These a sunbeam mini percussion massager. That is a 59.99 right now in amazon, so you get a really small box, so that is a really mini mini and then open. It lets go. Try to open this way. Maybe you guys can see pop it pop the box. Okay, almost there come on okay, i just keep up put it in there and then you get to see this comes with a nice hard case box, which is pretty cool for a mini massager. They dont usually come with a hard case, and this one comes with one. So that is a good thing. Zipper is good, at least its not so cheap, so opening and closing is pretty easy. Pretty there we go pretty easy, and then that means that happens and then thats what you get the manual is here and then the charging cord is there and then it comes with a fork. It is mostly plastic and then the ball head, which is im, not sure what kind of material this is. But this is not completely plastic and then the needle kind and the flat head. So there we go – and this is what it looks like it is metal which is pretty nice, its heavy. So for 59.99 i guess the at least its not so cheap. Looking and now lets go, try and see and attach it pretty easy. It snaps really good. In there and its oh okay, and then there is the charging port, which is usbc.

The good thing is its using usbc, so you can just use your own phone charger in case you lose that one. How long is this im not sure lets, go check that out nice cord, its, not the cheap kind, at least so you can bend it without a problem pretty long there we go. How long is this about two feet? Maybe three im not sure. So this is the power button and now lets go, try and then it lights up. You guys can hear pretty quiet easy to hold, which is a good thing, not sure if nice guys can see, lets try that way. Okay, now adjusting just press thats number two. You guys can see the arm moving and now lets try to do the number three so thats how loud it is its pretty quiet, which is good, im, sure and now lets go. Do the number four Music im impressed how quiet it is its pretty quiet and holding it is pretty good. It doesnt, at least this groove here. Let me turn it off, so you press for three seconds and it turns off and then theres this groove in here. So it doesnt make it slippery when youre holding its pretty nice again. This is a sunbeam mini percussion massager and it is a 59.99. Do, i think, its worth it with everything. Youve got based on the other massager that i got. It is worth the price and i love how quiet it is and how powerful it is, its pretty nice, but again the the real test for massagers is, after six months after you use it every day, but based on the quality.

I agree with the price point because i have used something similar and the same price range and they have the same kind of material, but this one.