If this is indeed the future, then oppo find and could well be the pioneer that starts to trend. Of course, we have already seen a few existing foldable models in the market, such as xiaomi mix, fold, samsung, fold, serious and flip serious. However, all of them didnt really stir up a wide discussion about the new form factor. Basically, their high pricing would destroy the most user at the outset and then nothing more, but in the end of 2021 the oppo find then comes with a much more reasonable price and a pretty unique look as well. The pricing is the very first step that encourages general users to learn deeper about the fold, one phone, so that we could ask a key question: what can we do with the foldable phone in 2022 if we want a foldable phone? Its probably because wed like to have a bigger screen in our pocket, which means that it should also be easy to hold and compact enough to carry the find and features a 7.1 inch. Internal samsung e5 amlo display with 120hz refresh rate the most controversial parts of the display is the near square ratio, obviously its not a perfect ratio for playing films or 16 to 9 videos. However, when we unfolded the phone for the first time, the display is really stunning, although it might not be the best size for entertaining. I quite enjoy the comfortable side that easily covers my view and focus on daily use, for example on regular phones.

Your eyes would unconsciously sweep up and down, and your focus might only remain at the middle frame that covers 50 to 70 of the whole display, while the 7.1 inch size is not really much bigger physically, but the unique ratio of 8.4 to 9 definitely could expand. Your view and maintain the concentration at the same time. In addition, the phone has really comfortable viewing experience for other activities like reading or web browsing, especially for reading the phone works like a fantastic pocketbook and the reading app is surprised that offers immersive reading experience with physical effects and detail and, although you wont get a Better experience for watching those films and 21 to 9 ratio, its almost perfect for most old content played at 4 to 3 ratio. Now lets see what we can do with the 5.5 inch cover display. I have to say that it is the best auto display among the old foldable phones if youve seen some foldable models like galaxy z4 or xiaomi mix fold. You must understand why i give such comment. They compromise the form of the cover display for having a bigger and more normal ratio primary display. It leads to a display ratio of around 2.5 to 1, bringing a terrible experience. Users can do very little with such strange display in daily use over defined end. You dont have to put up with such silly design. Its cover display comfortably offers similar experience to a compact phone.

Most people can handle it well with the single hands, though we still need to bear the weight of 275 grams, but generally, i only use it for some single activities like sending or replying messages, making call checking information and so on, and it wouldnt take me so Long for the weight didnt cause much trouble when i used the phone in folding form, but it is still a little bit disappointing that the small screen only features 60hz refresh rate, which doesnt feel as smooth as the primary display the flex and hinge bring this pretty Wide stand angle and a minimal crease after using it for over a week, i could hardly find the exist of the crease. The phone can also be unfolded and freely stand at any angle between 50 to 120 degrees. An oppo also offers a pretty wide adoption and actual uses of certain apps like playing music and videos turning the bottom part as an operational zone or serving itself as a tripod, making 4k time lapse, imaging video calls or online meeting easy and hands free. Apart from that, oppo also developed quite a lot of software features to better support the unique phone, such as more gestures and easy mini window modes. For example, you can easily split the screen for dual app content by swiping down two fingers or dragging an app from the sidebar. Apart from that, there is a lot more potential for the new folding form. I believe some are even not recognized by the manufacturers, which would rely on users and app developers to explore more possibility.

On the fine den, for example, weve seen, someone has turned it into a classic game, handheld that we used to play at least 15 years ago, and the switch between the two displays is pretty smooth when changing the phone folding, the viewing content will immediately shift to The other display about the phones performance, its powered by the snapdragon triple a chip. Weve talked a lot about this chipset. You can just check all the results of the test. Weve run here on this model. The heating issue is not that serious as what we have on most regular aaa chip cell phones, but obviously the cpu strategy is a bit conservative. The phone equipped five cameras in total, including the triple camera setup at the back, a dual 32 megapixel front facing cameras. The triple cameras contain a 50 megapixel main imx 766 sensor with ois a 16 megapixel wide angle, camera and another 13 megapixel two times telephoto camera lets check some samples from the samples the 50 megapixel main camera can catch rich detail with decent dynamic range and under Most lighting conditions, the white balance – is good and stable, which brings a relatively true tone for the samples for the 16 megapixel wide angle. Camera. Its dynamic range is not that impressive as the main camera, but its still good at producing sharp images with good pureness. But you might notice that the edge image is not so pure and sharp as the central image during these few days.

I truly feel that the 13 megapixel two time sensor is much more practical and more frequently used than those three times or five times, telephoto camera. It has pretty close view range to what we actually see and the detail looks good thanks to the 13 megapixel resolution. No doubt it did exceed that we expected with the telephoto camera thanks to oppos imaging software. All the three cameras got well optimized and low light. Shooting we can see its less noisy under the night mode and, at the same time reserved much more detail, especially for the brightness. The biggest surprise of the shooting, with the foldable form is about video shooting the free stand. Hinge allows us to split the display into a view monitor and operational hub, and we also can place it on a surface and serve it as the tripod for time lapse. Filming Music, adding a large foldable display, is definitely not a benefit for its battery life, even though theyve equipped a 45 million per hour battery with support for 33 watt wired fast charging, but in our display tests a charging test, it performs not too bad, at least Its estimated to last for the whole day works without playing games a lot. The oppo find, then, is probably the most impressive model when we got on hands but, more importantly, during this week there is no longer the feeling that the phone looks like a toy. Instead, it works like a daily used phone without any discomfort.

It truly brought an illusion that i finally get used to a horizontal foldable phone, which was never happened. When i was experiencing the previous photobond phones, i think most users would get the same adaption its also. The most valuable point for the foldable category: we will no longer look at it curiously and just move away, so this has been it for todays review.