Welcome to that most gadget review channel today, im going to review a fun product. This is the red cup. Drink cooler keeps your drink icy cold, so im definitely going to test that out and youve seen red cups at parties. So its kind of a fun product that takes it to the next level and that its a red cup koozie for any drink that you might have and do me a favor, go to patreon.com9 malls. You can support my channel dollar and up or if youre, watching this on facebook, you can become a facebook fan. So i really appreciate that if nothing else share with your friends and family, let everyone know get the word out. If you do nothing, do that and click the bell, click the notify click, the blah blah blah whatever it is in the future. So whatever system you have to get my videos definitely do that. So here we go lets open up, see whats inside and yeah. So just pretty basic. It has this little tag here and its big mouth toys bigmouthtoys.com and its just this kind of like styrofoam beer, koozie, but im going to do a little before and after kind of temp test and see. If this thing works, im going to maybe give it about 30 minutes, because thats, probably the maximum time youre gon na, have your drink in your hand, all right. So here we go. Let me just show you, so you have two cans of pepsi that have been in the fridge im gon na open up each one and kind of test.

The temperature see what see what theyre at. Let me move that up, so you can see it all right. So we have 45 degrees. It looks like maybe a little bit cooler. Oh okay, that ones 41.. They should be identical yeah. So it looks like looks like 41. all right, so lets test the outside of the can so 41 55 or 59.. This ones cooler. It should be identical, im, not really sure ill, just say about 55, the one on the rights cooler, all right, so just for fun. Im gon na put this one in the um, the sleeve, the cooler one so lets just say, 53 and then so what was it? 41? All right, so yeah there you go 41., all right, so ill put this in the koozie. Oh lets see. Lets actually lets. Do the warmer one all right, so this doesnt go in easily and yeah if its very snuggly look at that so kind of looks like a red cup. You have this giant foam thing kind of cool. I guess but uh lets test it out. So we have the uh the one thats gon na have nothing and then this one and then come back and see what the both temps are, the outside of the can and the inside temp. So here we go. Alexa set timer for 30 minutes 30 minutes. Starting now, all right, so here we go its been 30 minutes and lets test out.

First, the can, without the koozie so im going to divide that so its gone up a little bit so ill, say 45, 45 and then the outside temperature of the can so about 56.. So its gone up a little bit uh in the beginning, it was 41.. Now its 45 and the outside temperature was about 53 now its 56.. All right so lets see if the koozie actually worked actually did anything here. We go a little bit difficult to get out this thing you actually have to bend the can a little bit, because this thing is uh its massive it doesnt theres, not much flex. To this thing, its pretty there we go its pretty good quality foam here. Pretty sturdy see sturdy all right, so here we go the can in the koozie lets test the temperature here. So here we go yeah. Look at that not much cooler a little bit 43.. All right so lets test the outside of the can here so 40 or 54.5 54.6. All right so lets just call it uh 55.. All right! So you can see the original out of the refrigerator was was lower but uh, 41, 43. 53. 55. So uh! You know its kind of similar to my other reviews. Koozies do work theres, one that has beads that you put in the freezer and its it kind of keeps your drink extra cool with the addition of an insulator. But you know they are good products that work.

I would say its kind of a fun thing: if youre a koozie person, i would say, go for it for most people id say pass. I think you can find one thats more streamlined. This is kind of a. I dont know its its fun. I dont know its its uh. I guess its up to you, but uh, im kind of on the fence. With this thing, i would say, leaning towards yes, if youre someone that likes koozies and you you – you have an affinity to red cups, red party cups but uh. I say most people pass because i just think a streamlined koozie works better. This takes up a lot of space in your cupboard, but uh its up to you.