This thing is extremely popular right now: its on sale, 24 off 32, 3247. Regular 42.99 on amazon uh lets see almost 30 000 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. One thing because this is actually something i really did need uh or i do need um. One thing that i saw mention in the comments frequently is people had this thing work and then it didnt work anymore, and so they experienced it breaking down. So if that happens in the future ill, let you know, but the most important thing is. I needed a small air compressor air compressor to fill up the tires of my car because uh the air pressure issues of my tires happens quite frequently and having one of these around, i think, is really convenient. You dont have to go to the gas station, fill it up. Your local tire company place but convenient plug directly in your cigarette. Lighter multiple uses inflate tires on cars, bikes, sedan, mid side, suv, blah blah blah capacity does not support truck tires. For instance, light trucks tires heavy truck tires, easy to read for display uh flashlight, prevent over inflation, auto shut off and so yeah lets open up, see whats inside. If you want the details, um yeah just go to amazon and look at that theres. A link at my amazon store so definitely check that out. It should be in the description and a little silicon, so you have in case you blow the fuse box.

It has a little fuse ive plugged in one of these in my car before so i dont think its gon na cause the fuse of my car to have any issues, but if it does, i have one right there, uh, you can blow up. You know basketball, whatever you have different attachments here, i guess thats the deflate little key kind of an instruction sheet all right, so you get quite a bit for the price i mean theyre. Throwing in all these extra little items have a little pouch that you can put it in. You know if youre gon na throw it in your trunk, because a lot of people use these as kind of an emergency um thing for their car and so yeah. This is the cord for the cigarette. Lighter people call them cigarette lighters anymore, or they just call them so 12. 0W portable tire inflator lets see if theres any lets see. So you have the on off switch different attachments plug in the power cord. The 12 volt cigarette lighter okay. So they call this 12 volt cigarette. Lighter press m button to choose to display four units. Psi k p a b, a r c g, slash uh centimeter square. I guess c m square press negative plus button to set desired pressure when desired pressure is reached, turn off the power by move the power switch to the o position, press the negative power to turn the power off or power switch compressor automatically stop inflation once the Tire pressure, um unscrew, the valve connector, replace the tire valve all right, so this cord is quite long thats.

One thing that i was kind of concerned about um. You know because you know you needed to reach kind of plug it in but yeah it looks wise. You know its heavy duty, its got some weight to it. Um you know a little bit of shiny plastic, but nothing, nothing too cheap. Looking or you know to the touch. It all feels good its kind of a braided cord right here. This is metal and then power on to start inflating power on the flashlight here, all right so lets blow up the tire. This is the gauge and its cool. You can set the pressure, but uh yeah, so here we go lets test it out see if it actually works, and this is a real use case scenario, because i definitely need one of these and i definitely need to fill up a tire that needs inflating. So here we go all right, so here i go im going to plug it in the outlet and i think i might have to turn on the car. All right so lets try it. I might have to turn on the uh. The car here, yeah, im gon na, have to turn on the car. So im gon na open up the garage get some circulation Music. All right turn it on Music, hmm, all right its, not working all right there we go, show you what it looks like the light is on and im setting the psi here, and i want to set up the front tires of 32 back tires of 36.

im Going to set this 32 now ill show you this plug in the tire all right looks like its a 25. There we go 26. 29. That was quick, its already at 32.. It should shut off, but i think yeah there we go lets turn it off and its ready to go all right, so im gon na unscrew this the pressure to see if its accurate and yeah its at uh one two three four looks like 36 on the Gauge so i guess close enough: actually, this ones um. This is 34 35, so good enough. All right so lets try the back tire. So let me just show you this cord right: there is plugged in the center console and its still reaching so its a long cord. All right turn on the car. All right set, the top. The gauge, which is uh 36., so turned off. Lets check the gauge. All right, so this one according to gauge is like 38. yeah 38., so lets see pretty close. All right, so lets set this to 32. This is the front tire on the other side passenger side. I dont know if you can see that so bright. There you go all right, so lets turn it on connected to the tire already here we go ill. Just show you how fast it fills up the tire Music. So there you go all right, so this is theyre like 35, something like that so yeah.

I was gon na blow up the final tire, but it doesnt need it. It is already at. Let me show you that if i can focus but yeah that says 36, so final back tire does not need it all right, so you saw it in action. I guess what do you think? I think, for me, this thing is definitely worth 32 47.. It saves me trips from going to the gas station or using a friends, uh pump, uh or you know the friend with the air compressor. I think one of the main things is, even you know, using an air compressor is at least on the old ones. You dont have this gauge that measures the you know the psi as you pump, so it saves a lot of extra time. You dont have to constantly check your tire and it saves a lot of time because this thing automatically shuts off when youve reached your desired psi if youre pumping up tires. So i think this is great. Its definitely going to save me a lot of time. Traveling around getting my tires filled and uh, because its still definitely something that happens. You know maybe not once a month, but it i dont know it just seems like i always the you know the notifications always going off low tire low tire, so its either a puncture puncture, or i think in this case it was a temperature change which causes The air pressure to go down and it caused the uh.

You know notification to happen in my car, so um its something that i think is a time saver and its definitely worth 32 47, and you can just throw this in your trunk or put in your garage and use it as needed, and i think you know Ill, definitely let you know uh if it lasts, if im running any issues, because that was was one thing that people mentioned the reviews, but i think youre getting a lot for the price. It has a number which is great and then it has an email address and yeah. So i think you know this things not gon na break just uh. You know like instantly. I think this is pretty good quality, especially i mean for the price point and the fact that it has so many reviews. Almost the exact number is 27 871 ratings, 4.5 or 4.5 out of 5 stars and its 841 answered questions. So let me know what you think you can find this at my amazon store. If you want to check out the you know the details, and also it comes in different colors, i chose the blue one, but theres other colors like green red, and it looks like yellow the dimensions. If you want to know are 13.5 by 8.1 by 5.6, inches capacity is 3.5 liters brand ep auto. So let me know what you think if you like, my content, you know if you like reviews like this share with your friends and family like share content, subscribe.

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