In this video we are going to go over everything about the earbuds from the design, build quality, sound quality connectivity and the battery life. So yeah lets get to it. My name is yudhi. I talk about tech lets, shoot Music so before we begin give this video a like by hitting the like button that will really help with youtube. So more people get to see this video. Now i do have chapters of this video as table of contents in the description below you can go check them out, so you can skip to any part of this video youd like so first, what do we get in the box? Music thats the case Music, the earbuds Music, extra ear tips, Music, a type c, cable and, of course, the paperwork Music. I like the design of the case. It looks quite nice, its a glossy finish, so its going to get scratched. I would have preferred a matte finish its available in other colors thats, blue white, pink black and this black and yellow option. The usb type c port is at the rear. It has good build quality. The lid of the case doesnt feel loose its smooth and yeah. It feels premium. There are leds on both the case and the earbuds. That indicates when its charging or turned on. We do get bluetooth version 5.0 on here, which is great connection, is fast and stable, but you do have to take them out of the case to connect them to your phone.

Just opening the case wont turn them on the infinix. Xe21 earbuds sits well in the ears. That was my first concern when i first saw the design of the earbuds but yeah they are comfortable even when used for long periods, but i do prefer half in ear designs now for the elephants in the room. The sound quality, how do they inflict x81 earbuds sound, really good, actually very deep bass, clear vocals and punchy trebles and yeah. The sound quality is nice overall, very good, sound quality, hey guys so im currently using the infinix xe21 airbus to make this call so yeah. My ears right now – and this is basically how sound if you use them to make a call, so let me know what you think of the call quality the audio quality in the comment section below now. These are the touch controls for the earbuds tap to play or pause. Your music double tap on either side of the earbud to skip to the next track. Triple tap. To go to the previous track now hold down for three seconds: to launch your voice assistance, and if you hold down for five seconds, you enter game mode, also known as low latency mode. The battery life on these earbuds are the best, so i charged it to 100 and started using it. I listened to music with volume at 80 for four hours non. Stop. Actually, my ears did start to hurt because of how loud they are.

The volume was so i took them out, but i kept the music playing so after four hours and some minutes, i checked the batch percentage and it was on 50 infinix claims that the xe21 earbuds can last for seven hours. Because, honestly, i think they can even go for 8 hours. I also use it to play games and i did not notice any latency. They were non existent to me. I used both in game mode that was holding me down for 5 seconds. I also use it in music mode and there were no literacy issues. It was good. The infinix x81 earbuds will cost you 25 dollars or 14 000, roughly 14 000. Now these are really good pairs of earbuds and i do recommend them. The only thing missing from these earbuds are noise cancellation and because of how they are designed, they block the ears pretty well and when you are playing music, you can barely hear whats going on around you so yeah. However, if you are like me, and you prefer half in ear designs, you can check out the infinix xe20 anyway. Do, let me know what you think of the infinix xe21 earbuds. Do you consider them to be your next earbud? Let me know in the comments below i hope you enjoyed watching this video and if you did give this video a like and remember, to subscribe to the channel, if you havent already just hit that subscribe button and the location will right beside it.

So youre going to notified when i upload a new video like this one, my name is yudhi. This is idishu.