This is a gadget that supposedly allows you to scramble eggs in the shell, but does it really work lets find out in todays video before i get started, lets flash back to the unboxing and see how that went all right here? It is the golden goose scrambled eggs in the shell egg scrambler i paid about 19 bucks for it. Uh mixed reviews about 3.2 star rating currently on amazon lets crack. It open, well, heres the instructions here. This reminds me a little bit of the whispy. I did a few years back, which was a childs toy, not an egg scrambler the claims on this. They say its a novelty item and a challenge. They say that right in the description, they also say its an entertaining way to prepare eggs and make it challenging and fun. They say you can make golden eggs hard, boiled, eggs or scrambled eggs right in the shower now people on amazon who liked it. They said it was great for scrambled eggs or omelets, less dishes to clean and sturdy design. All right so ive been reading over there somewhat minimal instructions and not a lot to them. They do have a helpful video online, which ive also watched but im going to kind of follow this as best i can. So what youre supposed to do is heres how you actually assemble the unit itself. You put an egg in there. Then you line up these kind of egg shaped tabs right here and you line up these two tabs as well.

Then you put the locking ring over it and you twist only the locking ring, not the unit itself or you could smash the egg once the egg is in there then youre supposed to do your spinning, so youre supposed to kind of fling it forward and then Start pulling like this, even here it sounds, has a sound to it, its like a workout yeah all right, so they dont really tell you how many poles is ideal for scrambled eggs. So in the comments on amazon theres people see the same. About 20 pulls some people said it was more than that im going to start with 20 pulls and see how that works. Now, supposedly in the instructions right here, they say you can actually use a flashlight to determine if its scrambled or not so ill, try that so let me grab an egg and get started so even though i practiced spinning it ive not tried everything. Yet this is my first time so hopefully it goes well all right, so youre supposed to kind of align the egg in the pod itself now ill line the plastic tabs. It feels different when theres, actually an egg in there now attach the uh locking ring and they say its like a pill bottle. You have to push down and twist all right. I did twist it. Hopefully i didnt break it in there ooh first time with an egg. Here we go the spinning technique.

Im gon na try about 20 spins and see how it looks one two three four 17. 18. 19 20. am i am i confident this is going to work. Im not confident its going to work, but we shall see all right open the locking ring all right. The egg is in one piece: thats thats, a good thing. Let me hold a flashlight for this, like they say in the instructions. I guess its kind of pink. This egg has not been spun and its more yellow, so i i guess its scrambled lets crack and see how it looks. Oh it looks, it looks perfectly scrambled so lets uh lets start spinning these golden goose eggs and see we can come up with all right. So the spinning part is just the first obstacle. The other problem ive seen on the amazon comments are boiling. Sometimes they crack and then peeling them, sometimes theyre difficult to peel. So lets work on those as well im going to boil a couple im going to steam. A couple and im going to leave some extra in case. I need to keep trying, but let me let me try about two each and then see how it goes. Im going to spew up the process a little bit here, all right egg. In the golden goose closing the golden goose over the egg, attaching the locking ring, i may have heard something crack in there. I dont know im gon na spin it anyways.

Here we go 20 spins, one, two, three twenty. They said you can spin it in pretty much any direction. Doesnt have to be horizontal, it can be vertical, it can be diagonal. They say it doesnt really matter. Here we go hopefully that wasnt an egg crack, and i heard earlier so far the only real problem ive found with this is opening it up all right, please dont be cracked kind of wedged in there. I got two more to do for this round. I want to speed it up, but i want to go so fast that i messed something up, so i got to be careful here, all right, pressing down on the locking ring and turning it 20 spins and thats, where, if you put it closer, you can actually Hear some kind of liquid floating around in there so far i havent broken one yet so im happy about that flashlight test. It looks pink im gon na do one more then were gon na try boiling these. Here we go. I can hear it sloshing around there. Oh, i lost count. I lost count. I dont know what count is im just going to go for a little while i dont think it really matters you cant really over spin it. I dont think at least according to the amazon commenters thats got to be about 20 right. How many is that more than 20. all right, removing the locking ring it seems to be the most difficult part of this.

So far i mean theres an egg in there that i could smash. So i have to be careful. Okay, there goes there. It goes smooth the silk, not broken thats nice, all right so im going to do is the traditional boiling technique in a pot im. Also going to put a couple in the perfect egg maker because thats more of a steamer and ill see if i can get results from either one of those so lets check it out something im noticing here. Look at this there. Obviously, some micro cracks going on here – i dont see any obvious cracks but theres, obviously something going on with the with that, so thats gon na be interesting, so it looks like two of them have a little bit of egg material on the outside two of them. Dont ill pair them up this way. One problem: egg in the steamer one problem: egg in the pot of water to boil ive just put two eggs on the pot to boil now lets set up the perfect egg maker since im doing two eggs ill fill this up to the one to four mark, Because i want hard boiled now im supposed to poke a hole with this i mean i think it has micro cracks in it, but im going to try it anyways im supposed to pierce the white part and then put the hole up there. It is this ones got a little bit of uh.

I get a stuff i want to do. Anyways, oh, were going gon na work with it, though, were gon na work with it got my water in there put my cover on plug it in turn it on. So you have both techniques in the works. Perfect egg maker pot of boiling water come back a little bit and see how it goes all right. I think i got some updated information for you. I can already tell just through the steam that theres some yellow in there. It does not look good. Let me see oh no whoa and thats, not good wow, all right, so thats complete disaster, at least over one of them. Let me try this one. Well, maybe not this one doesnt look too disastrous yet, but we have a little ways to go. Perfect egg maker, just shop lets see how it looks. I know its gon na be bad, oh thats, so bad all right. These should be done. Lets uh. Take these out of here now these did not uh have an issue. Of course. I didnt put pin holes in them either. Lets cool these off and then see. Whats inside lets see how it goes here. The perfect egg maker. I was a little disappointed in the one that was kind of spewing out, but i wasnt sure if i should put the hole in there since it had micro cracks. I didnt want to explode in there, but now i now i know, but one of them seemed to turn out.

Okay, so lets do the lets open up the perfect egg maker. First ive cooled all four of these, so uh that should be good. Lets. Try the one that seemed like it went. Okay first, you know what im noticing this is not a golden egg, its just a regular hard boiled egg. This is not what i expected come on now, all right. Let me cut this open if i didnt know any better, i would think i didnt even spin this. It looks exactly like a normal hard boiled egg golden goose, its all for one. This one might turn out better because it was certainly spewing stuff out. So lets. Try it out. Oh, we have a golden egg. We have a one one out of two, oh and not easy to peel either that is wow thats ugly. It looks nice, it just doesnt feel nice. On amazon there were some. There were some pretty ugly eggs that the people were showing because they were just saying its so hard to to peel one person on amazon estimated. I think that he would lose about one fourth of the egg, just trying to peel it. So i can see why now this beautiful creation look at that gorgeous – that is beautiful, all right, heres, the two that was in the pot of water, these both neither one of these kind of exploded in there, so lets see how they do and final verdict. We have a golden egg.

We have a golden egg, thats thats, not easy to peel. Once again, as i peel, this im realizing its not even a completely golden egg theres, some some white chunks in there – oh man, this ones, this ones even worse than the last one was. Is it really golden when you have to tear half of it apart its? Not so golden, oh, this is just ugly wow. We do have a mostly golden egg, although theres a chunk of it right there, thats white. Let me try the last one. Now we got another golden egg, so three out of four got 75 percent ratio: thats thats, pretty good! Actually, oh man, hey a chair or something to sit down doing this isnt going to take a while, honestly, i think each one that ive peeled has been worse than the last. This is the worst one. This is terrible. Come on. I feel like im losing my patience here. I just i just want to tear half this egg off just to get just to finish it the entire time im peeling this all, i can think of is all those comments on amazon saying how hard it was to peel and uh. They were right, its not easy to peel. I believe what happens is that membrane is is ruptured when you spin it so the egg doesnt it doesnt have that barrier when its uh in the shell anymore, im just guessing but im, not sure thats.

What seems to be the case all right here we go a very just ragged, looking egg, all right, heres what weve got these are the this is the one that was in the uh, perfect egg maker, and this one didnt even seem like it was scrambled at All i dont think that the goldenness of the perfect egg maker has anything to do with the egg maker i think, has to do with the spins. I did real quick. I want to try this one more time on a quick, lightning round. Ive got two eggs from an older batch. These are a couple weeks old. This is from the same batch. I just did im going to do 40. Poles instead of 20 for each one. So ive got a few changes to make quick, lightning round to see how this works and then wrap this thing up. This is one of the older eggs. 40 pulls thats it im doing 40.. I dont care were gon na get this thing right. Two three, four. Five, six, seven eight – that was 40 pulls here we go, looks good, thats good. This is another one of the older eggs, perfect, all right, 40, spins, five, six, seven, eight, thirty, nine forty! It sounded extra sloshy in there. So hopefully i dont open this up to a bunch of broken egg. I havent done that yet, but it sure sounded like it come on be in one piece: oh no, oh no, thats, not so golden though come on.

You know i was afraid that was going to happen. I guess i got to try to clean this up and keep going im drying this off now. That was almost brutal all right. Well, i guess i got to pull another one out of here. I only had a two of the older ones, so this is one of the newer ones, so im going to have three new ones and one old one try this again. This is so much work. Sometimes man its like. Is this supposed to be fun? I think they on the packaging, it says hand, powered creative fun, im not having any fun here, im, not having fun all right. That was its attached. Now here we go. My lighting around has become very slow, lightning. 7. 8. 9. 40., when its a little bit wet it kind of throws water around. I just did that, so i got water on myself and on the on the counter, all right here we go again: okay, its in one piece again: okay were back on track back on track. Man thats just a lot of work for some golden eggs. Honestly id rather buy with a ronco egg scrambler, and that seemed to work better and it was much faster too, and much less frustrating im already gon na say the ronco egg scramble is better than this. That was 40 pulls 40 pulls getting. This off is like the worst part. I cant, i cant, get it off.

Okay, there we go all right. All right number three is: it is intact. Number three is intact. Last one im kind of worn out after this, its a workout that one went on really nicely good thats, maybe the last ones going to be uh the best of them all here we go 40 pulls and then were going to the stove eight 9. 40.. Here we go all right, taking it off here, isnt that easy. What was that crack? Wasnt, the shell good? Okay, all right were intact. All right, perfect weve got the eggs in there, so they boil well see how this turns out im, not sure im, really that confident. But oh yeah well see come back in about 15 minutes and these are done. I believe this is the oldest egg, so well see how that goes. Put it right. On top now for an ice water bath and well see how they look all right here. We are theyre out of the ice bath now ive separated the one that was kind of older im going to do that one first and then see how the others look. Some people say that older eggs peel better lets, find out thats the case with the golden goose egg. First up, hopefully its golden all right. At first glance it is, it is a golden egg. We have golden egg thyme here. Is it easier to peel and not yet its not that easy to peel once again im removing pretty much the entire outer layer just of egg just to get the peel off all right there? It is not the most impressive thing, but i would say the goldenness is more even, and it did peel not worse than the others, but let me go to the newer ones now and see how they go.

Oh wow, we got something interesting in here its like uh, its like a couple of indentions there, and i happen to peel it right where the dungeons were. I guess you get to the point where you dont even really care about how it looks, because you know youre going to mangle it anyway, so you just start pulling hunks of egg off there and figure youre going to have something left to eat im. Just yanking big chunk, i dont care anymore. I dont even care. Forget it ill, just yank hunks of that off and call it good. Beautiful, perfect got two more to go. Well, thats, terrible its not golden whats. Up with that looks like the yolk is actually kind of almost separated from the rest of it. Look at this all right here we go. This is one of the saddest bunch of eggs. I think ive ever seen. I guess the oldest one kind of came out best, but really look at how sad that is thats a sad group of eggs. If i take the one i cut in half and look at that terrible terrible, if this is gold, then uh ill ill take some other form of currency. I suppose i should probably taste one of these ill taste, the the one that looked the best, which is this one, which is the uh, the one that was the oldest egg, and here we go. It looks good on the inside.

Not too bad lets see smells like an egg. It tastes like a hard boiled egg. I mean, i guess in that case it worked. Was it worth all the effort? Probably not all right. So, in the end i cant say im a big fan of the golden goose. I mean the reviews – werent very good for anyways, and now i understand why pretty much all the negatives that people mentioned came to pass for me, theyre difficult to peel. You dont always know how many times to pull it, even though i did the flashlight technique, you showed them all scrambled. Not all of them ended up being golden with my unscientific test. It was about a 63 chance of getting a golden egg, so its not even really that great its funny. The spinning was supposed to be the hard part to me. That was the easy part. The hard part is peeling them, and the hard part is also knowing, if you actually got it scrambled in the shell and not because you cant really tell it, might be a fun gadget once but its not something that i would really recommend.