It 2021 is already over apparently so it was another crazy year, but it was also filled with great new tech for us to enjoy hey everyone, im caleb dennison, and to celebrate the passing of 2021 digital trends. Editors are here to tell you about their favorite piece of tech. This year we have lots of good ones in store, so lets get to it before i kick things off. What was your favorite piece of tech in 2021? Let us know down in the comments and if you end up liking this video hit us with a like and consider subscribing. So you can have fun with us through 2022 and beyond, thanks youre, awesome, Music, okay, so ill start. My favorite piece of tech this year is the trifo lucy ai powered smart robot vacuum. This thing has made my life so much better. Now, if youve ever owned a robot vac before then you already know most of them arent that smart, basically just roaming around aimlessly bumping into stuff and eventually, hopefully covering all of your floor. The trifold lucy vac is legit smart. It uses a 1080p camera day and night vision and a host of other sensors to build a map of your home, and then it uses that map to clean your floors in an organized way and with efficiency. Lucy has a massive rechargeable battery built in so it can cover a ton of floor space in one go. It can detect objects as short as one inch high, so it will not run into a pet mess and speaking of pet messes theres, a pet version with higher suction and a brushless attachment to get up all the pet hair without getting tangled up.

Lucy is also a security sentinel if it detects movements in the home when it shouldnt itll alert you and you can pull up lucys camera on the triflo app and steer the robot around manually to have a look around your house from afar. If you want, you can even talk to pets, intruders or your babysitter, using the built in mic and speaker best of all its a great vacuum. Its high suction power leaves nothing behind and its easy enough to clean as well all those pine needles and leaves my family tracks in they dont stand a chance Music. Have you ever gone to a friends house to play super smash brothers and theyve handed you a knock off controller? You know what that means. Youre, probably not their best friend third party controllers, have a reputation for being cheaply made, but turtle beachs, recon, xbox controller, is the rare gamepad that i might actually prefer the real thing. Sorry, microsoft. The recons key feature is that it includes a sound mixer on board that lets players easily adjust the volume of both their game. Audio and voice chat. So no more straining to hear your teammates over a symphony of explosions and gunfire. It also includes a few preset sound profiles that lets you prioritize bass or give a game. Sound, makes a boost with the super human hearing option. Now, on top of that, it features two back buttons and a precision aiming mode that lets.

You decrease, stick sensitivity with the press of a button, seems a little unfair but ill. Take all the help. I can get thats an impressive suite of features for its 60 price tag. So if you come over to play, halo, infinite and i hand you a turtle beach recon be rest assured that youre on my good side, but honestly im probably going to use it myself. Sorry i just like myself more Music, the macbook pro was a long overdue for a comeback, and this year apple gave us a spectacular one, especially if performance is what matters to you, the m1 pro and the m1 max in this macbook pro are far better than I thought they would be and really make a case for why this new macbook pro is the most important computing product of the year. Weve just never seen a processor of this type perform with this much gusto, especially not on the graphics front and especially not in a laptop that almost never heats up or even gets loud. That couldnt be more different than the previous generations of macbook pros, and it helps this new one easily take the crown for the best laptop for creative professionals, but for me, its the quality of life, improvements that make this stand out, its the near endless battery life, Its the fantastic mini led display its the full size function, keys in the top row and its even the improved 1080p webcam, its the complete package, in a way that no other laptop is and thats.

Why its easily my favorite tech, product of 2021, Music after three generations of continuous improvement, the samsung galaxy z, fold 3 – is finally the foldable for the average consumer to buy it comes packed with tweaks and improvements theyve addressed most, if not all the big complaints of Previous generations, its much more durable with gorilla glass victus on the cover screen, a more svelte hinge that also lasts longer a diminished screen, crease and improved protector and ipx8 waterproofing using the full 3 7.6 inch screen is a delight for multitasking and gaming, and i had No trouble sinking hours into gangshin impact its the first foldable that i seriously felt compelled to use as my daily driver. The big reason is that the compromises are largely gone. It has a flagship, processor and triple rear cameras with a wide angle. Ultra wide and telephoto sensor, all three screens, including the cover screen, are quad hd and support a 120 hertz refresh rate, so you dont feel like youre missing anything compared to the galaxy s. 21.