said id be doing less to your base reviews this year and im starting the year out with a two year based device, but we did buy this fan from bunnings before christmas. So please forgive me. This fan cost 135 dollars from bunnings and is far from being the cheapest fan available, but its one of the only smart floor fans that i was able to find at bunnings theres, also a 45 centimeter pedestal fan and a 75 centimeter industrial pedestal fan both from Grid connect for 1′ dollars and 219 dollars respectively, and there is a smaller desk fan for 69, also from grid connect being that its summer here in australia and weve had some hot days, even though, were not yet into the hottest part of summer here in australia. Yet we decided we would grab this van so that we could help keep the main living area a little bit more bearable on those hot summer days. So lets take a look around the box. Now, as with our other grid connect gear, it is wi fi and we can use it to control the switch.

The fan speed. We can schedule a timer. We can apparently also control the oscillation function, which thats pretty cool. I havent seen a fan where you can control that electronically before and as always, theres no hub required because were using wi fi and its supported by google and amazon as well straight out of the box and where to download the apps from. If we look over here, its an 18 blade, 9500 cubic meters per hour, max airflow, so thats quite a lot of airflow, its got six speed settings and a 90 degree full oscillation with a vertical fan head adjustment. If we look at some specs on the side, whats in the box, weve got a 45 centimeter smart dc floor fan the installation and pairing module and the smartphones is not included again. Disappointing weve got our system requirements, it says refer to our website for minimum system requirements and we need an existing 2.4 gigahertz wi fi network and the website link there again: tech specs uh 220 to 240 volts at 50 hertz its going to draw about 75 watts. The air movement is a maximum over nine and a half thousand cubic meters per hour, thats pretty decent and an 802.11 bg or n network. So now that weve taken a look at the outside of the box lets get it out of the box and take a look at the unit itself. Now i im assuming that theres going to be some assembly required.

So i have a couple of screwdrivers here: uh. Well, get it out of the box, and i might speed this section up just so that you dont have to watch me put it together in real time. So inside the box, weve got the manual and theres a little cap on there as well so ill. Take that out Applause, so ive got a little cap that says fastener loosen uh. I might take the manual out just so that i can refer to it on how to put it together: Applause, okay, okay, okay, so now that its put together um, we can comment on the build quality which actually feels really great for a fan. Nice metal cage around the fan blades, so you cant stick your fingers in there and the assembly wasnt particularly difficult. The only controls on the unit itself is this rotary encoder on the back, which is a long press for on or off a short press to turn the swing function on or off, and we can turn it up or down on the speed from there as well. So what im going to do is im going to go and get a power cord and plug this in, and then we are going to get it paired up with the two app and see how it goes. Okay, so ive just plugged it into power and it beeped as soon as i plugged it in and gave it power so thats interesting.

I didnt realize it had a beeper in there, so im going to long press and its turning on and if i short press, the oscillator mower starts turn that off now. Something else ive noticed here is that theres three leds indicating the speed on there and if i turn it up, we can go up to six and thats getting a bit loud now or we can turn it down to one which is not too bad, so ill Turn that back off now and we will head over to the two year app and get this paired so just plugged in power and as always with our to your app, were going to tap the plus button in the top right hand. Corner this time were going to grab small home appliances, were going to tap, fan, wi, fi and im going to put in my wi fi password here and well tap done next and what were going to do now. So it says to press and hold the reset button until the indicator blinks, but according to the instruction booklet, what i want to do here is tap the button twice and then hold it on a third time until we start hearing a beeping sound. So one two three and hold okay and weve got a beeping, sound and weve actually also turned it on uh. Well just confirm the indicator is blinking and well tap next and hopefully now we should get a connection now.

It is worth mentioning that before shooting this video, i did check out the black adatas motor repository and i couldnt find a template for this specific model of fan, but i did find the pedestal version, so i dont think it would be too much of a stretch To suggest that you could flash this one with taz motor and use that template, but it does require the serial flashing method and you definitely want to be taking a backup of the existing firmware before flashing the unit just in case okay, so that um. That pairing attempt uh timed out again uh im just going to try that again so im just going to try connecting to this network. So i dont want to tap done next and lets uh well just type next next confirm and next and lets see what happens, because it should be in pairing mode and it just stopped beeping. So, im not sure if that means that its just timed out with the pairing or if its already picked something up. Okay, so third times the charm here, i managed to actually get it to pair and its just got the model. Number afdc4501h im just going to change this, to lounge room fan and save and were putting that in the living room because thats, where its going to go im going to tap done so weve got lounge room fan. We are inside the uh. Alec grid connect app. Now and we can play around so if i tap the big blue thing here, it beeps and we get the fan starts spinning and we can control our fan speed here and it beeps at each input there.

Our swing function on and off weve got sleep mode, which means that its going to operate at a low speed got natural, which means that we get a random speed variation between three and six, and it gives us about 15 seconds hold per speed. Selection, thats interesting ill, just go back to normal, which is standard, user defined, fan function and we can turn the fan on or off ill just turn it off for now and weve got our settings here, so we can set a timer. So if we turn the fan on, we can set a countdown timer, so a number of hours. Until we turn off, we can cancel that timer if weve got it there as well. Now i was expecting to be able to schedule this, but it doesnt look like we do have scheduling it. Just looks like weve got countdown timers to be able to turn it uh off, and it doesnt seem to work when its in when its already off so so the schedule timer only turns the fan off it. Doesnt turn it on, as always with two year in the top right corner, weve got our kebab menu, weve got device, information, weve got tap to run and automations offline notifications and the setup for third party control and sharing the device which i will do later and Adding to home screen okay, so now weve got it set up into you. Im going to take a look at it in home assistant and well go to configuration and well go to integrations and im going to go to our two year and im going to click on the three dot stack and reload our two year integration there.

If i click on 10 devices, we should see here we have lounge room fan perfect. So if i click on lounge dream fan, we see that weve got controls and weve got an on and off switch and if i expand that out to grab the full controls, we pretty much have our lounge room fan on and off and weve got preset modes. So weve got nature: weve got sleep mode. Weve got fresh, smart, strong and closed im, not sure what any of that means. Um Applause but disappointingly we dont have our speed control. We only have the different preset modes and the on and off, as always, theres about a half second of delay between flicking the switch in home assistant and the device actually taking note of the changes that have been made. But honestly, with this particular device. Im not too fussed about this. I think what ill probably end up doing is setting this up within the amazon smart assistant, so that we can just turn the fan on and off and change the speed easily. That way, or we can just use the two app to control it, it is probably fine like that. I dont know that i necessarily need home assistant to handle it, but it would have been nice to have a lot more control than is given inside this home assistant integration with two year once again, im very disappointed with the two year integration, so that is the Arlet grid connect, 45 centimeter smart floor fan for 135 from bunnings.

It does move an incredible amount of air at full speed and the smart function might kind of seem pointless when you could quite reasonably just use a regular old fan and a smart switch and, to be honest, thats how we used to handle. Having a fan in the lounge room here, but the ability to change the fan, speed and turn on and off the oscillation function is something you would miss out on. In that scenario, with just the smart switch, i cant yet decide whether i want to crack open the controller and try flashing it with taz motor. I know that you guys are probably going to. Let me know in the comment section down below that. You absolutely want me to try that out so im, pretty sure thats what the answer is going to be, and we might explore that in a future video. Overall, i really like the functionality of this unit and the sheer volume of air that this thing moves at full speed is fantastic in terms of value for money. Look at 135. You absolutely would probably be better off going and spending a little bit less money on a fan and a smart switch and just being able to turn it on and off. As i said before, though, its up to you, whether you think that um, the extra money is worth being able to turn on the oscillation on and off remotely and also change the fan, speed for what it is, though, 135 dollars i feel like, is a reasonably Fair price and considering that for an eyelet grid connect product, the build quality feels really quite solid, and the functionality is really quite good.

I think its probably worth 135 dollars. I might even consider getting the bigger brother, the 75 centimeter one for 219, so thats all we have for this video and i do hope that it helped you in your home automation journey, be sure to put a comment down below with home automation, ideas that youd, Like to see covered in future, videos dont forget to follow hive, mind automation on twitter, instagram and facebook. Those links are in the video description and, if you like, this video hit the thumbs up button to give it a like, and if youre not already subscribed. Take a moment to do so now and while youre at it, you might as well hit that bell icon. So you also get notified when i release new videos each week now, ive also chosen to partner with nordvpn. So if youre looking for a vpn provider, there is an affiliate link for nordvpn in the description as well. I chose to partner with them because theyve got the best infrastructure of any of the vpn providers ive looked into, and they also have a strict, no logs policy and on top of that, theyve got servers all over the planet. Plus theyve got apps for just about every platform, including windows, mac, linux, ios and android. So, no matter what platform youre using youll be able to protect your personal information while youre surfing the web, whether youre at home, in a coffee, shop or traveling, so get a vpn today and use my link below to sign up for nordvpn.

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