For me to review and uh. We did a video collab with one of my friends, uh shes, our goomba ill link her below yeah, so they sent over some accessories right, um cup holders, tray, console tray and also a usb hub and also a game controller. So i thought all these were very useful. The one things that i really like with all this is the usb hub allowed way more pods to be connected and also for the tray theyre. All lined with silicon covers so its much quieter or much more quiet. Uh. Your keys wont wrestle within the tray. There wont be. Any plastic sounds for the gaming controller, its a wireless bluetooth controller youll, see at the back of the end of the video uh thats when i was playing it uh at rest. It was a bit of a bluetooth, lag, lag, sorry, so ill test, it a bit more and then, if i have any feedback ill, let you guys know anyway, uh so thats it for todays video uh. If you like, the stuff ill, also link to the products below, and i think, thats a discount code which uh yeah it will all be in the description at the bottom, have a good one. If you like the content, please remember to subscribe. Yeah see you guys in the next one foreign: oh smash it; okay, hmm, so hello ill be playful. Actually this is thing quite nice to go Music Music.

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