Please, like this video and subscribe to this channel for our future updates. We all remember our first video game console the moment. We brought it home the first time we powered it on and the instant. We first played a game that radiated our screen with beautiful graphic goodness, if you’re anything like us. Your first console was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg and what began as a one system household quickly evolved into a gamer’s mecca with consoles littering your living room in the spirit of our healthy gaming obsession. Ign has forged a list of the top 10 video game consoles of all time where we have selected and ranked the most influential systems in the history of gaming to be revealed five consoles at a time for five straight days. While it may seem like a simple task on paper, sifting through 37 plus years of console history for the best and brightest, while getting ign’s editorial staff to agree on one comprehensive list was an undertaking for the ages. Each console on the list ahead was selected for its influence on the industry and the gaming culture as a whole, with special consideration for their benchmark titles, peripherals monetary success and total hardware sold, but beyond sales figures and critical reception, one of the biggest contributing factors in Our ranking process was our lasting impressions of each console and how it contributed to our love for gaming and inspired us to become involved in the industry.

Each console on the list ahead was selected for its influence on the industry and the gaming culture as a whole. With special consideration for their benchmark titles, peripherals monetary success and total hardware sold, but beyond sales figures and critical reception, one of the biggest contributing factors in our ranking process was our lasting impressions of each console and how it contributed to our love for gaming and inspired Us to become involved in the industry before we have a tendency to begin. Why don’t you hit the subscribe button and therefore the bell notification icon. Thus you never miss any of our videos. Let’S begin number 10, nintendo wii, the nintendo 64 and the gamecube were capable sustainable consoles with excellent support and fantastic games. But the increased competition from microsoft and sony made it difficult for nintendo to see the same victory. It did in the previous years after two attempts to repeat the success it had with the nes and super nes nintendo decided to shake things up and offer gaming experiences that stray from the expected enter the nintendo wii, a system that put much more emphasis on the User interface than it did on the high definition surround sound experience. The way we play was the biggest change to what we play. The idea was to introduce something that anyone could pick up and understand and with the new input it was hoped a new market would form and a new audience would step forward to play games.

The company gave birth to the remote, a device that had few buttons but offered motion control, as well as a pointing device. Two ideas that were relatively new to the console market, but to get this to become a standard nintendo had to introduce it as the core device of a new system, not as an optional peripheral for its current hardware, number nine playstation sony’s first foray into the console Market kicked off a big change in the long time, one on one war of nintendo vs sega. Not only did the system help open up the doors for microsoft to enter the market in the following generation, but it also helped transition the industry to a disc, based format introduced the dualshock controller in its classic form, which is still being used and mimicked. To this day and introduced a number of incredibly important and classic titles like the sega saturn and nintendo 64, the playstation was among the generation of consoles that helped bring gaming from the 2d days of old to the current 3d content that we’re still playing to this Day the library of original titles introduced on the playstation can read like a history lesson in video games, the likes of metal gear, solid gran, turismo resident evil. Tony hawk and much much more were seen here for the first time, and these franchises continue to be some of the biggest in all of gaming. Were it not for the playstation, a number of genres that we take for granted.

These days may never have come to fruition, or at least been popularized, so well number eight xbox 360, as the first high definition game console ever introduced. The xbox 360 represents a milestone in video game hardware, history, the xbox 360 represents a first time shift in standalone platforms to crisp clean, high definition, graphics with advanced shading and physics effects. While these features were long since a staple of pc gaming, they had never before been seen in the console market. Additionally, the xbox 360 was also the first console to hit the market with an integrated wireless controller system. Although wireless controller solutions were present in previous game systems, wireless connectivity could only be achieved through external dongle attachments. Xbox live has since grown to be one of the most successful console based online gaming networks ever created with over 17 million members as of january 2009. Through its extensive online integration, which allows for practically boundless optimization feature additions and improvements, the xbox 360 has drastically extended the lasting appeal and life expectancy of the average console number 7. ps4 pro spider man. The last of us death, stranding blood, borne gran turismo sport, sony’s ps4 pro, is all about the games. They’Ve foregone multimedia options to focus on cramming as many exceptional exclusive games as they can onto one console. If all you’re looking for is the best games, then look no further. There is also the psvr to consider sony’s proprietary vr headset. The ps4 is the only games console to support vr and the psvr even has a good number of exclusive vr titles.

Like astrobot rescue mission, add that to vr classics like super hot vr and keep talking and nobody explodes and you’ve got a fantastic vr machine at a reasonable entry price number 6. nintendo’s switch light. The days of the dedicated handheld seem to be numbered, but nintendo are still putting up a strong defense with the nintendo switch light. This lighter revision of the nintendo switch drops the docking system and detachable joy cons, simplifying the design down to a more conventional handheld system. As a result, it’s more comfortable to use than its larger cousin with that said, it’s still a little larger than we’d like and it can become uncomfortable during extended play sessions. The nintendo switch light also shares its library of games with the regular nintendo switch. So you’ll be able to play, hits like the legend of zelda breath of the wild super smash, bros, ultimate and pokemon sword and shield. Add this to third party goliaths like fortnite rocket league and minecraft, and the switch light has one of the best game. Lineups in handheld history number five sega genesis. The genesis was known for having classics in nearly every genre, with support from electronic arts, giving it the edge in the sports category, go nhl 94, the bloodier mortal kombat, and what some consider to be the greatest controller ever created the six button. It isn’t difficult to prove why the software lineup was so successful. Considering the recent release and success of sonic’s ultimate genesis, collection, just tick down the list and you’ll find a bundle of absolutely brilliant games.

The fantasy star and shining force series combined to offer role playing options that were equal to, if not better than anything available from the competition and titles. Like echo, the dolphin and comics zone offered dashes of edgy action that were highly original at the time number 4. Playstation 2: the playstation 2 is the best selling video game console ever with more than 130 million units sold by the end of 2008. That alone says a lot regarding its place in history and its reception amongst the general population. The ps2 was not only a major highlight in sony’s history for both its games, business and the company as a whole, but it also helped launch the dvd format into the vhs killer that it became, but company financials and movie formats aside, it’s, really the games and Wide accessibility that made the ps2 what it was, and even now nearly a decade after its release. It still is the fact that the system is supported to this day and that we’re still seeing games released for it on a weekly basis is a strong testament to its staying power. Number three nintendo’s switch, presumably taking inspiration from that hannah montana song. The nintendo switch offers the best of both worlds, it’s, both a home console and a handheld thanks to an innovative, hybrid design when connected to the dock. The nintendo switch behaves just like any other home console but pull it out and it instantly switches. We see what they did there into a handheld device.

Nintendo’S first party output has always been stellar and the switch carries on that grand tradition with critically acclaimed hits like mario odyssey, the legend of zelda breath of the wild and mario kart 8.. Support from third parties is still lacking, though, so you won’t be able to play popular titles like call of duty, modern warfare or apex legends on the nintendo switch, not that you’d want to thanks to nintendo’s lackluster online support. Number 2. xbox series 10. If you’re looking for raw power, the xbox one x is the clear choice stack this alongside a suite of entertainment, apps and a 4k blu ray player and the xbox one x as the ultimate multimedia machine. The problem microsoft has faced throughout this console generation has been the games, which is a big deal for a game’s console. Sadly, this is still microsoft’s achilles heel, but while they still don’t have big hitters on the same level as sony or nintendo, their recent spree of studio acquisitions and the fantastic xbox game pass subscription means that you won’t be short of excellent games to play number one. Playstation 5., the playstation 5 might have some divisive and extremely meme able design choices, but there is no denying that it’s, a fantastic games console packed full of high tech features that make it feel like a real leap forward for gaming. The hardware under the shell is extremely powerful and the custom ssd is ludicrously fast, so you’ll barely have to look at another loading screen.

The controller has been reworked too, with the new dual sense pad, which has haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that enhance your gaming immersion. The games themselves are fantastic and varied too, with spider man miles morales, astros, playroom and demon souls being the standouts at launch that’s it for this video. We tend to hope. You learned a few tips if you’re still here, then i bet you enjoyed the video provides. It a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe.