Today, video involves a gadget or two bridgets many gadgets shown. Firstly, these reusable coffee pots and thats something oh, there can open it. Yes, its a boy, um yeah, good cup tonight with this magical um. Second, guardian and the time every goal plus you can get to we dont want to get to because there are the ones heres what you need top party link brilliant. I have the couple release here now: um on in the bedroom and the range um im pretty happy with them, so we usually use so much functional and you just stand under act to set it up. Um i spent numbers 1796 with seven pounds of numbers make. Naturally everyone has the plug they can be able to reach on your monday sunday. Top party link is the solution. You need um, very good, im very happy with mine right there, oh gadget show means tim. My first two gadget reviews im not endorsed by any company, to make this reviews then my m sorts on various gadgets and livestreams on generation interest. Then i will be resuming it on here and when i get them um i am best boy. So i came it.