Oh boy, we got a treat for you holy forget everything else that youve been taught okay right now, im about to blow your freaking head off, metaphorically speaking. Of course, you know a guy whos been on the streets, man ive, seen it all man, i seen it all Music Applause. One of these days, i hate to say it. One of these days, you and i were not gon na – be on youtube anymore – were all gon na die. Man were all gon na die. So what better way to prepare yourself for death? You know when the reaper comes to your house and knocks on your door. It says it is time my son go to the afterlife with me, like no, that youre not ready for that. You have 70 plus years of life ahead of you if youre lucky the one percent, even the illuminati man, the illuminati, take it from a guy whos about to be homeless, uh, huh theyre going to kill us all help santa amulous help me if youd like to Make a call: please hang up and try it. This thing will definitely save your life man if were going to be living off the grid. We got to use the best tools in existence and in this case i would probably recommend this anchor Music. This thing is what i like to call the brick of power: oh feels good on the skin, so im, probably just here wasting my time, but if you want to buy something like heavy duty, something thats going to save your life.

Help sad ambulance. Have this? Not this, this thing is worthless. One of these days were all gon na die man. But if you want to save your life, man anchor is like insurance man, you buy it. You hope, the god that you dont have to use it, but god help you. If you dont have it, this also feels like really freaking heavy like if you want to use it as a weapon hit somebody over the face with it. Man get away from me, man get away from me, im, not afraid to use this man im, not afraid to use this man. I will hit you in the face with this man get away from me man. This could be used as a weapon so anyway um. I mean its your money, you could do whatever the you want. Man, i dont care. I trash the out of my products, man, if im gon na be uh on the go. I would definitely trust this over this. If you want to get some juice for your phone man and that you know the only uh power that you have around you is this uh. This will last you im buying these all freaking time in china, which one of these are you gon na put your trust in when the collapse happen. Im not afraid to use this man, i car right uh, you could buy one of these at the dollar store for four dollars. You know for a cup of coffee.

I guess if you want to put your trust in a piece of plastic made of china at the first drop. Okay, thats four dollars gone right there. I once had to charge this thing and less than uh took some time before the power of this drain. You know this thing can hold a lot of juice. Man anchor. Is the itll save your life man couple this with this, and you got a couple good weeks of camping, too much cigarettes. Oh, this is killing me support star, regardless, okay, uh dear anchor. I do not get paid to endorse your product, but it would be nice if i could get maybe uh some kind of endorsement or something you like that ass dont here, let me get a little bit closer, so i can show you yeah. I take cash. I take paper i would like to uh schedule: appointment, yeah, yeah, uh, huh, yeah, yep, Music ill. Do it for free, okay ill, do it, so i could buy more of these because i know at some point im gon na probably have to start using these. So yeah thats it if youre gon na be a minimalist thats just another basic term for people who cant afford in china. The new bluetooth speaker from anchor is coming out. I havent been able to uh review that yet cant afford. I take cash hannah ford.