Three watches on my hand, right now are on my wrist. I have the 42 millimeter, which is on the left and then the 38 millimeter, which is on the right, and i thought id make this quick video for anyone whos considering the apple watch series three um i bought both because i started off with a 38 millimeter And then i was like you know what let me try. The 42 um and i just got the 42 in the mail hold on one sec. Dont, look at my freaking arm, hair um, but putting them side by side is insane to me. There is such a huge difference i feel like in size. So personally i prefer the 38 millimeter compared to the 42 millimeter. I thought it was gon na be the other way around and i was gon na want the 42 millimeter and not want the 38 millimeter. But personally i love the 38. I think its just a perfect size for me personally. The 42 is a little big but thats fine for people who are looking for a bigger size. I think the 42 is great so for pricing. I got them at walmart and i got the 38 millimeter for 169 after tax was like 183 and then the 42 millimeter was 199 and after tax it was like 216.. So do with that, what you will um personally, if youre going to be buying the 42 millimeter its really not that far in price from the apple watch.

Se! So just keep that in mind um, because i actually am returning both of these and i did buy an essie and i should be getting it tomorrow. Hopefully, um ive been waiting for my freaking se watch first, like a couple days now, um and im super excited because um i love having an apple watch just wearing the 38 millimeter for about a week and a half has made me fall in love with apple Watches and um really just like appreciate, you know the tech that they have in them its just like amazing to me that such a small device can like do so much but yeah. I just wanted to come on here and, like show a really quick comparison for anyone whos debating between the two sizes i mean i wouldnt say i have a huge wrist, but i definitely dont have a small wrist um. I actually do wear a medium large band and the 38 millimeter on the right has the small medium large band on, but i have the medium large on it, but im packing it back, so i could send it back. So i put the small medium back um. Obviously, because it came with the small medium on, but the one on the left has the medium large band already on it, and i will say i do wear a medium large band. I prefer it so i wouldnt say my wrist is small, but just on me i prefer the 38, like just looking side by side.

There is such a huge difference. I feel like its so crazy. I didnt think it was going to be that much of a difference um but yeah. This is the band. Sorry, let me fix that so yeah. Definitely either one works for me i feel like, but i just prefer the 38 personally but the 42. You do get a bigger screen which a lot of people want and you get a better battery life. So just keep that in mind as well. If you do want to get the series 3 going up to the 42 millimeter might be beneficial because you know youre going to get that better battery life, and it will probably last you longer so just um. Keep that in mind so yeah. These are them side by side, see if i can get more of like a side view of them wow so freaking, pretty though the silver is really nice. I think if i did end up keeping this watch, i might have gone to the black, because i just think it looks like sleeker that its all black versus the silver and then you have the black sword and the white band. Personally, i love the white band, but i think i would have liked just the whole body of it to be black. I did order the s e and like space gray, which is almost like the black, so yeah, i will say also the 42 millimeter on my wrist.

It feels like thicker like when you have it on like it feels like, like you know how theres that little circle bump like on the back of it um it feels bigger. So just like letting you know too, i feel like it felt different as soon as i put it on. It did not feel like the 38, but theyre both really nice. So i hope this helps anyone thats like trying to decide between the trying to decide between the two, because it is a hard decision. You know you get better battery life with this one in a bigger screen, but then this one on the right you get. You know same things, just might not be the best battery. You know um yeah well, thanks for watching everyone, and i will probably be back to show you guys my um se watch, which im super excited. It should be here tomorrow, im so excited to have it um and i am debating getting the seven.