Your gadget review friend were taking some time of reviewing and comparing phone and today im teaming up with ace fast to review and recommend a really good car fast charger for you. This is 66 watts, usb type c charger. If youre interested in purchasing this product ill be leaving the link in the description below so lets, review it and test it in real life, hey dont forget to subscribe. My friend lets go Music. You will see the parts of this review in the upper right corner of your screen. Lets unbox this car charger so as advertised it is multi protocol compatible wow. It has 24 months of hassle, free warranty and, of course the function were all paying, for it is fast charging lets open the box, it is minimalist, it has the car charger only and the manual at the bottom and nothing else. So the manual is multi language. No problem, whatever parts of the world youre in lets, quickly check the warranty. It says for question, support or warranty claim you can reach them at the following. Emails lets check the car charger, so you have two usb type c. This is not a female plug. Dont be mistaken, these are two usb type c and one usb type a so. You can charge three devices at the same time, given you have the right cables. Cables are not included on the package just so you know. I screen printed the specification from the manual, so i can fully explain the charging mechanism.

It is 66 watts, but there are three ports that are sharing it. So the first usb type c, which we call c1 outputs at 36, watts maximum. The second usb c, which we call c2 outputs, 30 watts so c1, is faster than c2. The single orange usb type a output is the same 30 watts as c2, so by the looks of it c2 and type a are sharing the same charging output. You will never reach 66 watts on a single port, its a combination of c1 and c2 or type a so that explains how the charging works. Its still 36 and 30 watts are insane number for fast charging. So after the unboxing lets go out and try this in real life so were doing the real life test of the car charger. Today is negative 30 here in canada, so its really cold, as you can see on my outfit um so again, uh for for the three ports, the c1 or the charging, the usb type c, one is actually the fastest at 36 watts, so im actually using the Honor 50: this is a 66 watts, fast charging phone. Of course, it can only use the 36 watts of the fast charger, so we will see how fast this one will charge right now, its 44, i dont know if you can see the percentage 44. We will put this on c1. There you go so we will leave this at exactly 10 minutes and see how much juice it would get for that 36 watts fast charger.

I think the one thing that is missing on this charger is the led light, because you can see if the charger is working or not so right now were charging it three minutes. We still have seven minutes for it to charge. I hope they actually have like this led indicator, like the other uh car chargers. So you would know if you properly plugged in the charger or not now were halfway through five minutes. We still have five minutes more remaining if youre enjoying this review and if you feel that this is informative, dont forget to subscribe to this channel and if you wanted to purchase uh the charger, i will leave the link in the description below so three more minutes. Remaining were on our seven minute uh one thing i noticed when im actually checking the phone. You would see it says, quick charging, so yeah. This is really a quick charger. So after 10 minutes i went from 44 to 49, so 5 increase on my battery life. I dont know if the weather also affects the charging, because right now, its really cold and even inside the car, its really cold, so yeah acceptable charging speed for the ace fast car fast charger. So what is gadget? Revenues verdict if you search amazon right now? This is one of the cheapest better built and fully functional, fast car charger that will save you the charging time on the go, even the more popular brands.

They will give you less charging speed for a more expensive price tag. Ace fast is highly recommended, so yeah. This is a really good, fast charger, its multi port and its fast ill recommend you to buy it if youre buying it.