This is jd. Your gadget review friend huawei is back running google services, but not on their p and mate series. Theyre back with their sub brand honor 50. honor 50 is the first one. The company has released globally since the us ban. So, despite huaweis, continued presence on the us entity list owner is now able to include google apps and services on a new phone. This is a review of honor 50 in 2022, with everything you get from it. Is it worth it? Hey dont forget to subscribe. My friend lets go Music lets start with the design, this phone sports a flagship, look like any other honor device. This is their bread and butter. This phone looks similar to huawei nova 9 with oddly enough, the only difference is the google services and the main sensor. Almost everything are borrowed theres, no mention of gorilla glass im, assuming that theres no added protection on the shiny glass lets put a case in screen protector. Then, starting day, one phone is super slim and with the curved glass it made it even slimmer. The camera modules significant price at the back, which you can feel wobbling once you put it down on a flat surface, this phone doesnt have an ip rating. The company state, the honor 50, does not support water or dust resistant, so its best to avoid dropping it. In the water, or put a case to protect it from dirt dust and scratches the selfie camera in front is surprisingly an awkwardly big.

The size of the selfie sensor is no different compared to the regular size, selfie sensor of other brands. So i dont know what the catch is. I dont know if you can see the punch hole yeah its big. It is what it is. The screen is a gorgeous 6.57 inch, 120 hertz oled, with 1 billion callers, its a full hd with 19.5 by nine aspect ratio. The screen isnt super tall, and you can easily squeeze it in with one hand because of the curved screen. The curved screen is giving that overflowing effect on the side and its easy to use the google swipe gesture because of the curvy edge. The colors of this oled panel is popping out and the screen is really bright. You can easily bring this outdoors as it registers 750 nits, which is enough for a sunny day. Magic ui might not be your favorite, but the 120hz display make the screen buttery smooth. Speaking of battery smooth. This phone is buttery smooth, even using a mid range snapdragon. 778 processor honor 50 is again rocking snapdragon 7785g, which isnt the fastest like the snapdragon 888, but will go toe to toe. With the 800 series on our speed comparison test, the geekbench test, it is as fast as the real gt master in google pixel 6.. You can choose between 6 8 or 12 gigs of ram and storage varies at 128 to 256 gigs. This is a 5g phone and while it is certainly not the cheapest 5g phone thanks to its chinese phone rivals, it is still affordable and a good option for those looking for a low cost 5g phone.

I found at the honor 50 snappy in a day to day use. I couldnt tell the difference between this phone and my other top end. Phones, basic tests like navigating checking social media and light games all feel smooth and quick. Next is battery life, and this is one of the great features about this phone. It packs a huge 4300 milliampere battery that i couldnt kill. In a day this is officially a day and a half phone. There is certainly some optimization going on in the background as i play games and watch videos and still have 30 to 40 percent. At the end of the day, the charging is done at 66 watts, which is fast for its price point, but not the fastest. At that speed it could take about 40 to 45 minutes to charge it in full theres no wireless charging here, which is one big difference between the honor 50 and the huawei nova 9. But again, at this price point it is expected. The audio of this phone is pretty impressive, but not the loudest. The mids and the bass are pretty good, although i expect a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack because of its price point: theres, no water or dust resistant, so im not sure why they didnt include the headphone jack im, not worried, paying a little bit more. For that feature, honestly heres a sample music for you to hear how good it is hey if you own, honor 50 or any phones you see on our channel, were making more videos of these phones in the future.

Please hit the subscribe button to see more videos like this and, lastly, the camera. It is a quad camera that consists of a highly touted 108 megapixel main but theres, no telephoto camera and beyond the main sensor. There are three additional cameras that are low resolution. The eight megapixel ultra wide angle, a two megapixel macro and a two megapixel depth: sensors yikes on our camera comparison test, the honor 50s image processing proved to be better than numbers. It delivered really good. It produces a punchy and sometimes too good to be true photos. The main killer, for me here is how heavily processed my face is. If i post this on social media, i feel like im a babyface wannabe. I also notice softness on low light and the quality and image degrades and become noisy on low light. Still, you can complain at 400. The video is where it shines, particularly in good lighting condition. This could replace a vlogging camera because of its stability and generally punchy in lively colors. The microphone on this phone is good too. It also shoots 4k at 30fps, while selfie only takes 1080p recording. This is the autofocus test. If youre watching this video give me some love and click that subscribe button. This is a really hard tech review. This is honor 50s low light condition, selfie video recording test. So this is with enough light and then this is low light condition. There are also video tricks on this phone.

We call it the multi window, so you see my face on the other side and whats in front of me on the other side, theres also a use of the main sensor and the ultra wide sensor, so theres like a wide shot and like the regular shot And this is the video recording in low light condition, as you can see, what do you think? Is it good enough? So why does gadget revenues? Verdict is honor 50 a good buy in 2022, definitely its a good phone, its just a bit irritating at first. When you set it up, maybe because of the model, i have im, not sure theres, so many honor bloatwares on the home screen and a little cleanup needed it feels super cluttered. I will not recommend this for people who wants to experience pure android, goodness again, it feels cluttered and the magic ui might not be for everyones taste. If you will bring this on a watery and extreme condition, theres no water or dust protection – and i will recommend this to people who loves a snapdragon phone with google services with great main camera good battery life and vivid oled screen at 400. You cant go wrong with what honor offers you plus the fast 5g connectivity. It is a great looking phone, its thin curvy and professional looking.