Thank you for doing this. You never have that feeling, Music, Music suck. Do you have any any comment on the size of the cassette um? You could eat a big plate of spaghetti bolognese now you’re a mountain biker, hey you’re, not offended by that. No right, not at all. It is pretty offensive for a robot rider, primarily yes, good that’s, exactly the reaction that i’m hoping yes, stu, happy birthday, you can pick anything that you want from in from in this room. Are they? Are there any mountain bikes? There are mountain bikes here, but it’s only one brand yeah, okay, yeah no uh. As a as the father of a sponsored rider. I can’t touch uh and touch this rubbish yeah. But if you want to ride specialized, then you know i’ll leave it to you. It’S, all yours mate, hello, mark. How are you good to see you? How are you, how excited are you very excited? I’Ve got something to show you here. I think it looks great i’m, not sure it fits with the uh. The runway theme hey i’m. All for doing something new, something different, Music, sure, Music yeah. What do you think tommy it’s, not about a mic wheel? Music? Mr chairman, thanks for coming down to see the build certainly had to make an appearance. I’Ve got something that i’d like to show you. Could you pick up that uh that rim behind you over there, oh and tell me what you think of it? First impressions fast there’s, a certain dea time there could be a sub seven d.

A on the cards. Tell you what it would be nice to do. Stub eight huh. That would be nice very nice rob. Thank you. Thank you, Music, amazingly, Music, Laughter, Music, so nathan, what do you think you’ve built a lot of bikes? Is it? Is it too much hey that really no it’s not too much, because if you ride it and you love it that’s all that matters that’s all that matters is the chance that maybe the shift between that one and that one yeah would be quite might not be The most perfect shift no, but i could be wrong yeah if guys might design something that shifts 100 perfectly. You don’t know until you try yeah that’s my thinking, i think we’re, all trading into new territory, Applause, Music, Laughter, bikes, Music dan. How was that pretty good? Yeah well done, thank you. It looks brilliant. It looks great Music dan. Thank you, you’re a legend thanks, so much that’s great happy customer bob. So cute. What do you? What do you think of what it is that that dan’s got over there? What are your first thoughts just say, anything that comes into your mind: i’m speechless it’s, not always more expensive than a mistress right now, that’s cheaper than a mistress and it’s cheaper than a kitchen.