Now i have the psp in my hand, like i said this was the first ever like sony handheld. They eventually released a quote, unquote, sequel to it, which was the playstation vita, but this was their first handheld. This particular console competed against the nintendo ds now believe it or not. This console did have some success. A lot of people think it didn’t, because at the time the nintendo ds was so huge that it was killing everything the playstation portable consoles, the nintendo ds was huge right, but at the same time the playstation portable did have a pretty good market. Now, before we get into the games and the ui of this thing, let’s just look at the console, it has a little d pad. It has a little nub analog. Stick. It has the you know the typical sony buttons it’s cross, not x square triangle. Circle volumes got trigger buttons, not the best trigger buttons, then in the back it also had umd’s we’ll get into that also, where sony tried to make their own little format, wasn’t that successful honestly and then, if you take off the battery, there was a slot for A memory card – yes, sony tried to do a memory card. Well, they had to do a memory card because when i show the umds there’s a reason, this is one of the things that the dns did not have to do. There was no memory cards, but anyway, let’s look at the ui on your playstation portable.

This is the first ever model. This is actually kind of a sawed off sought after model reason being this model can be modded. Uh people would mod their playstation portables, not only playing psp games, but they would put tons of movies on it emulators. It was pretty cool if you ever got your hands on a modded psp. This one is not modded, but it can be modded, but to look at it as you see, you can play games on the psp not only to play games, but you can watch videos. You can put videos on it. You can put music on it. You can put all your photos on it. Let me tell you something with the videos. Let me tell you something: a lot of people used to put porn on their psp. Not people want to really watch it. They would more or less just kind of like i’ll. Just be like, oh yeah, i have porn on my psp just to brag about it right because you could do it, but it then has some usb connection where you can hook it up once again to mod it uh. So a few other things themes you can change the themes, a lot of cool stuff, but anyway we show the ui let’s show off the games real, quick now one particular game that was really huge. Back then, which is a big franchise. Now, obviously, was grand theft, auto liberty, cities, this game on the go was a huge deal because everyone at the time was playing.

You know: uh grand theft, auto 3 grand theft, auto vice city, to have a grand theft. Auto game on the go was a really big deal now: let’s open it up. Okay and look: look at all the stuff you get back, then you get instruction manuals it’s, not even it’s, not even a structure. Manual it’s like a table of contents. It’S like telling you about the game, you know there’s a map in here, there’s there’s, more stuff in here it has back art now it’s it’s crazy, which used to get video games, and here it is the umd universal media, disc, something that sony tried to do. Not only did they make video games, but they also try to make movies there’s, actually umd movie players, it wasn’t successful at all it’s. One of the reasons why the psp necessarily didn’t blow up and honestly my and to my knowledge of psp, was the only thing that ever really used uh umd’s other than the video players, which i personally have never seen. One um i’ve never seen anyone own one. Either or known anyone that owned one, but that is the games. Not only were you able to buy games, but if you look in the background we got big daddy, we got triple xxx, you were able to buy movies. So not only could you put movies on there, but you can buy games and you can buy a movie on your playstation portable.

This was something that was like revolutionary, like this was like what this was huge now, the playstation portable. It had some drawbacks at the time people didn’t like the playstation portable, mainly because you know it was playing too big of a game at the time. Nintendo ds was playing games that were portable, easy to get into easy to get out of. You know at the time people didn’t want these big games like grand theft, auto or um, even with the playstation v, the uncharted games. Now people can say well well, that’s, not what they want with the switch that’s. True 15 years later, gamers might have changed same time, the trench, the switch you can put it on the tv, take it off tv. You know that was one of the one of the setbacks with the playstation portable. They didn’t necessarily have games that were easy to get into easy to get out of, but comparing the graphics we’ll show you some. The playstation portable was like 128 bits. It was pretty much ps2 graphics on the go where the nintendo ds, i believe, was like 64 bits, but enough talking let’s actually play it now. First game we are gon na play. We are gon na play uh some madden 06 me personally. I straight up bought this console to play madden um. I was a huge madden player back in the day and being able to play madden on the go. It was so awesome, in my opinion, all right there.

It is madden 06 it’s loading man. This brings back a lot of memories when you’ve seen someone with a playstation portable back in the day. You were like, oh snap, because these things were expensive too. I remember paying like 400 dollars for this device. I may be wrong, but i remember when they first released, they were super hard to get stores were uh stores were definitely like, always out of stock, but i remember when i got my hands on one i was excited. I was like yeah. I got me a playstation portable, all right loading up, michael vick, right, Music. There. You know what i think my memory card uh still remembers that i used to play with michael vick because uh, i think, that’s a team ice. That was the team i used to run with all right do a little coin. Toss now, like i said the graphics were like ps2 and at the time having something like this portable was like amazing. It was legit, amazing and even playing it now like yo. This looks really good, like i have no problem playing this on the go and it legit like because it could, because it was a sony thing. It was like a sony controller. So if you were playing your ps2 and you went to play your psp, it was extremely an easy transition, because the button format was the same. The controls were still the same. The graphics were still the same, and that was one of the really cool things about playing this.

Like look how good this looks right now, i have. I legit have not played this in a while and i’m just blown away still 16 years later, of how good this legit looks and it legit was a version of madden on the go, and this is probably better than any ver. This particular portable version of madden is probably better than anything on the ds, the 3ds to this day. This is probably the best portable version of map that you can get, and man like i’m kind of in shock right now, like how good it’s actually aged, like ps3 games, haven’t even aged as well man. This is pretty impressive to this day. A lot of people feel that sony should possibly make another playstation portable get back in the market, especially with the huge success with nintendo switch but there’s like there’s there’s. I agree with that that they should at the same time, would you want to compete with nintendo’s portable console again, probably not wouldn’t, it would sony possibly do better. I think so because i think now, with the success of the nintendo switch, i think people you know would like another option of playing games on the go, but look man. This is awesome. This is aged, so well, i’m, just gon na do a quick down and then we’re gon na take a look at another game after this, oh that’s, a bad pass. Where am i doing it? It does have slight lag.

I wonder if there’s, if i could, if there’s an update – or i probably shouldn’t, even update it, but there is some slight lag with the gameplay, but honestly this is holding up really well! Oh michael vick, oh nice worked out we’re gon na go for it man. This is really good. Oh, they got me all right. This is madden06. This is literally a 16 year old game on a 16 year old device and i’ll be honest with you i’m impressed this. I i might still play this off for this video, but enough talking about this game, let’s, look at another game now. The next game we’re going to play is some street fighter alpha max 3 or street fighter alpha 3. Max now i remember playing this game and i remember it looking once again really good, i remember, being extremely impressive on the playstation portable, but i remember fighters specifically not being too good on the playstation portal portable because of this nub. This nub was not the best. Let me tell you something right now: do you wish to begin uh, no um yeah, you can use the d pad, but once again the d pad wasn’t good for fighters either let’s get into it capcom the sound is really good screen is really good, even though I think i do have a dead pixel on my screen, but yo check this out. Having and seeing something like this 16 years ago was pretty impressive, that’s pretty dope press start.

Do you hear the sound on it man this this was like this was so much better than nintendo ds at the time, it’s ridiculous it just it just couldn’t compete, though, like the the monster that nintendo was. It was just like killing everyone, but once again, look how good it looks like these are. This is impressive. All right, let’s go Music, so bad, okay, man, look at the vision, man. Let me tell you something how impressive this is. If you know anything about 2d fighters and capcom fighters in general, if you go back into history like the place, the original playstation uh couldn’t run fighters that well uh. The super nintendo at the time was considered the best uh, 2d fighter console and then it’s like sega, saturn and whatnot, but for the playstation portable to be able to run this game as good as just running it like it’s, it’s, really impressive, oh Music man, but The nub was just a little better man. Did you see there’s no, like drops in frame rate there’s no lag Music man. That was awesome that this is this is like to this day. This holds up so well, like you, you can’t you’d, have to be a hater to say something right. You got like a nintendo ds fanboy to say this is not good. This is legit good, but now i showed you a couple games like i said it shows movies, let’s, put a movie on the thing and now we’re gon na put some xxx in here.

Watch your movie. I remember the only time i ever seen this movie was actually watching it. On the psp be honest, i don’t think i’ve ever seen this movie on tv, but let’s check it out on the psp now check this out any day. You can play a little bit of video games and after you’re done gaming, if you wanted, you could watch your movie bro straight into it like look, how easy and fluid it is straight into the movie like it with the movies. It was a lot faster than the game. Some games take a little longer to load or whatever, but you’ll check it out fast forward and there you go. You got a movie so guys i don’t know about you guys but i’m. Definitely oh whoa whoa whoa what’s going on. I am definitely impressed playing the sony psp 16 years later in 2021. Let me know what you think. Would you like for sony to make a new portable console me personally? I necessarily don’t desire it because if they did, i personally want to buy it, because i don’t really like uh portable consoles anymore. I like gaming, strictly on the tv, but i know a lot of people are into that type of thing. So let me know what you think: let me know uh if you were owner of a playstation, portable or playstation vita. I know there’s tons of games out there, the blavita and the playstation portable combined have these insane libraries uh.

This behind in front of me, is literally every game and movie i ever bought, but anyway this was fun. I was playing the playstation portable in 2021 um. Let me know what you guys think fun little video uh make sure to subscribe for future. Videos find me on facebook. Twitter instagram got twitch all that good stuff until next time.