So, as you can see here by the actual packaging, it is from spigen. This is the nitro force case. As you can see, it says there on the box, but as far as the unboxing goes its just a pretty much a basic spigen box, nothing special. So if youve ever bought a spigen phone case lately, then this is what they look like now. This right here is 17.99 on amazon with prime shipping. If you are interested in buying this case after watching this, video do follow my affiliate link down in the description. I would appreciate it. I do earn a tiny little commission when you do purchase from my links. So lets go ahead and get this bad boy out here. So yeah lets go ahead and just pull the tab like we normally do and then pull the case out comes in the normal kind of shrink packaging there so get that out, and here it is so there is the case. So, as you can see guys. This is a unique spigen case. This is something different than any other speaking case, ive actually ever reviewed, because it has just kind of this rugged. Look as you can see, but it is a semi transparent with some frosted back, so all around guys, a pretty cool. Looking case now on the interior, here you are getting the air cushion technology and the bumpers, so you are going to be able to get some really decent drop protection with this case its a military standard, but with that air cushion technology when you drop it its Going to help dissipate the energy away from the phone and act like little airbags for your iphone 13 pro or iphone 13, or whichever iphone you have so lets, go ahead and grab my 13 pro here and lets go ahead and just slap it in.

So i usually just start with that side. There just kind of snaps in pretty easily im going to wipe it down real, quick and there we have it. So there is the nitro force case installed on my graphite, iphone 13 pro. So, as you can see guys, it has this very rugged. Look as you can see here right in the center. You do have that clearer portion thats a very transparent, polycarbonate back, but then you also have these frosted just designs all throughout. You got the spigen branding there as far as the logo goes as far as the camera bump goes. You do have some pretty nice little camera bump protection there. As you can see, the lenses are definitely protected. Now you do have a tpu bumper that goes around the sides and, of course around the camera bump here and then, like i said, its got the hard polycarbonate shell on the back there but, like i said guys, there is some pretty good lens protection. So its definitely going to help protect that phone and the lenses, if you do place it back down now as far as just the overall look of the case, lets go and take a peek at the sides here. So, as you can see there, you do have a power button there that is kinda raised. It does have kind of those lips that go around it there as you can see, but there is some teeth there to be able to help with the just grip and the overall just comfort and fill of that power button.

As you can see, here too, we do have some raised corners here. That is going to definitely help with that drop protection like we talked about a bit ago and then here on the sides, you do have this extra, like kind of pattern grip here that they do say is supposed to help with making it feel just better. In the hand and a more secure grip – and i definitely do agree – but as you can see there – it is that transparent kind of frosted look as well so gives that little two tone effect there and then going down to the bottom here. As you can see, you do have that continued kind of raised bumpers there on the bottom, with kind of the little black gloss high gloss little lines in there. You do have a nice little cutout for your lightning port and your speakers and mics down at the bottom and then moving to the side here, as you can see there kind of that same continuation of those grips as far as that pattern goes and then you Do have some pretty nice little volume up and down buttons there that are raised with a plus and minus. If you happen to forget which ones volume up and volume down and then a nice little cut out there for your alert, slider and then, of course, nothing at the top, but thats just kind of the contours of it as well.

So all in all thats. The look now as far as the front of the phone goes, you do see that there are some raised lips all around the front of the screen, so youre definitely going to be getting some decent screen protection. With this now i do have a full screen tempered glass on my phone right now and it is very temper glass friendly, as you can see, thats kind of where the tempered glass meets up against the phone there. So thats kind of the look there thats. The look there so it looks pretty decent so now lets go ahead and do the shake test real, quick and see how wobbly it is if there is any shake so lets start with the face down test. It is very flat. There is no shake at all and then going with the back down. So as you can see, there is a little bit of a shake, but that is to be kind of known in common with iphone 13 pros just because of that giant camera bump back there. So, like i said, definitely a little bit of play on the back, but not much at all. So next lets go ahead and do my clicky button test so well start with the power button and then well do the volume up and down so lets. Do power button first and volume up and down all right guys? Clicky buttons definitely works. So if you are a fan of tactile, very responsive, clicky buttons, the power button and volume up and down perform flawlessly.

So next lets go ahead and test the mag save capabilities. So lets go ahead and just slap that on and as you can see there guys it is magsafe compatible, so definitely no issues at all there. Now there is no built in magnets with this case. Unfortunately, so it is not going to really be that compatible with magsafe accessories that you want to maybe mount in your vehicle, so its going to have a strong enough connection. But as you can see there, i mean i barely moved and it slid right off. So, like i said, it is definitely mac safe, compatible its just not going to be very compatible with accessories, because that strong connection is just not present, since there is no built in magnets on the back of this. So just something to think about. If you are a fan of magsafe accessories in your vehicle or on your desk and one other test that i wanted to do, i kind of skipped, for some reason is the ease of access of that alert. Slider so lets just go ahead and see how easy it is and, as you can see there guys super super easy, no issues at all so definitely very easy and accessible for that alert slider there. So, all in all guys, this case actually feels really good in the hands. So if youre, someone that wants a clear case but wants a little bit of a different rugged, look with just these different contours and a little bit more bumper protection.

Obviously, spigen is known for their fantastic cases in general, but this ones just different its like. I said, ive tested speaking cases for years, and this just has a different look. So i actually really really like it and i really think thats gon na pretty be pretty cool if youre a fan of skins like me – and you know – maybe jazz it up a little bit with, like maybe a black skin or a blue skin, and just have That shining through this um frosted and clear polycarbonate back here so yeah but, like i said guys for about 17.99, its spigen. You know what youre getting so hit that like button guys, if you liked the video, if you loved it, please subscribe and ring that notification bell for up to date, content so be safe.