Some have that one? Oh my gun. Oh Applause! Oh get! Some of that get some of that. Oh, oh, my gosh. Only in battlefield, you’re, damn right, honey, barfield hell! I am throbbing in all veins, all veins deep vein. The main vein subscribe now that clip didn’t do it for you, then nothing’s gon na and if you didn’t, get excited by that clip. Are you even battlefield? Bro let’s get ourselves comfortable for a couple of minutes, at least because i want to talk to you a little bit about battlefield. Six. Listen loads of people will be putting battlefield 6 news videos out right now and i like to dabble a little bit, but i don’t like to bore you that’s, not what i’m about you guys who know me know i don’t do boring it’s. Just not me. It you’ll have seen no doubt all the news on twitter about bf6 how it’s on schedule for an announcement in spring this year and it’s a holiday release, you’re gon na find that on everybody’s channel but that’s. Not what i’m here to talk about. Although i’m very excited about it i’m here to get you guys ready for battlefield 6. myself, i feel very alone me and my community. We feel alone. I am the last of the battlefield, funny moments trolls on youtube. I can’t find any back in the good old days of bf3 bf4, maybe a little bit of bf4 nah, not bform, bf3 and bf4 channels were thriving funny moment.

Videos were all across youtube and people would watch not just from the battlefield franchise, because the stuff you could do in battlefield was unique from other games. Youtubers got famous, i can list you many youtubers leave some comments down below. Tell me who you used to go to, i know me, but not me, don’t don’t mention me mention other ones. What are they doing now? Are they still a building battlefield? I don’t think so. Look at the recent content, i’ve been putting up i’ve been trying to reignite the flame, the passion in the sandbox battlefield, experience and i’ve been doing it in bf1 and if i could do it in bf1, oh my god, bf6 the largest scale battlefield with massive player Counts is going to be insane, and i want you guys to take note, and i want you to spread like a freaking pandemic on that battlefield and just have some fun. People have been for many years trying to push the esports onto us there’s a reason: it’s not worked already with multiple battlefield games, there’s a goddamn reason it’s not made for that battlefield, doesn’t and won’t work in an esports game mode. It just doesn’t have that feel, and the car battlefield players just really don’t want it. I’M gon na be honest with you there’s a few pushing for it, but i don’t want that that’s, not what it’s about. I really still don’t know what i’m talking about in this video, but bloody, get ready for battlefield 6 get hyped, have fun up.

Troll people bring back the random moments like you just saw the star of this video and in my past god knows how many videos i’ve been doing it for years, and i am alone nobody else. Uploads content like this spread. The word squid stands alone. I am really hyped, but what i don’t want to see is the game, turning into a try, hard and all the sweats who want the esports competitive matches. Saying oh this sucks. If dice deliver a brilliantly fun sandbox experience, then i will be happy, but we need to be ready. We need to be ready to combat the triads. The sweats who are trying to ruin our game battlefield can only go one way and it’s a way of fun.