This is the first video of 2022 and also this is actually older content. So i apologize. I was trying to make this video while back, but it really got busy and also this is something different on the channel now. This is all about my uh trip to london using jetblues mint, which is their business class. Offering now i went with the strip with board. Fam actually did some content around the galaxy z fold three and she did some content on the galaxy z flip three. So you can definitely go check those videos out uh, but we arrived at the airport and they had us a separate check in area for mint, which was cool but uh, because jetblue doesnt have a lounge area. Yet we decided to head over to the twa hotel which is kind of across the street, its not in the airport, its basically away from your gate, but we wanted to just check out that experience really cool, seeing the old planes um checking in the the restaurant. There having some food before our flight um and then we decided to go ahead and head into the gate. Now, i honestly say the twa um hotel is a great place to check out its got that retro, vibe and just kind of brings back the old old view of aviation. If you will now, since i dont, usually make content like this, i want to give a big shout out to the guys that i definitely watch on youtube and you should definitely check them out guys, like jeff, brooks uh sam chu as well as also vicarius voyager.

They make some great great aviation content and i think um you know they do a much better job than i do. I just wanted to kind of share my experience here. I got to put something different on the channel. So, as i mentioned, we headed over to the gate and since again, jetblue doesnt have any lounge or any special access for this uh. I was at the gate, shooting my z43 contents. This is where i kind of showed some stuff here. Uh our plane was parked. It was an a321 neo uh, which is a um, not a wide body plane, but its good enough to to cover that distance. Now, um the thing at the gate is we had like a standard uh check in process. Yes, if youre meant, you got it to check in early its a little bit disorganized uh, just because i think most people just kind of do that once they hear this boarding everyone kind of rushes in. But i got to uh to check in and once i walked in, i was greeted to this awesome roll of mint class seats. Now they are 16 mains class seats from the flight from jfk to london, and these are really great seats. The very first two are: the studio seats now ill talk about the studio shoots later in this video, but it is a very welcoming experience. Youve got that blue lighting very comfortable uh in general. The city arrangement is one two one, so theres.

Basically one seat per hour. Portfolio was sitting on 10a and that was in 10 f uh. Before we actually even jump to the seat tour. You are greeted once you get to your seat with a drink of your choice. Some warm nuts uh and just things to nibble on which is great. Honestly. The service on this flight was impeccable. I will talk more about the crew in the service, but they did a fantastic job throughout the whole fight. So when you arrive at your seat, youre greeted with this big pouch and an amenity kit uh. Now that big pouch is basically your blanket and your pillows for the flight, there is no bedding uh, because the seats are made to be really comfortable and i honestly say they are quite comfortable. Now the bedding is made, the blanket is made by tuff and needle um and then next to your seat. On the left hand, side you have controls for your seat, so you can lay flat you can put in different positions. Whatever you want to do is right. Next to your left and then on the right arm, rest right below that you do have a power plug and also the ports for your uh headphones uh, as well as a usb type c port, which does uh 10 watt charging. So again, you do have multiple plugs here. I do like the usb type c port thats, a big plus, and then we move to uh the window uh.

Next to the window. There is a wireless charging pad now. I didnt expect this on the flight, but it was really cool to see the fact that i could just drop my phone. I was kind of you know worried that you know, while in flight, while this turbulence that i might actually slide off, but it actually stayed pretty well there. So i was able to charge all my different devices, including my z fold. Three uh now theres also a little kind of like cubby hole where you can put some stuff there. Just dont forget it: when youre there uh on the flight, so right above the left armrests there is a push button below the side table. If you will, that opens up your tray, so you can access the tray right there. I like the fact that it tucks into the side so its a very clean process and doesnt necessarily interfere with what youre doing and its a pretty sizable tray. You can put your laptop on there. I used it to do some work and then below that uh below the tray area. You do have access to ife remote uh if to use that, if you want to, but again the ife system is touchscreen which well get to in a second now, on the left hand side you do have this uh table spec space area. If you will that uh, you can put stuff on there and you also have some of the amenity kits as well.

Next to that is another power plug that has a usb port headphone jack as well as also um. You know just just plugs for you to actually use, so there are two plugs on your seat, uh for this flight and then towards the end of that table area. You do have a lamp uh which you can turn on and off now in terms of order. Storage options within the seating area, there is a slide out drawer right below the ife, where you can put in documents passport things like that and then towards the bottom right. You do have like a cubby holder, uh. That has some slippers which were provided for us in this flight, which is great and below your foot. Rest theres, also some more storage space, where you can put your shoes jackets, whatever in terms of just storage options, theres a ton around the seats. There is even a hook to hang your headphones, which is right next to the window, which is great now they did provide headphones on this flight from master and dynamic, which are really great headphones. So, im really impressed to see that uh in terms of noise cancellation, they still dont beat up the sony xm4s, which i i use for most of my flights, but again a really good offering uh, especially for a long haul flight. Like this, i honestly cant remember everything specifically in the amenity kit, but here it is, for you guys to check out Music.

I think all in all, youll find that theres a lot of sealing space within uh this flight. So it is a great uh just package. Overall now lets take a look at the ifa system. It is a 17 inch display. Now you can actually connect your device to the system, so you can use uh. The remote control and jetblue does offer free, wi fi on this fight. All your flights in general and youve got some really fast speed, so that part to me is great again. A nice blend of technology, for someone like me makes a whole lot of sense. With this. Now they do have some uh some some decent options. I would say its a vast options of uh of content, but its enough for you to go around to watch theres, also a live tv as well, but i ended up using the internet to just do some work on there and yes for all the uh flight Enthusiasts, they do have a full 3d map, which is actually pretty cool to see, and i now understand why people like those 3d maps its a great experience, especially showing the whole flight, so not long after we took off, we had dinner service. This was a late flight leaving jfk and the way dinner is served. Is you have a menu? You can select three out of five items from you also have a cocktail menu as well as also a wine list, nothing too extensive, but they were absolutely solid options.

Now i cant remember specifically what i picked on the menu, but i have to tell you that everything i tried on this menu – tasted, fantastic um. This is probably one of the best meals ive had in the air uh, and this is impressive for a carrier. Lecture blue, especially for their first business class product uh, going transatlantic uh. This was really solid. I i finished everything it was superb. I cant state enough how great the meal was. So after that scrumptious meal, i decided to put on my slippers and went to go check out the bathroom for mint now theres, nothing too special about them. Its very standard uh, its a clean bathroom well laid out, but nothing in terms of just high amenities. So i made my way back to my seat and found that board femme already had passed out. She was gone completely uh. Now the cool thing about the seats is that you do have your own privacy. So right, next to the lamp, you can go ahead and press that button and that closes the door. So youve got your own privacy area, which is nice and no one can see into it unless youre walking past you know, and you lean into it so thats actually pretty cool. Now the bedding was really comfortable uh. This is done by toughen needle the bedding is actually the seat itself lay flat. I had a lot of space. I was able to sleep for about two to three hours on this flight.

It was a six hour, 45 minute flight in total, so that was a good amount of time. For me, uh on the flight watch some movies in my z43 and then when i woke up, i was greeted with breakfast, which was an egg tart and a yogurt with some nuts and it tasted great again, uh really good service. Overall, i really enjoy the service on this flight uh. Maybe the next time i will go ahead and try the studio option, which is much bigger. Now. The studio, as i mentioned uh earlier, is the first first row. Um on the flights is basically 1am 1f and you do have a larger display at 22 inches. You have extra seating. If you have a guest, someone said would sit there with you uh, just more space and room than that on that seating. But on this flight, though, i just had the standard mint and i have to say, though i have to give big shout out to the crew um, who took care of us on this flight alex roland and cesar. They did an amazing job. They were absolutely professional. They they were very attentive or honestly, one of the best crews that i had actually dealt with. I eventually took mint on my way back uh from london, and it was also a great experience again and was able to talk to the staff, and you know just they asked me about what i thought about the product.

Now you guys are wondering okay, how much did it cost me to take this flight so um? I bought the flight uh originally um as a mint flight for just one way, and it actually cost me 850 dollars so for business. Classified 850 from jfk to to london, its quite impressive, because the competitors, whether it was british airways or even united, i was looking at roughly 1600 to 2000 dollars for just that one way flight. Now i did when i did the round trip. I also spade paid around 850. I think was like 870 back, so it cost me 1600 for this flight uh just out of pocket um, and it was a great experience all the way through. So there you have it guys. That is my look at uh. You know jetblues mint uh from jfk to london. If you like videos like this, let me know ill try and make more of these for you. Im gon na be doing a little more flying this year, so try different services and also see some of the cool tech they have. I definitely enjoyed seeing the wireless charger uh on the flight, which is pretty cool. I also like the fact that they supplied really good headphones from master dynamic, and i also like the fact that you know uh theyve got the fat one of the fastest internet speeds and its free on your flights as well as uh.