The newest line of nintendo nintendo switch oled, okay, so ive just recently obtained this and im very excited to see how it will entertain me now in the past. I got nintendo switch light, so this is kind of like my first time to get a nintendo switch, which is uh the console itself that can be attached to the television and stuff. So i hope you guys enjoy my unboxing and review of this awesome. Console Music Applause, Music, foreign, so Music, so Music, so Music. So so now, all i could say is its really a beauty. A white nintendo switch its so good like Music. A lot of people told me that there will be an issue. There is an ongoing issue with all it, but im positive that maybe its not that much of a big deal. So what i could see here is that Music, this monitor its pretty much like a cell phone, its its elegant and the design, is awesome. What i should do is go to a mall and apply a screen guard for this, so that its protected Music and probably i need to always clean this switch because its kind of like a lighter, shade white, but all in all its quite magnificent Music. As you can see ill be playing this one very very soon, i just need to set up my account and also yeah the game so guys. I hope you enjoy my mini review and i hope that if you are interested in buying this particular handheld console, i think its quite a catch.

I think youll enjoy it.