Mr hansen, am i right for the job here’s the thing about cyberpunk 2077. I don’t want to see any more. I want to see a release date. I want to know when this game is coming out and when i can play it, if they show more gameplay, i will of course watch, but really i just want to know when i can play the game. Dear god, i’m excited about this game tom. Thank you for telling me about it, and also thank you for seeing it. Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed. Why do you keep delaying everything damon? Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, cyberpunk has actually been delayed again because it has gotten delayed, not once not twice not three times, but four get damn tan on the base, playstation, 4 or xbox one. It is a different game entirely. It fails to hit even the lowest bar of technical quality. One should expect when even playing on lower end hardware, the way npcs reload and just i mean the animations for when they attack – are – are kind of janky and almost broken, so that i’m sure is going to get fixed. How does a game live up to the kind of impossible hype and expectations that cyberpunk 2077 has generated over the years? The answer to that question is very simple: it doesn’t the playstation, 4 and xbox. One versions are simply not in an acceptable state, and it makes me sad to think that so many people are having their first cyberpunk 2077 experience room this way, because when it works, it’s a fantastic rpg, it just doesn’t work here.

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated games of last year, if not the most anticipated. Yet after eight long years of development and delays, the game was finally released in retail and digital storefronts only to receive a terrible reception by critics and fans alike. Due to a huge number of glitches and bugs followed by a disastrous launch week ahead, they thought they could fix it all and get it done and dusted. But it was way beyond cd, projekt red’s power to handle that what really happened. What caused this long awaited game to be one of the most disappointing games of 2020 today, let us try to take a look at it and figure out why? First, let us try from the info. We already know that’s up and slowly go from there. Cyberpunk 2077 was announced in late 2012, with an official stylish title reveal followed by an official teaser trailer released on january 11 2013, which suddenly shows what the game is going to be about. The trailer ended with the phrase coming when it’s ready. So we all know that it might not be coming for a few years ahead. Three years went by and cd projekt red poured all of its effort onto the development of the witcher 3 wild hun early development actually started around 2011, so it’s four years worth of it. Actually, anyway, the game was released in its complete state on may 19, 2015. For playstation 4 xbox, one and pc the game was released to critical acclaim aside from a few minor tactical bugs here and there, which was then quickly fixed by the team, how we thought they could do the same for cyberpunk as well.

Finally, cd projekt red then started pre production on cyberpunk after its completion of blood and wine, the final and second expansion pack to wildhand in 2016.. It was then, these next four years that the team started to develop their biggest and possibly vr most ambitious project. To date, until the very end, they debuted the very first trailer of the game since 2013 in e3, 2018, with the cinematic trailer along with some gameplay footage and then showing the next trailer on e3, the next year with the appearance of keanu reeves. Hence the year breathtaking meme, while also announcing the tentative release date of april 16. 2020. However, as we all know, it was then delayed a few times from april to september, to november then finally december the 10th, when it was finally and officially released everywhere after waiting for so long that people were actually starting to get mad. But as it turns out today, the anger still has yet to cease due to asda, just just now the huge number of game breaking bugs and glitches that were driving players and critics like matt to the point that’s virtually unplayable anymore and it’s, not just them. Even the entire cyberpunk community is experiencing all the same problems so why? Why are all these bugs and glitches still here unsolved and unpatched tarnishing the good looks of this potentially great game. Now, let us take a look at what’s beneath what we know. We all know that cyberpunk 2077 has been smooth development for four long years, but if you really do think about, it is four years really enough to at least start production on a game of this scale and that’s just pre production we’re talking about it.

Didn’T really start until later, then, presumably 2017 to 2018, and even a game like skyrim, initiated full development for three years to its release in 2011. and to back it up. Jason schreier from bloomberg has conducted interviews with more than 20 current and former city project red staff, finding that the game was plagued by unrealistic deadlines from the company and a lot of technical issues until the game’s production was basically hitting the reset button in 2016. and Side note cyberpunk was initially a third person game which switched to a first person when the reset thing happened. Development went by and it looked like such a promising game when it was showcased on eg 2018 that vast and beautiful open world the characters. The quests everything on screen looks so good there, but yep shreya’s report also stated that that exact demo that was shown was almost completely or entirely fake, disappointing right yeah. So all the hype leading up to it, the promising content, even kian freaking reads. It was all basically for nothing. We thought that cd projekt red, who had made the game of the year of 2015 could make cyberpunk as excellent or at least as good as which was in a technical standpoint and, as i said before, widget 3 did had its fair share of bugs and glitches. At launch, but all of that were fixed too quickly to the point where players didn’t even notice it anymore. Yet cyberpunk took almost a month until today and patch 1.

1 still looks, like total crap, with an all new game, breaking bug, amazing city project anyways back to the story, but that thing was true, though another alarm that was raised for critics and players was when city Project, red posted graphics, comparison, videos, featuring gameplay on playstation, 4 pro and ps5, well that video doesn’t look to bring any harm but where’s the game play on the base consoles. Did they forget to put it or did they intentionally just leave it out? Well, as it turns out yeah, they may have left it out on purpose because they knew that it was still bad and instead put out the better ones out there. Cd projekt even acknowledged this and themselves saying that they should have paid more attention to the game. On base ps4 and xbox one consoles and such more on their apology posts, also on the day before the launch itself, reviewers were only provided with review keys for the game on pc and, surprisingly, no console keys were available for review. Of course, they reviewed that 2077 plays really well on pc, because that’s, the only great hardware the developers will let you play the game on with console performances being a total mess when the game was released to the public unsurprising. To back this, too, i also noticed that ign and other reviewers did publish reviews on ps4 and xbox one, but only after the game’s launch, which means it was really bad if even reviewers had to review a game.

Only after the launch date, ign gave the console versions a 4 out of 10 and only a disappointing 56 percent of my critic. What a way for the most anticipated game of the year city project also had a say on this actually, but it was vaguer of a comment than what we all expected. Martini winski schemes upset, and i quote every day of working on the day: zero update brought visible improvement. This is why we started sending console review keys on the 8th of december, which was later than we originally planned. What do you mean by that? Does he mean that it’s a bad thing or it’s a good thing, but we all know that cd, projekt deep down knew that the console versions were technically unprepared. So yeah it’s a bad thing that all right. So then the launch happened and the game was facing near universal criticism over all of its bugs experienced by everyone playing the game. If you didn’t already know, playstation store actually removed the game themselves on 17th december, where actually cd projekt themselves was real poorly unhappy. With this decision made, while xbox put a message up front warning players about the technical issues, they’ll experience, while still offering the game for purchase yep a bad start. Alright, but alright, i know all this technical talk must make no sense. If you don’t dig a bit deeper into the masterminds themselves with this, let us briefly take a look at what happening at cdpr about the release date of the game.

Well, actually, i’ve covered almost everything that happened, including bits from what happened from cd projekt’s perspective, but i actually also want to briefly talk about the delays and all that, specifically the game’s post release. As we all know, the game was delayed three times and all of those times were either far or near release. And if you were to ask why it would then state again the obvious answer that obviously cd projekt still had big issues to fix price, to launch, prompting the delays of the game. But one thing that was never really resolved was another. Why, which is? Why was it released now and not delayed again? Well, cdpr didn’t have anything to say on this, but a lot of leaks and rumors did surface online, saying that the game would be delayed again to 2021, which technically would support the fact that they must have had discussions to delay the game further. Once more. But, alas, they still release the game on december 10th as planned, though more delays will cause a lot and be potentially deadly. It would be a much safer bet to delete the game. Again then, have your following month for the company be bad with just fixing bugs and leeches past releasing patches instead of moving on to the next project, for you, but still shame on you cdpr. If you didn’t know, project red stocks fell almost 10 after cyberpunk’s release. Immediately, their reputation is tarnished and their words of ensuring honest and direct communication with gamers didn’t really turn out to be so true, after all sure it may have after they posted that commitment, video of theirs, but it still doesn’t change the fact that they did it Prior to launch so post release and they decided to spend all the time that they have ensuring that they will fix cyberpunk into the game you’re supposed to get last december, along with free dlcs and a free next gen console update for ps5 and xbox series, xls Don’T know if this really will happen, but hopefully they will, because truthfully, i really do want to play this all again, but only already do fix all of these crappy bugs also side.

Note don’t know if this is still happening, but 2021’s also got witcher 3 for ps5 and xbox series. Yet pretty sure this is happening late 2021 or early 2022 after they fixed cyberpunk first, which is currently their top main priority. Okay, we’re nearing the end of the video, but lastly, i also want to share my personal thoughts and hopes for this game. Cyberpunk 2077 is actually a really great game. If you take all the technical issues out, i played it for a while before deciding to refund it. But the truth is it’s amazing, so it’s, sad to see a game of the scale still having a lot of work done after release, but that’s what you get when you overestimate the game. This game has a lot of content. The developers have put their hearts out for during the games making so it’s, just both saddening and annoying to see it like this, so just treat it right, it’s your passion project and you will not want to see this happening, just treat it right it’s. All. I ask my hopes, for this is just pull over no man’s sky and you got yourself the game you originally wanted in december, fix all the bugs and glitches keep releasing them patches and just fix the game on base consoles, while optimizing them for newer consoles. With that, you got a great, if not amazing, game in your hands and who knows a retroactive possible 2021 nomination.

Am i right, but i just do hope that cdpr still stays true to its word when they say they’re gon na fix it. I wan na play the game. I really do, but please see the project wake the hell up, because we have a city to fix of my house.