This will be actual feedback and we will not show any bakwas just to get more and more views. Im not going to show you this video, so this will be actual image and actual feedback, because i have seen lots of videos on youtube, but theres, not a single video whos shown the actual pairing mode how to pair this device with your cars screen. Yes, this will help you to drive your car. Listen your music and uh, listen fm as well, but how to pair it to but how to pair with its your cars screen. This is really tough, but well have to learn, and i will do it lets see whether it will be connected to your cars screen or not so in the box you will get. These are the packing items. This will be fixed on your cars cooling, vent. That means on the ac chamber here, you will have to put it like this or like this. Anything like you want. You have to youll, have to connect it through your cars charger. This is the adapter. This is the aux cable, theyre, very limited, so im just pausing in the car and just try to connect. Now i will show you how to connect it in alexa app. Actually, i just wanted to connect it in my cars screen, because there is no video on the youtube to how to pair on the cars screen so now switch on the cars and the screen is on now.

Oh, he is giving it warning to pair the seatbelt and switched it off now. First of all, ill have to mount lets. Let me switch on the light. Yes, no, its fine, so first of all ill have to keep it on me only so this is the little bit, not user friendly, because you are having only one option to mount it on your ac vent. This is a little bit tough. Just like air purifier. You are having only one option to mount it. There is no other option to mount it. You will have to so now i succeeded, so i can put that is really good, that there is magnet. I see this wow nice so another we are having one aux. Cable or it can be connected through bluetooth as well, so ill connect, my all the modes. This is the aux cable i entered here and another aux cable in the car. Okay, aux connected box disconnected, but why the cable might have been removed. No cable is connected perfectly here. Okay, okay, aux is showing yes, the aux cable is connected from the box. Okay, so well have to give him the power as well so ill have to switch on my bluetooth, not bluetooth. Actually, it needs net connectivity, so ill have to switch on hotspot. Mobile hotspot lets give him give it life so which cable? It is: okay, its my cars cable. So they have given us that to connect it through your cars 12v charger and we can connect it in this usb port as well.

So let me try, by connecting in our usb port yeah now it is connected now ill have to connect it in the alexa. Its also connected device, no response, okay, but the alex is on and were also getting the sound in the car. Hello lets start rolling. Well, you can safely do so, go to your alexa app and add a new device all right. Okay, so the electromagnet might fall. No, this will not fall down there because, but lots of wiring will have to do. Yeah. Dont worry well, stick it. So i need to open the alexa app ready for setup. Okay, when you can safely do so, go to your alexa app and add a new device. Okay and alexa app. I have to go on the alexa app and its asking to go on the devices post going in devices. It is asking to add new device. Add a device add a device: okay, amazon, eco light, plug switch camera, lock, contact sensor, motion sensor security hub. So what will i have to say car accessories, so youre sure yeah, baby yeah? Should i click on that? So here we go in the cars accessories. Okay, so okay destroying actually warning that dont pay it while you are driving, so we are not driving our car. Now we post on the continue tap on the settings buttons allow all time. Okay settings allow all the time. I think we must go back. Uh see all alexa permissions ready for setup.

Oh, when you can safely do so, go to your alexa app and add a new device. We are now we are doing the same baby. Okay, why it is showing slots of error. Actually, it is not user friendly, enable bluetooth, okay, im just doing that, hello turn on location, its okay. It got my phone got connected in my car. Well, i dont have to connect in my car because ill have to pair it with this new device Music. Yes, it is asking to get paired with the eco too. Okay, i paired it nice, okay, oh setup, wasnt complete on your device when you can safely do so, go to the help and feedback section of your alexa app just leave. Lets continue to the app its showing connecting Music ready for setup when you can safely do so, go to your alexa app and add a new device attach your echo to a air vent. I did okay continue. Can your car connect your phone via bluetooth play music? Yes, disconnect the eco auto aux okay, just asking to disconnect the aux cable. I did it now. It cant get the sound in the car. Dont hear the sound, no im, not hearing any sound lets, wait for it to respond alexa its still in the pairing mode. Orange light all right, so its asking to tap continue to proceed. I just tapped why it is not going ahead. You can save location. Okay continue. Allow communication allowed allow allow allow yeah hello, discussing lots of allow you want to take my properties as well im not going to youtube its too hot yeah lets switch on the ignition switch on the ac, please Music, ac, so i think the pairing is done.

It is showing all done and try auto move. Yes, i want to try auto mode alexa. How are you i dont think so that alexa find a petrol station um, auto mode im, a passenger, why it is not working. I think we must connect the ox cable again thats. Why were not getting the all sound if you are having a car which is uh, which is having all the wires internally wiring? So this is useless device for you, because this is providing such two wires to connect with your car, theyre, really looking very, very, very nasty if you are having a charging socket or usb port, so you can connect it here else. This device is also useless for you and biggest thing is that this device never works on your cars screen. I did all the rnds, but this does not work on your cars screen. So if you want to run any music, just look a demo, alexa hindi, devotional, songs, amazon, musicbuzz alexa. Now, if you want to go to your home, if you want to plug or play map on your screen, this never works, because this icon does not work with this alexa device. So just see one example how it is showing your map alexa garganto. Now this is a very nasty thing. This will open your mobile device. This will open map on your mobile device. So how pathetic it is. If you want to go to your home, if you are having a such a good car, you will have to drive.

It will have to hand you hold your phone, the really pathetic device im. Just returning this item to amazon.