This is a zte blade. V30 vita, so jt google mccoragon for the heritage either you have listened the brand name or maybe you have not at all. Can you see you boilerpoint keypad mobile around? Even i have used that phone for the user. This is a really mid range phone, its a high specs pack of phone right now, so we cannot expect the highest in flagship questions aspects or so this is im expecting something but um in the mid range budget, much early, which is actually pretty good in this Segment so ive been using this phone for a week right now and max just doesnt more. It has a gaming gardener, but i have been usually reading. Uh ebooks in this phone right, just monsieur im, going to go ips display background currently saying ive been uh, pretty much immersive with this experience, so camera ground, 3gb and 64gb variant 128gb usb, which comes with the 18 watt fast sizing, the really good. I might say your phone is through the gaming process also, but this was the biggest sign of power buttons on the fingerprint sensor banisher, which is pretty fast. Remember phone number has a responsiveness timeline, so your fingerprint signature, but this uh does not have that problem. Illegitimate thats rna read garcia and thats pretty good in this segment or other one over. There is my dual stream slot money available, sir. So talking about the gaming performance, ive already told you guys, youll see what a budget friendly phone just means based urban kelly, best football.

That was pretty poor in this phone. But what can you expect from the budget phone guys? You see what a positive phone holds such a bigger display during the display dummy ramusa, with the used battery the belly day to day usage on my channel. I mostly use this for the daily uses for boys in my office were playing the games just saying gaming performance and about the camera about the harry.