I didnt see any video on youtube, so i thought lets make a video for youtube, so i bought it. Two cases uh structure – and this is the packing for daily objects, as you can see its a cardboard box, pretty eco friendly, and these are the cases that i bought Applause. These are the two cases that i bought. This is a stride 2.0. This is the hybrid clear that they sell. Let me give you a close up, looks good. The printing is okay, but you can see slight printing problems, but this is this. This looks okay, this looks, fine quality is okay. Let me just put it on lets. Go for this oh pretty easy application. That is how it looks. Buttons are nice. Everything works. Everything works. Nice lets check the wireless charge where the charge works. Great great grip offers grid grip. Lets see the sides does not add a lot of weight, but its so good its nice. It does awful protection, nice pretty easy to put and remove. I have installed tempered class screen protector on my phone. That is how the clear hybrid looks on the phone. It looks good on the phone actually um to be honest, but on the phone it looks nice, but there are some quality issues. As you can see, i can see the bar up there, the rim of the phone, the frame and on the sides as well. You can see there are a few quality issues, but the case itself is so good.

You can always you can always get it replaced from daily objects. They are quite good at it all the buttons actually. Actually, the button feel on this case is much better than the than the stride 2.0. These are actually real buttons, so it is actually a button on button technology by no means uh. I work for daily objects or something im. A customer just bought this cases. For myself – and i i thought id just just review it, because there are no reviews for daily objects on youtube. I wish to have more designs for these cases, but this is what weve got. If you ask me, which is better, i think this is better for your phone, because this is this: has a lip on your phone slight lip this. This doesnt and ive already used these cases like daily update cases in the past for the for my past phones that ive used. So these are quite good at it when it comes to cases so thats pretty much for my video. All the ports are nicely cut. Everything is nice and you can even reach. Yes, you can. I think this is better but uh sure ordering go for both because you can get the both pad. You can get best of both worlds. Uh, if you ask me the quality uh, the this, this print is actually fine. It looks great, but on the on the side, this seemed red, but this is in reality.

This is magenta pinkish. I might get this replaced because i didnt, like the the color ill. Do this? Because from because this, because of this, my biggest dream is to calm down, i think its a great quote so thats, so that was my video i i was using a clear case for my iphone 13 pro before these came out wireless charge. Work hold on great cases. You can definitely buy it. Theres a deal going on for 1200 rupees for two. I think its a great deal 600 for each. This is a great deal. These are built to last, so you can go for a day. There are more colors in the frame. This is one i think theres one blue color and you can choose. There are a lot of designs for you to choose. I think these objects is a great sizing. I mean you can go for it. Thank you. Helicopter.