Lets just call this the christmas episode right here, where i want to talk to you guys about the iphone xr and the deal that comes with it. If you switch carriers over to cricut, this will be a very good deal for those that are looking to buy an affordable phone and, of course, theres no sponsor theres, no paid paid. Anything in this video, just me talking so without further ado, lets hop right into this review. Music first things. First, this is the iphone xr itself and if youre wondering what im recording on im actually recording on the iphone 12., i had a little issue with my pixel 6 pro it overheated the video stopped. Unfortunately, so i said you know what let me just use the phone that actually does work properly. So what comes inside the box with this all iphones are pretty much the same at this point um it comes with your charger, usb c usb to usbc, which is the other tip the little books right here, thats pretty much it. What kind of inside the box it was nothing special and, lastly, you have the iphone xr itself right here now. This is the device that i bought for my wife, so lets do a little specifications real fast. As you know, let me talk to you about the deal. First then well do specifications um again. This is a 4g lte phone for those that are unaware of it. Uh it wont have 5g, which is okay, because 5g isnt quite there.

Yet anyway, its going to be a couple years so youll be perfectly fine, and your lte services will work great uh. There is a deal going on with this phone currently, where its forty nine dollars for you to port over to cricket. You get the phone you pay any any activation and the first month bill on the sixty dollar plan, which brings you up to at the taxes depending what stage youre in roughly 150 to 160, but about 140 to 155. Roughly i forget, i know it has a huge jump but again uh thats, roughly what i paid. I should pay 180 something, but that was with a case im. Not i dont remember how much you took off of that case because it came with a tempered glass. So im just doing like a little 30 difference or so overall, unfortunately cricket it seems that they only have currently black in stock. You have to remember that this is a discontinued phone under apple, but other prepaid carriers would still carry it primarily because guess what its worth a lot of money and even though its 49 technically its not a budget phone, but it feels like a budget device. I have to put it in that category because of the price tag being so cheap for the port, its just a no brainer to get if youre in that category. In addition to that, this thing gets uh years of software updates, i believe, up to five for apple, but theyre, probably going to get more than that.

So out of the box was 14.7, i believe the ios. It is eligible for uh 15.2, the current software that they have here and im just going to show you guys in the settings. I already downloaded software for my wife. I just did not install it yet, so let me pull it up right here. They want to put any private information lets see. Is that 14.7.1 in the box, but the software update, allows you to go to 15.2, so im going to install that in a moment after this video uh, you already know volume rockers are right here for iphones, lock button power button right here. The xr was the one that started that bigger power button on the side. Uh only has one camera in the back, which is a 12 megapixel wide, but what i will say that it still is a amazing camera, its still better than a lot 90 of those budget androids out there. So, if youre in the iphone family – and you prefer ios and youre, just looking for something for your children, some cheap, even for yourself, this is a definitely good deal, especially if youre, switching from like 18 metro boost mobile. You want to go from prepaid to contract. It wont be from a t to cricket. Since theyre owned, you wont, get the deal, but any other carrier. Verizon prepaid, regular verizon, t, mobile metro, simple mobile things like that you will get this carrier deal.

There is one thing i have to say before we talk about specifications of this phone and be aware: if you go online, its going to save you pay three months of service, you get the iphone for 49. That is a online deal, its not really a deal when you think about it, because the phone is 49 at support. Youll be paying 180 worth of service three months in advance to get the phone for 49.. If you go into store in the store and find one of these currently for that sale, you do not have to pay that youre only paying the first month of service the activation fee and the phone itself be aware of that. If youre in the city of philadelphia, wherever you are, you do not have to pay three months worth of services. Only one month for service and youre good to go thats a exclusive online thing, thats going on the stores are different. So with that being said, liquid retina display, which is basically a generic hd, display uh 326 and the ppi for those that want the actual resolution were looking at 1792 by 828. um. The knits, i believe, go up to about 1400 nits for this device. You do have true tone thats what this looks like now, where it looks a little archie. Let me see if we get to the main screen well this. If i take it off a true tone, it looks more like a not necessarily a brighter lcd, but this actually makes it much easier on the eyes for anyone that stares at their screen for a very long time, um im.

Sorry, i said that thats all wrong. The nits on this actually go up to 625. I dont know where i got 1400 from. I was thinking of it and i think that one of the note devices i got that wrong so scratch that 625 is the highest than it goes to, which is perfectly fine for a phone that has a cheap lcd screen. I say its cheap because when you compare it to oled devices like the current iphones or just any samsung device out there, most phones use oled, like google or or uh. You know just a better quality screen. But then you have to worry about screen, burn, thats, a whole different other issue, no fingerprint scanner for those that dont know. This does have to face a lot. This is where face unlock started the iphone 10 and xr thats, where the face unlocks started. So if youre downloading applications and it requires a password – and it requires a fingerprint or something guess, what its going to use your face instead, which is super accurate and, of course, this face, a lot does work in the pitch blackness uh. Unfortunately, i cant show you now because it is my wifes phone, so my face isnt in it. I just recently got this far. It is ip rated 60 ip67. So about 30 minutes in a meter of water. Again they make cases specifically for underwater c divers. So you dont have to worry about um going naked with your phone plus, if youre using a phone naked anyway, you must be a millionaire, because personally, i like protecting my investment and, as you can see, this already has a tempered glass on it got ta play It smart what else we have here.

It does use the 812 bionic chip now granted up to the 15 uh. The phono recording on the iphone you see right here is the iphone 12 thats recording this video is the uh a14. So, for those that are wondering if nba 2k will play on your phone, if call of duty will play on their phone walking dead things like that. Yes, every game will play just fine on this phone. It will work great, you wont, have any problems if youre wondering if the se is better than this, because that i believe that one has a bionic a13 chip in it. The chip might be better, but because of the battery and everything else in that its basically a iphone 8 with a better chip, the s8, the 2021, so the xr and truth still is better than that little buggy phone uh, the iphone sa. I dont suggest that for anyone it still has the overheating issues the older iphones used to have the battery life is just horrific with actual use. This does support fast charging, of course, 20 watt. I know i just kind of jumped into the battery, but its pretty good. It does support 20 watt, you get 30 in 50 minutes and from 50 and up even if youre, using the device, which i dont always suggest. If youre watching, netflix or using the device, it will still will steadily climb until it reaches 100. So you dont have to worry about that now.

If we talk about the recorder, it does do 4k videos up to 60 frames and thats on xr um. It does have the 12 megapixel wide, which i talked about at the beginning: uh zoom up to 5x, not going to go across the whole spectrum of what everything the phone can do, because, if youre in the iphone family, you already know now with that being said Again, 49 for a 64 gig model uh. Sometimes it might be 99 for a 128. It really depends on if a carrier carries most carriers. Most prepaid carriers carry the most basic generic version of the phone. So if a phone comes in 64, normally thats what they carry if its 128 for the iphone 13 thats the standard, if youre looking for a 512 and all that stuff youre going to probably end up having to go to the manufacturer themselves, unfortunately, i dont see This on the apple website, maybe theyre the way to order xr. It wouldnt really make much sense, given that the xrs are like 4.99 or so when the 11s are the same price also 4.99, but for the 49.99. Yes, this does make the phone worthwhile. So i just wanted to do a quick video to show you guys that what you can get for cheaper uh for those that are considering switching services. Cricut is a t technically in terms of service, but their internet speeds are slower, so maximum speed you might get for downloads is eight megabytes or something or streaming eight megabytes.

It doesnt sound like a lot, because a tnt t mobile does allow a lot more along with the regular at t, but the difference is that it is pretty consistent. It is pretty stable. The plans that come with 60 dollars come with hbo max same with att. That stays on your account and you do get a years worth of sam club for free now, once the year is up. Obviously you have to pay for sans club, but the hbo max will stay thats. One of the reasons why my wife left went over to cricket. I stuck with metro that they come with uh. What is it called amazon, prime, which i will do a video showing you guys, the current sales going on and what the plans actually offer online kind of broaden the channel and do a little bit more. But anyway, that is the video like subscribe. All that fun stuff and um, no, what no thats not the rest of the video. I forgot a very important part – is this worth it. I kind of explained that it is pretty much because it still works better than the a52 5g, which is 120 hertz and a snapdragon, 720 or 751 to i think, 750. uh it doesnt matter if its six gigs of ram. The fact is that those phones arent properly optimized, they still lag. They still have their issues. This xr can still go against high end android devices yeah itll lose in an overall setting for talking about specifications, but because of the software so its optimized.

So well, you still will have a great experience. So if you find this and youre like well, i want an iphone 11. I want to xr. I went to uh, you know what you can get a 12. You can get a 13, but at least youll still be in the iphone family. Where you have your face unlocked – and i know people look at apple as a status symbol, but just humble yourself and get what you can, and this is one hell of a deal.