First, i want to clarify what is the difference between the 330 pro and 333 pro, so on the 333. You will get braided cable and on 330 you get the regular cable other than that they are exactly same. So if you plan to buy any one of these pick the 333 pro and you can do so from the first link in the description below where you might find the best deals on these earphones now before we talk more about these earphones lets, do a quick Unboxing, Music, Music – that was a quick unboxing and now lets talk about the features. First of all, we have bluetooth 5.2 with dual pairing, so you will be able to connect two devices simultaneously. Then we have magnetic earbuds, but there is no auto on or off which could be a deal breaker for some. Then we have ipx5 water rating. So without any worries we can use these earphones in our workout session now talking about the overall design of the device. It is pretty similar to other neckband earphones that we see from boat. We get very soft neckband metallic modules and earpieces inline controller, which is on the wire this time and we also get removable ear hooks. So, with the help of these, we can go for a run without being worried about fitting being so insecure. Also, the silicone ear tips are quite soft and i had no pain by using them for a couple of hours.

Now, coming down to the inline controller, we have volume up volume down and multi function button, along with that we have a mic that can be used to take calls and to use the voice assistant and speaking of calling here on the earphones we get enx technology To cancel out noise, so this mic should sound good. So this is the audio quality test of the inline mic on the board rockets, 333 and 330 pro. You can judge yourself how it actually performs now for gaming. There is a beast mode on these earphones, which is low latency mode, so they claim to go as low as 65 milliseconds, but lets see for ourselves so Music. Now, on the battery side, we get 150 milliamp hour battery, which takes about one hour to charge full and after that you can expect 60 hours of playback at 60 of volume, which is insane. If someone is looking for a neckband earphones with a massive battery life, then this could be it like other boat earphones. Here we get asif charging as well, which means, if we charge it for 10 minutes, we can expect 20 hours of playback. Now here comes the most crucial part of any audio device, so here on the 330 and 333 pro we get a 10 millimeter driver which produces good sound quality. I would say the sound is very base oriented, so you would enjoy genres that require bass like hip. Hop r b, etc.

What i found to be missing, though, is the clarity and high end vocals and other instruments: dont sound, very sharp and clear and crystal and chips and grips whatever. So if you are into acoustic and all that, then you might want to consider something else. But if you are solely into rap and bassy genres, then definitely you can give this a try. Also, the earphones are very loud and i was using it at fifty percent of volume, so you can judge from that. But thats been it if youre looking for a neck pain, earphones with humongous battery life, some useful features and you intend to listen to only bass, heavy genres and your budget is limited to 1800 rupees. Then you can pick this up and if you are doing so, you should go with the 333 pro which has braided. Cable links are down below thats it.