Thats mission is to provide safe, clean drinking water all across the globe, so i ordered two life straws and were gon na see if they actually work and were gon na put them to the test. Lets go ahead and open this up, thats a packaging. Hopefully i dont need a knife for this, but yes, this is the packaging for it. Like i said i ordered two of them and do i need a blade nope. I can just open this right up, so it says on the package that the life straw filters out bacteria and parasites, also micro plastics. It removes 99.9 percent of bacteria and e coli. It removes 99.9 percent of parasites. The pore size filter on this device is 0.2 microns, and this straw, one of them, can filter out 1, 000 gallons or four thousand liters of water. So one of the reasons why i chose the lifestraw to take with me, if i did get stuck in the wilderness is because the human body is made up of seventy percent water, and humans can actually go depending on the climate two to three days without water. You can actually go longer without food, so in this case water would be an essential and the life straw helps filter out the things that could potentially get you sick when you drink water from a river, a pond etc. So i think its really neat that lifestraw has this technology built right into the filter.

The only thing i cant filter out is viruses, so the lifestraw does come with the user manual and you do have to prime the end of it. The end that you dont drink out of for about 10 seconds in the dirty water and then theres another end on the other side of the straw that, where you suck the water out of it, becomes clean water. So we are going to test the life straws against three items, and the first item is pickle. Juice were gon na see if they can filter out that dirty water. We try to mimic like pond water to see if it filters out the dirt and then the third item were gon na be using the life straw on is soda, so youre going to pop the end of it. That goes into the dirty water youre, going to take the top off where your mouth goes on and then were going to let it sit in the dirty water for about 10 seconds. Hopefully i dont die im, not sucking it up yet, and i just think its really cool how companies can make things like this, like this literally, can help people across the globe, like i said, get clean water. This is awesome. They also sell some other products too, which ill leave in the description all right. So that looks pretty much primed up right. There now lets go ahead and test taste. It yeah, i dont taste any dirt, and then i will also show you guys how clear the water is well get a shot of how like a comparison of the dirty water versus when the water filters through the life straw.

But when you suck on the straw, i noticed that it doesnt go through the straw right away, like it takes a minute for it to filter through the entire filter yeah. But i dont feel no dirt like in my mouth and i also dont taste dirt. The water looks pretty clean, so you got to let it it says in the directions to let it filter out all of the the water. Let the water go back and then also lets go ahead and try the pickle juice, it doesnt taste as strong. The vinegar tastes so yeah it does an okay job of, i would say, filtering out that, because the vinegar taste like the saltiness of the pickle juice, its very dull, so lets see how it does on this Music. I can taste the sweetness of the the soda, but the carbonation is gone and let that filter back out well thats taking a minute for it to come back out of the filter, could be because it has carbonation in it the air thats, what it could be. Applause, oh Music, yep, thats, what it is, the carbonation okay, it was the air im gon na. Do the dirty water one last time, theres too much air in here, so that right there guys is the magic of lifestraw and again. Let me know in the comments what item you would take if you knew that you were going to be stuck in the wilderness again.

This would be my item because water is super important for the human body, but this has been isaac ill catch. You guys in the next one peace and and im isaacs daughter to be yes shes, my daughter so were going to prime it in the dirty water. Oh yeah, you have to for 10 seconds. Oh im scared. He said im doing this first, no! You need to prime it first so go ahead. Let it go out. We just primed. It now go ahead and try the pickle juice go ahead. Okay, it it tastes. It tastes like fizzy when it gets in your throat, fizzy im gon na get some throat mine, didnt taste, fizzy its you can. You can tell i can tell when i drink the pickle juice. You know how pickle juice is really salty and vinegary yeah when it went through the filter.