I just want to show uh this unit working and show the condition. This is probably one of the best condition. Ps1 slims i’ve ever come across. You can see. Controller sticks really good shape back. Yes, one ps1 is going to come with games. Eight audio visual cables, power cable. It will not come with this portable screen. This is just for me to show the console working all right so on these ps1 slims. One thing uh to note is when you open and close it make sure that uh you’re not pushing down here. This part is just for taking the disc out um. When you push down here, uh it’ll close right, you know very easy see, but if you, if you try to do it from this point, you kind of kind of slam it down a little bit. There’S just there’s. No need to do that. So the first game that comes with it is gon na be spec, ops, uh. Once again, this screen will not be included loads up straight thing, i’m, going to try to skip past a lot of this loading Music. Another thing to note is take a look at the when you’re looking at this look at the graphics, i’ve had it before, where um, where people want to return things, because they they give it to their kids and um, the kids get it and they’re like the The graphics look, horrible well just be aware: if you’re buying this for uh your child there, they will want something more modern, probably like a a playstation, 3, 4 or 5.

. This is, of course, playstation one, so you can when, when this loads up you’ll you’ll see that this is more of a retro console, it’s folks uh that want to to relive some of the old games, so i’m gon na go ahead and turn it on analog And see sticks working as it should Music this changes or if you wanted to just use the pad we’ll turn that off see. This will get you where you want to go all four buttons working like sticks, so i’ll go ahead and use that x works square works, Music, i’m, gon na get blown up. Oh yep, i was afraid of it. All right. Sorry bear with me Music, so Music. So yeah i’m just gon na reset it because i’m not paying attention to actual game to know what i need to do. I just unplug the screen because i ran into it i’m just advancing screens again so: Music, okay, see triangle and also circle, so uh that’s.