For this re release of mass effect now this re release has occurred course, the first three games in high definition and of course there are some aspects that people started to shout about and so i’m going to look at all the details, for you guys now. The first thing that i immediately notice is a special edition for mass effect. It has a helmet, it has some artwork, it has an inception letter. It has some sort of steel book, some sort of pens for the players. However, the only thing the only freaking thing is missing. Right is the freaking game. Now, according to that flyer, that whole entire collector’s edition does not have the game at all like for me, that’s like a humongous slap to the face, the whole entire purpose for collectors or people who are enthusiasts like me to buy you sort of collector’s edition is Because we’re super mega fans of the whole entire franchise that we like, for example, when i get like these box sets for my blu rays or like these video games, i want to get all this content, including the movie, including the game. So why is it that for a collector’s edition i have to pay separate money, separate freaking money to buy the game, and the collector’s edition, like the whole entire price, should be covered with the game right now. I understand why collector’s editions are expensive right because you have like a lot of materials besides the game like all these helmets and these steel books and fancy items and whatnot.

But at the same time, the whole entire process for getting a game nowadays is super expensive, because a court, at least for the ps5, is like 70 to buy a single game, and so at least include the freaking game at least include that much but that’s, not Just all of it, though, like the screenshots for this game are, like you know pretty. You know interesting too, because i’ve seen screenshots, where the old version of the game had no lens flare and, like the newer versions, have a lot of lens flare and it’s kind of strange to me, because it’s almost kind of suffering from like the jj abrams effect. Where almost every other shot has some sort of lens flare to it, i’m, not sure why it’s so popular nowadays, but i guess that’s what companies or movie places want to do nowadays, however, that is not the whole entire icy on the cake, because, according to like Some articles that i’ve been reading, they has been confirmed that the re release of mass effect for the first three games is gon na remove any sort of sexual references that includes the course of shots where pretty much women were showing their butt it’s. Not. You know just like nakedness, but like a butt that’s covered in clothes. Now this is like the silliest thing to edit, like it’s so silly, because, first of all, the whole entire game is marketed for like a mature audience, and so anybody underneath 17 cannot play the game to begin with number two.

It kind of comes off as pretty much botanical, because pretty much when you buy the game, obviously gon na have like a lot of adults teams. A lot of mature players are gon na play that game and so to me when they start to censor stuff like sexuality, it’s. So weird, because to me sexuality is part of the human experience. We have like a lot of ancient art from like european countries of these naked women or these naked men, or they like the statues or, like you know, drawings from these famous people, and so naturally, of course, we want to preserve how the artists attended the whole Entire thing to be by actually having like the annuity and stuff, and so if the original artist was like to attend to have like these sort of shots with the butt or the whatever. I think is pretty much out of principle. A form of self censorship. Because to me, if you’re gon na market, like your game as some sort of re release for like the whole entire, like uh series of games – and you say, gon na update, the graphics is nothing else. That’S may seem like false advertisement, because if the whole entire process supporting a game is not the center stuff, why even bother trying to port the game to begin with? Because players are paying like a lot of money to get their game, they want pretty graphics and that’s. It not censorship, just pretty graphics and so that’s.

The whole entire point on why people want to purchase it to begin with so what’s. The best way to actually you know, go against this kind of stuff. Well, it’s pretty obvious like to vote for your wallet, obviously, because if you vote for your wallet like well with your wallets, the companies are not going to pay much attention, so they’ll lose money in the end by you know you playing with your wallet at the Same time, i just find it so strange, like everything that has to do with sexuality is like looked down upon, like i don’t understand. Why, like you know something as simple as sexuality is like that, because to me, sexuality is something that’s empowering for like not just for women, but for anybody, because the whole entire point of sexuality is to explore like the motives of the characters, what they like, what They don’t like, and so it doesn’t make sense why there are so many people who are super ultra afraid of sexuality but uh. What do you guys think tell me in the comment section down below and as always i’ll see you guys in the next video it’s everyone’s friend, it’s tyler he’s, your only black friend so he’s your best black friend Music.