0. So what this means? That is the lightest and freshest update to the galaxy s21 series, so theres couple of things, thats changes in the ui and theres couple of things that remain the same. So first off. If, if we press the power and select button, youll get the same power off restart emergency mode on and off, you can also go to side key from the side key. You can change the side key to double press for the quick launch camera or to double press to open the app any app that you want to set to open. You can go to open, app and then go to settings. Lets say if i were to choose a different app when i press the power button twice, i can choose flashlight, you know bixby calendar calculator, any app. I want to open by pressing the double tap feature with the power button. I can choose that if i want to, but i like to keep it as quick launch the camera so im gon na keep it just like that. You also got the option when you press and hold you, can use it for bixby or you can use it for the power off menu which i have like. So when i press and hold the power button, the power off menu gon na come up, and if i press the power button twice with the double tap feature. Im gon na quick launch the camera, or i can set up any app that i want on the device so thats awesome, so the volume and up button basically stays android 11.

So if i press the volume down, i can tap on those three dots and you can see your media sound your ringtone sound. If we go to settings just like, so you still got your search on the top right. You can search for any apps or games that you have on your device. If i go to connections, you got your wi fi, your bluetooth, your nfc, your airplane mode data usage, your sim card manager. You know stuff, like that. You got your mobile hotspot and tethering. You got all your features under connections. If we go to sound and vibration, you get your sound, vibrate and mute. You got your temporary mute. This is how long you can temporarily mute any notification or sound that you want just like so and if we go to volume. This is what it looks like stay the same as android 11, nothing major! If we go to display, you got your dark mode settings, you got your sunset to sunrise or you can customize the schedule as you wish. Just like android 11, you got your adaptive brightness adaptive binders, allow you to use the front brightness, auto mode thats. Basically, what adaptive brightness is? You got your motion. Smoothness, you can choose adaptive, smoothness 120 hertz refresh rate or you can choose standard at 60. Hertz me. I keep it on 60hz, but if you wish you can use 120 hertz its your choice. You got your eyes. Comfort share.

What this allows you to do is that it go easy on your eyes at night, when it get dark in the house or outside the phone screen will turn a little bit yellowish. It goes easy on your eyes at night. You still got your screen mode, you got vivid natural or balance, and you still got your screen resolution hd, plus full hd, plus or qw or q. I mean wqh display so yeah you got hd, plus full hd, plus or wqhd plus me. I keep it in the middle, of course, the full hd plus thats. Where i keep it, you still got your full screen app if theres any particular app that dont allow you to do full screen automatically. You can force it just like. So if we go back, if we go to home screen settings, you still got your home screen layout, you can choose home and app screen or home and screen only you still customize the grid. Five to five. You know four by five, four by six or different grid that you want. You still got your folder grade three by four or four by four, and you got more options like app icon, badges swap down to notification panel wall, take to landscape mode, lock, home screen layout, add media to home page screen. You know stuff like that. If we go down and go to about device, and if we go to software information, you can see it one ui version 4.

0, android 12, of course heres the clock for android 12., so yeah, android, 12 version and the ui version is 4.0, so thats that so, If we go back and go to battle alien device care, you can see if we go to battery. This is what the battery graph looked like. The battery graphs changed from android 11 to android 12.. You can see android 12 looking a little bit different from android 11, so the battery graph changed from android 11 to android 12.. It shows you the last full charge or the last server charge. It also show you the screen on time. So that is that, if i tap and hold on the home screen, you still got your wallpapers and themes. If i go to my wallpapers, you can choose the wallpapers that come with the device or you can download yours. Of course, if i go to gallery, you can choose any photo. You want to set on your device as your wallpapers. If i go to color palette, this is new with android 12. What this allows you to do is that it allows you to have a color palette based on your home, wallpaper on your device. If you choose any color palette, you can choose the color palette based on the color from your wallpaper. So what this means is that when you choose different color, youll customize, some of the thing on your device and contour panel, so you can see it can give you a nice effect color with the color panel, depending on the color based on your home screen or Your wallpapers so thats pretty cool and you got widgets of course, widgets look a little bit different.

Now you got the widgets hide inside the apps. When you click on the arrow down, you can see now for add for ad guard. You got two different widgets. You can choose the design you want for amazon alexa. You got one widgets for calendar, you got one widget small and one widget big and one widget that show you everything so thats, pretty awesome. Lets say if i want to add a fedex widget. I can tap and hold and drag it on the screen. Just like so, and you can see the widgets for fedex is on my device. If i want to delete it tap and hold on it, oops hold on. If i want to delete it tap and hold on it and tap on remove just like so the widget is gone, you also can go to settings from the home screen settings. You can do it like so to take a screenshot on android 12, one ui 4.0. Tap the volume down and power button at the same time and boom you can take a screenshot by pressing the power button as well the volume down. When you take a screenshot, you can go to edit. You can choose the pen so size, the color. You want! You know stuff like that. You can write on the screen, you can share it or you can save it. You can erase anything you want just like so also if we go to gallery and lets say if im gon na click on the picture, i can like it edit it share it or delete it.

If i tap on those three dots at the bottom right corner, i can print it move it to a secure, folder, save it as a wallpaper copy to clipboard. We master the picture or i can tap on details. If i tap on details, its gon na show you the date and time if we swipe down just like. So this is what your notification gon na look like from the notification panel. If i tap on the little arrow down, you can reply or you can set the mute notification for 15 minutes 30 minutes hour or two hours, so thats pretty cool. So this is what the notification look like for the galaxy s21 r2 on android 12.. One ui version 4.0: you can exit the notification by swiping left and right. If i tap and hold on a notification, you can see you can go to the settings or you can tap on done so. The camera for android 12 basically stay the same as android 11. Nothing changed, nothing major! You still got your photo mode, video mode. You got your portrait. If i go to more, you got more settings like your ar doodle pro mode panorama: food mode, night mode, portrait, video, you know stuff like that, nothing major. If we go to settings, you got your screen. Optimizer, shot suggestions, scan qr codes, swap button, swap shutter button to take a bus, shot or create a chief. You got your picture format, high efficiency pictures or wild copies again, nothing major.

The camera basically stayed the same as android 11. opening apps pretty smooth on android 12 for the galaxy s21 ultra, and this is what multitasking looks like on android 12 for the galaxy s21. Actually, you can swap up to kill them or tap on close all. If you got a galaxy s21, galaxy, s21 plus or galaxy s21 ultra, the one ui version 4.0 is a must update, guys, go ahead and update right now, because the update been out for a month now.