You can see the real color in their website. If you are looking for red petals look for a different brand type. These petals are amazing. I destroyed a set of cheap rock bros and decided. I needed something that would take a beating. These petals have already shown how durable and incredibly grippy they are ill, definitely be ordering more for future bikes highly recommend. Also the colors are an added plus, i purchased the blue, and it just makes everything really pop excellent. Petals thin profile with great grip, high quality product for sure well worth the money great petals thinner, so i have experienced less pedal strikes, but they will handle abuse. Grippy, with a lot of pins, have used with 5 10 free riders, updated review after six months updated after one year. This pedals have been bomb proof. I do need to replace the outside pins. They are beat up from rock strikes, but still spin freely Music. I would not hesitate to purchase again have used with free rider 510 flats and they are super grippy. Even when wet petals are great, really feel a difference in terms of your shoe sticking on the pedal, no slipping at all. They look great and they’re durable Music. These petals rock, i read all the reviews and was still a little skeptical until i got them installed and rode the trails today with these pedals. My feet do not slip and i can handle my bike even better than normal.

I landed every jump perfectly and rode the expert section of the trail today with ease on all the tight turns that in routes that are normally more difficult, i have used a lot of great pedals, but these are the best. By far, you won’t regret getting these, especially if you ride, often and like the stability of not having your feet budge, plus the blue ones, look great on my trek, wow so far, great super grip and while i have not had them long, i am beating the Heck out of them – and they still look great, i will wait until i have them longer for five stars, excellent finish and excellent grip good size, although i like the petals a little wider 4 stars because they do not come with spare pins excellent petals in my Yt capra petals are top notch well worth the money i ride in vans and the pins keep your feet right. Where you put them nice wide platform provides great stability. Great inexpensive upgrade bought these pedals just so. I would have something on my bike until i decided what pedals i wanted and i’m still running them, tons of grip and they have held up solid, super nice for this price point. The description says they are one half inch, but they actually are 9 16.. Get an adapter, they feel great when riding my cafe bike red rider came with these tiny aluminum vp pedals, they’re, nice petals, but too small for my preference.

I don’t subscribe to all that clip clipless special shoes, pedals, cleats shiptitory. I ride with my red vans. These pedals are excellent for that. I, like the larger platform for my foot and the studs grip, my vans, like they were meant to be paired, no slipping even went out of the saddle climbing. I do fear the day i whack my shin, though i bet ill. Only do that once maybe twice pedals were very easy to install and i rather like the hex wrench mounting system, great platform pedals for a cafe road bike. I couldn’t believe how fast i received these petals very well packaged much lighter than my black label petals. I currently own i’m, very excited about this purchase and can’t wait to use them on the trails.