We appreciate hearing from you before you go and subscribe to this youtube channel, which i presume is going to be the youtube channel. You need to love and introduce it to your friends. Music number one. A long transfer at the airport is no longer a problem. Introducing suitcase transformer from bagletti forget about uncomfortable benches and airports and expensive hotels near the airport baggage. Suitcase transformer will allow you to comfortably wait for your flight anywhere in the world, a suitcase that will revolutionize the travel experience now. Any trip will turn into an exciting adventure, transform your suitcase into a comfortable chair or bed. In a few simple steps made of durable abs plasti, it can withstand a load of up to 150 kg and is ready to withstand any test on long journeys. The suitcase fits international size medium. You will never miss your suitcase in the baggage holding area. Even if you are distracted by gadgets, the approximately sensor will notify you that the suitcase is approaching, which is brilliant number two. The eno chiller is a clear, must have gadget for all well equipped kitchens. It brings the benefit of always having the ability to cook down any type of beverage. Whether you have ran out of old forget or stuck up your fridge or just for fun. It is the only fast chilling product on the market that doesnt require pre made ice cubes for it to function. The inno chiller makes i cubes in its own.

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