My name is stephen, and this is steel, keeping it real. So you know what today is Music thats right its friday and today im doing something different im doing a little retrospective of rap back in the day, and this one uh and im talking about rap Music early wrap where they were rapping about silly things. Like cartoons tv shows uh movies uh. You know anything like that. Now, this one is bad boys featuring caleb. The song is called bad boys, but its the inspector gadget mix and youll see what im saying uh. When you see the video now, if you are still here, please dont forget to hit the like button: the subscribe button and the notification button, because im doing at least 15 videos each and every week now inspector gadget was one of the more uh popular samples back In the day, there is a cartoon crew which ive done batman with there is uh dougie fresh and the show Music they they intermingled that within their song theres this inspector gadget and thatll do for right. Now you can do a little bit more searching. If you want to hear more people that sampled inspector gadget, but without any further ado lets just get into bad boys featuring k, love bad boys inspector gadget mix Music, whatever Music, you know what they say: honey those aint balloons in the water. Oh, you better watch out those boys Music, Music Music on the Music.

Oh Music around the east is Music over Music Music. Where was it Music? Music like Music? Is average man cause? I got hypnotized your body and soul, make you feel, like 24 pounds: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. My name is Music: oh Music, Music, uh, Music, all right, so that is bad boys featuring k, love its called bad boys, but its the inspector gadget mix. Now you can see the videos, low quality and um. You know groups back in the day. Didnt um didnt really have money, because they, you know they were just starting out and so for this video yeah um its. It works its a video uh that people could. You know, watch on video soul or uh, some something like that um, but the actual song itself. You know using the inspector gadget, uh, Music sample and then theyre wrapping and then caleb getting on and beatboxing thats great. But one thing that i just realized that maybe some of you uh didnt realize is that they said to all the ladies in the place with styling grace. Biggie took that for big papa, so this song cant be that bad. If biggie smalls is sampling lyrics from this song, so there you have it um. So that is it for this session and i hope you stay tuned if you did stay tuned. I thank you very, very much for doing so.