So the main feature of these airpods is noise cancellation. So how does it work? How does it sound after two years? Is it worth it or do i regret the noise cancelling side of these airpods? Personally, i enjoy it every bit of it honestly, its so like its amazing. Just having these, like, i dont want to say amazing, because thats, just like a its a weird word, to describe things so its just like. Oh its amazing everythings, amazing, but truly it is like im telling you noise. Cancelling is a game changer. You will not want to go back once you have it probably thats, at least in my experience like you know, theres times where you want to hear things in the background you want to hear people around you because you dont want to like cut them completely out. You know you want to still talk to them, thats, where airpods, 3 or airpods 2 are great, but where airpods pros shine is where you want to cut them out, so you dont want to talk to them, and if you do, you got transparency mode where you Just kind of click on the side of the airpod and it switches to transparency mode. You hear a little noise and it just switches – and you can hear them it magnifies things around you. It uses the microphones on them. So that way you can hear them its kind of like a hearing aid. Now i would say the noise canceling is about like an 8.

5 out of 10, because you can still hear things. You know obviously, its just a little tiny earbud, its, not some high end professional. You know headphones. These are just little tiny earbuds like look at this, its really small, so the noise canceling its the best you can get for the size. I would say. Obviously i dont have other noise canceling earbuds to compare them to, but you just kind of take my word for it theyre good enough. The fit is really great. Obviously, these have rubber tips, so you can actually re peel them off and remove them, which makes it for easy switching. So they give you, you know extras on the box. You can switch them out to whatever size fits your ears best small, medium and large. Personally, i like this fit its really comfy doesnt hurt the ears like the hard plastic does, at least with me, obviously its so subjective, because we all have different ears. Battery life on these airpods pros are truly amazing, like i really dont charge them every day. Some people do some people charge them all the time, but i charge them like maybe once a week, if that, just because the batterys so great, obviously i use them quite a bit pretty much every day, just not like hours on end. Sometimes i use them for you know it doesnt matter how long i use them. What im saying is the case? Actually charges them up as well.

So not only do the actual individual airpods have batteries inside of them, but when you slide them in the case they charge up so its kind of like a double charged situation here, and you also can charge them via lightning, mag, safe or you know, wireless charging, But what are the actual issues that you might go through with these airpods pros, seeing that after two years, ive had issues on top of issues? Ive made videos about this because ive had to get replacements? Yes, because you actually might hear a crackling static noise with your airpods pros. This actually happened to me twice: got a replacement the first time they just replaced the right and then the second time it looks like they replaced both of them so yeah for two years a free warranty like it was covered because it was a recall, got brand New airpods, which means new batteries, new everything. So after two years yeah, this is great, but back to what the the issue was. It was like a static, crackling noise. So when you would like just kind of move around like touch the airpod, barely it would kind of make a noise. I dont know how to describe it, thats just what it was like. It was really annoying and it never went away, no matter how many diy fixes they have on youtube. None of those worked trust me so get them replaced. If you ever have this issue and youll be set to go, youll be good to go.

Am i a little annoyed at that issue? Yes, but the fact that i got it replaced it just its fine um. Obviously i dont really care if, if, if i had to actually pay for it, i would have been a little. You know annoyed, but yeah thats. My experience and its still free now and they still are, allowing you to replace them whats great about airpods pros is you know it has a lot to do with the software like you get new features with airpods pros. When this first came out, you did not have spatial audio, but now apple has brought spatial audio to airpods pros they did a couple years ago and they brought them to like airpods 3, but just knowing that these airpods didnt have spatial audio when they first released And by a software update, they got that feature its just mind. Blowing and probably the most important part of these airpods pros is the sound quality, and i kind of forgot to talk about that so here it is with noise cancelling. I think these are life changing because the sound quality it just its more crisp, especially having noise cancelling like i said because it blocks everything out and then, when you hear your stuff, like your songs or your tv show or maybe youre watching this video right now With airpods pros its just crisp, it feels like you can focus on that. Instead of everything around you, the sound quality is booming bass just enough to where its nice and everything is level.

With the highs, mids and lows, it just sounds really great. Obviously, the sound quality is subjective, comparing it to other. You know earbuds and headphones, but im just going to say theyre pretty good, like i dont know how it has to tell you, because its so opinionated, but its not garbage sound quality, just want to have that clear to you like its its, not bad at all. Its great so yes, after having these for two years, i definitely recommend them. I dont see myself upgrading anytime soon. These are. These are for the future theyre gon na last. I see these lasting me a good good amount of time, especially since i got them replaced. So theyre gon na stick around with me for a good while and really i i dont know like after two years, nothing substantially wrong ill. Keep you updated so be sure to stay tuned for next years review. You know. Maybe i have some issues, or maybe something happened to them, who knows definitely curious to what you guys think if youre interested be sure to comment your thoughts down below. I want to hear from you guys, as well as other people want to hear from you as as well, if youve had airpods pros for like a year a month, maybe a day and youre. Just checking this video out also hit that like button. If you found this video helpful because it pushes the video out to other people so that they can be informed on all the stuff about airplanes pros – and you want to know something – you know thats not like airpods pros but like airpods, three yeah airpods, three theyre Great, i reviewed them right over here.

You can check out this video. You know.