Back in todays video, we are checking out the latest one from uni, hertz called tick tock. Now the name doesnt have anything to do with the social media platform called tick tock. The name has to do with the second screen that we have on the back of this um phone, which is basically the screen that youd find on a watch. So, on the front of the phone we have a 6.5 inches ips panel, the 1080p resolution and then on the back. We have a 1.3 inches screen the same screen that youd find on a lot of chinese smartwatches. Now the phone does look pretty unique because i havent seen anything like this before, but is this unique design enough to make you buy a phone like this? Well were definitely gon na find out in todays video, so this is kind of a rugged phone. We have the same look that weve been seeing from a lot of chinese phones over the past two three years so on the sides. Here we have metal and then the phone is made of combination of plastic and rubber. So we have some type of rubberized plastic. Other corners here, so i guess, if you drop the phone, maybe it would survive better than a phone that doesnt have something like this. However, the phone like this, if you do, drop it on the screen, there is a good chance that the screen will break like any other phone out there.

This one is also waterproof, so if you do have it in water, nothing should happen to it. Now. The back is where it looks a bit um different again we have the holes for the speaker like a lot of rugged phones that weve been seeing lately, and that is the only speaker. So, whenever youre holding the phone like this and watching a video or something like that, the sound is kind of going away from you. The speaker does get quite loud, but it would have been nice to see this phone with two speakers, at least because it is a pretty big phone and also a pretty heavy phone, this one weights about 308 grams. If i remember correctly, that may have to do with the fact that we have a 6 000 milliamp hour battery inside and the good thing about that battery is the fact that it keeps the phone going for quite some time. So you can get about 15 to 17 hours of screen on time on one charge, which is pretty good now, according to the manufacturer, the phone supports fast charging. However, for me personally, it takes about five hours to charge this from zero to a hundred. So i wouldnt call that um fast charging, but this is a pre in production model. So maybe that will change when this phone actually becomes available for purchase. But for now the fast charging isnt that fast on one side of the phone.

We have the power button and the volume keys. The power button is also a fingerprint scanner and yes, the fingerprint scanner does work. Pretty good takes maybe half a second from the time you touch it for the screen to come on and on the other side of the phone we have the slot for the sim card and two customizable buttons, so you can basically have any apps open whenever you Press those buttons on the side, i personally dont like those buttons that much because theyre too easy to press. So every time you take out the phone from your pocket, you kind of press those buttons um accidentally, so im, not a big fan of them at the top. Here we have an ir blaster, so you could use this phone as a remote control for your tv. Just to give you an example, and at the bottom here we have the hole for the microphone and the usbc charging port thats covered by a rubber flap. Now, im not a big fan of the positioning of that charging port, its a bit on the side, and it makes certain cables come off quite easily. So a bit of a strange design, im gon na, say the main screen here is a 6.5 inches ips panel. That has a 1080p resolution and yes, the screen does get quite bright, so you can still see the screen even in direct sunlight, of course, its not going to be as bright as a flagship, but it is bright enough for a phone like this now im, not A big fan of that selfie camera thats kind of the top of the screen that it cuts a piece of the screen out because there is plenty of space on top of the screen.

So the selfie camera could have been somewhere at the top. That im not sure why they decided to actually make a hole in the screen for that selfie camera moving on to the little screen on the back of the phone. So this is a 1.3 inches um panel. Well, you can change the watch faces. So if you want to have different watch faces on the back of your phone, you can with this phone, i believe there are 16 watch faces available. You can also check your notifications and you can also use that back screen as a screen for the rear camera. So if you want to take a selfie with the rear camera, you can just look at that screen on the back. So i guess thats a cool feature to use that little screen, but either than that, i just dont see how this is useful, because, if youre taking the phone out of your pocket to check the time, for example or check for a notification, you already have the Phone in your hand, so you might as well just check it on the main screen. You dont necessarily need to look on the back of the phone, but yes, im gon na give it to them. The rear screen does look somewhat unique. The rear and front camera are pretty average im gon na say we dont actually have a night mode available. These days we get a night mode with more smartphones.

Well, with this one, we dont get a night mode and the maximum recording resolution for video recordings is 1080p, but at least at that resolution we do get image stabilization. These are some pictures that i took over the past week and a half with this one and next i also want to show you a little recording that ive done with it. Just so, you can see how the video quality from this phone would look like. So let you guys watch that recording and ill be right back all right. We have a quick video test done with this new unihertz phone that im testing out, so the maximum recording resolution for this device is 1080p. However, this resolution we do get image stabilization with a lot of phones. We dont actually get any type of image stabilization, but with this one we seem to get the image stabilization at 1080p. So right now, im walking. Normally it is a pretty sunny day, but also quite windy, so you may hear some wind um aside from my voice, im gon na stop somewhere around here after we pass this tree im gon na pan right slowly so towards these buildings and back left so yeah. This is how recording in 1080p looks from this device performance wise. Well, this is a pretty quick phone, so we have the mediatek dimensi 700 thats paired with 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage and the device runs android 11.

. I also like the fact that the skin that we have here is also pretty close to stock android, so nothing holding the phone back on the antutu benchmark. We get a score of about 300 000 and you kind of know that with a score like that, the phone will perform quite well and the phone does perform pretty good for pretty much all applications that ive tried, so chrome, facebook etc. Now i did play call of duty on it for a bit and there is something happening with the multi touch on the screen. So, whenever youre holding the phone like this and youre touching the screen two places at the same time, well, sometimes the right hand. Side of the display is not responsive im, not sure if that has to do with the fact that this is a pre production model. But hopefully that will be fixed before this phone um is available for purchase and basically but overall. Yes, this is a pretty quick device. The phone also supports 5g connectivity and inside it we also have an nfc chip, and that means that you can pay with the phone using google pay. So there you have it. This is the uni, hurts tick, tock, a somewhat unique phone im gon na say because of that. The second screen on the back, but im not sure if that second screen on the back will be enough to make you guys, buy a phone like this or want to buy a phone like this, alright guys.