This is the garmin 785 mtd, so its a truck motorhome campervan sat nav, mainly a sat nav that you can put the dimensions and the weight of your vehicle into it, and it supposedly will then root you along roads, whatever they may be, large or small. That are suitable for your vehicle, or at least your vehicle should fit through or under so lets quickly go over the spec of the sat nav. Now one of the features i bought this sat nav was because of the rear dash cam there. So i was thinking cool new sat, nav, looks all rugged and everything else slightly bigger screen than my old sat nav, slightly better features with the camera on the back there. It means i could get rid of my dash cam that ive got on the dash so its like clean the dash up declutter, if you like, now one of the benefits of having that not only to record what you do in case of accidents and things like That is that it can give you lane departure alerts and also proximity alerts as well, so the traffic in front is slowing down considerably and its notice youre not then, obviously, as it sees something coming towards it quite quickly. Itll, give you an alert, a collision alert its got bluetooth in there, so, which means you can get bluetooth, hands free, calling. You can also get your text messages come through even with red out and things like that, and you can also use that bluetooth for media streaming as well.

So one of the great features of this having bluetooth and being connected to your phone is that using the garmin drive app on your phone. You can easily set up the navigation points, your next waypoint or, where youre going to drive to so. For us, we go around and we share locations of where were going or we save maps on a pin pins on a map. Even we can go to the pin just get the gps coordinates, put it in the app on the phone and say right lets. Go there and ping is straight on there and were ready to go. It supports voice commands as well. So, for example, you can sort of say, lets, navigate to and itll ask for address, town city or whatever, and then you can enter an address that way or post code that way and navigate so getting back to the specs of it. It runs on an android six operating system, its got a seven inch touchscreen. The dimensions are 25 by 199 by one two two, which basically gives it a kind of 16 by nine orientation and a bit thick like say it looks. Rugged looks like its going to take a bit of a pounding: um weve not dropped it yet or not, sort of banged anything into it. So i cant say for sure that it is robust in anything like that, but it looks that way. Anyway, it looks a bit more robust than the last one we had its compatible with the garmin wireless backup systems like the bc30, 35 and 40.

. Now, once youve installed it with the traffic alert cable that comes with it little antenna, the traffic alerts pop up and then you can either automatically reroute or just see what the traffic is and reroute around it. Now, with this being one specifically designed for motorhomes and camper vans and stuff, like that, its actually within the mapping software itself, its got camper contact and ascii locations, so campsites and a few rough camping campsites that are on camper contact as well. The 3d maps on here like pretty good its in the city center itll, show you tall buildings, um and out in the countryside, if youre driving around mountains and that it shows the terrain and the elevations and the terrain are given roughly in sort of darker colors To being a bigger mountain, so its pretty cool as well its got built in wi fi as well, which means you can download the map updates, and software updates, and things like that over wi fi, you dont have to bother connecting it to a computer or anything And if you then have it connected to the garmin drive app, you can even get weather reports and weather radar, um information or show over the location where you are now and those will pop up on the screen as well. The whole thing weighs around about half a kilo thats, the cable, the actual device and the screen mount itself theres. Also, a micro sd card slot on the side there and that allows you to put a card of up to 128 gig of size in it.

And that allows you to keep more of the recordings from the dash cam, its pre loaded with full european maps. Down to the tiniest bit of street level – and that is one good thing that you can do even on the occasions when you know we like to go off road a little bit, its still got those dirt tracks and everything on there as well. Theres not been many locations that weve been down where its not known about the track or the road and everything that were traveling on the map updates are free for life of you, owning the unit and so far the maps that are included the free european map. The entire system, even courage, turkey and all the other locations weve been on our trip. The suction mount is really good, but for us what we needed was a way to close the front blinds on the screen. So we used one of these little dash mat systems, which is really good. Nice and weighty uh clicks on the back of the uh, the magnetic mount and for extra stability. I actually stuck it down and it didnt move, because the underside of it there is quite flat. The mount on the back. The system is quite good, its a magnetic system, so you can easily remove it if you go out of the vehicle and you dont want to leave it on show and just basically just unmagnetize it from the mount and off you go now.

Weve been using this for around about six months now and about 7 000 miles, and given the fact that we live full time in our van and weve been on an epic trip, i would say: weve used this at least every day or, if not every other Day so our experience of using this unit is probably the most intense review or reviewed information that youre ever gon na get so its not like. We use it once a week to travel to a relative somewhere were unsure about were using this to travel throughout europe, and now turkey and the locations that were going to are somewhat different than you might normally go. If you just go to current sites all the time now for a bit of a reality, check whats it like actually using the unit on the first power up the first time, i went to use it and set it all up. It crashed so much so that it wiped it absolutely clean, not like factory default but totally clean. So when i eventually got it going again and that was via connecting it to a computer, i had to load the maps, the software and everything to it. Since then, though, its been slightly more reliable, it has crashed a couple of times, but normally just press and hold in the power button on the side power it back up again, it seems to work out all right. I will know, and youve probably seen it already – this screen is too reflective.

I just cant understand how theyve not put an anti reflective coating on there as youre driving down the road and theres a tiny bit of movement like that, as you can see that thats bloody, annoying isnt it seeing that little reflection there moving around in the periphery. As youre trying to concentrate on the road, its not good, so if you dont really need this for the active traffic that it comes with, which only works in certain countries as well. Like the uk, france, germany, that kind of stuff weve not found the active traffic working everywhere, weve been, you can actually power this by the built in socket on the side there, which is a micro usb, now lets talk about routing. Obviously, we entered the dimensions of this van into the software and we trusted it to find those routes that were suitable. Some of the routes that it thought were suitable were down paths like actual walkways or sometimes itd, be the opposite. Sometimes thered be a really decent. Dual carriageway or a nice big, a road, and it would choose to send us over some sort of farmers track over a field to cut maybe 300 yards or 200 meters, or something like that off. The next turn in on a really decent road. So one of the biggest problems were having with this is it just doesnt understand road networks, so thats ways just for an idea of whats going on and it understands roads, um and i say thats the garmin, and it thinks that we should just drive along the Seafront there, rather than actually going on the road, so yeah not great at all, actually now another little criticism.

They are not all criticisms by the way, but another little one is the dash cam on there is fixed. So what do i mean by that? Well, it means you cant, adjust it so, for example, if thats level with our dash right now and i want to adjust my sat nav towards me – the driver, so i can see it clearer where you end up, then pointing the camera over that way, rather than Pointing it out at the front of the van, which means all those amazing features that are built in are not as reliable, certainly not going to detect the lane departures as clearly, certainly not going to detect um things. Stopping in front of you as clearly and your view for the dash cam is going to be slightly skewed off to one side all the time. Therefore, something happens in a collision and youve only caught half the picture, thats not great, either, no matter which dash mount. We used whether its a suction screen mount or whether it was the pad that ive got. The footage is quite shaky. What does that mean? Well, it means that the camera itself has got no sort of stability. Software or you know physical in there at all, which isnt great as well, if youre using it for some sort of, like you know, accident claim on your insurance, and you want to prove something and the cameras giving it. This big issue for us was the number of times its lost satellite reception um in valleys, sometimes in town centers places.

You would have thought that it would be far better at dealing with now. You might think thats a negative, but some of the travels weve had some of the things weve seen going down roads without this telling us left or right, because its lost signal theyve actually turned out really good. So i have to say at that point: it is a negative, its a bit naff, but its led to some pretty epic roads that weve driven down too and the thing is we havent been using our backup, which is basically an old phone ive, got that we Put on the dash thats held reception, for you know all the journey really for the last, probably three or four weeks and weve been using the built in uh google maps, which is on our android um head unit. Media center and thats been fine on a couple of occasions. The collision alert has come up because the road has dipped a little bit so like a tiny little bit of change in the road surface, and it said oh collision alert, collision, alert and saved a recording and its just just been a bit of maybe subsidence or Something in the road now the lane, departure warning and the anti collision warning systems, i think, are really really good. The only downside to that i would say is that it notices everything. So if someone cuts you up in traffic, it lets. You know if youre changing lanes just regularly on the dual carriageway or motorway, very gently very smoothly.

It lets you know. So all these systems are alert and activated after 30 miles an hour regardless of your driving standard. So if youre driving perfectly or youre driving erratically its still going to, let you know about all these alerts, which gets to the point of becoming quite annoying, and then you start to phase out a little bit about the alerts which then makes them kind of pointless. Now going back to its rooting as well, i would say it over eggs the time to destination uh time. If you know what i mean uh by about 20. So when you set it in – and you have the other like say, weve got a system were using by the side of it theres a massive difference, sometimes like 45 minutes to an hour, if were doing a big driving one day, and that makes you question if Roo, is it taking you on a stupid daft route because youre a big motor home, even though you might have chosen, you know the fastest route to get there, or is it just the fact that its losing track of roads that it cant quite quantify the right Dimensions of your vehicle for and therefore somewhere down the road, its going to tell you to take a left or right and go across the farmers field, and it knows youre going to drive really slowly over that so add some time on it, but either way yeah. It over eggs the the root an awful lot, but its quite clever in the fact that it lies to you, probably in about 10 minutes of getting there youll notice that its time has come down dramatically and um and yeah its then sort of like matches up With the google maps kind of time scale its, not right really so the reason we updated.

This was because we found the other unit like say the 790 mtd, or something like that to be really reliable. The on screen instructions were great: the maps that lane changes and stuff like that, the information you got on screen was great and thats not changed, despite the fact that this ones running android its a slightly different operating system, the mapping software, the instructions you get and The clear turn information you get on screen are brilliant theyre, better than any other sat nav software weve tried so far. So would i recommend buying it? I think theres a few things on there that its not just like im whinging about and everyone else, wouldnt find a problem. I think if you wanted to angle this at yourself, then you couldnt rely on the dash cam footage and i think the screen flickering like that. All the time would do your head in as much as its done my head in so you probably add some anti reflective coating to the front which i have thought about as well, but then ive thought about the fact that this is a lot of money. So, in fact, what im probably doing is selling this when we go back to the uk, let me know if you want to buy it and instead im going to go back to the 770 as well, which is uh exactly the same, but better at navigating. Also, it doesnt seem to have these weird quirks in there sending me down the wrong road or trying to make you across the farmers field or anything so maybe theyve updated the software a little too much changed it a bit too much to work on android and The old system worked far better, get an old phone and start using your old phone as your uh backup sat nav, and then you realize that its such a good backup sat nav that you use it full time.

Well, in fact, you dont use this one full time, but you use google maps instead on your android head unit um, and what ive done to get around that is on my phone and the android head unit. Ive got messenger installed, facebook messenger and whenever we send a google map in now, i ping it across to facebook messenger tap on it on the dash boom. Google maps opens up navigate too easy as really isnt it right. Then. I know a lot of you have waited a long time for this review, but i wanted to bring it to you in a way that was honest, informative had all the pros and cons and gave a little bit of background information too hope. You appreciate that all right take care on the next one were going to talking about technical stuff.