Youre gon na get some literature here and uh. This is always helpful to hang on to uh its in a couple different languages, its going to show you some basic specs, but speaking of specs. Let me go over those really quickly with you so that you guys can see exactly what the amber x has for specifications. So lets talk about specs here, uh with the ports youre going to get an sd card reader. So you get a full sd card reader on here, probably very helpful for someone who is a photographer that uses sd cards uh regularly. You do get an hdmi a 2.0, a 4k output port on this, as well as a gigabit, ethernet port. You do get a usb, a 3.1 gen1 type, a port and you can plug in a usb drive or an external hard drive to actually make this bigger. So you do get 512 gigabytes of high speed, ssd internal storage here, but with that expansion you can also add an external hard drive to give you even more storage. Now it has a 802 11 ac, so you will get 2.4 gigahertz and a 5 gigahertz wi fi on this as well a 64 bit six core arm, cortex processor and two gigabytes of ddr4 ram. Now this only weighs about 300 grams and its about five inches by five inches by 1.5 inches, so very small footprint on the amber x. Okay, so you can go to my amberlife.

com and check out the apps that they have for this. You can get it on. Google play and, of course, the app store if you have an ios device, you can also set things up with either one of those, and you can also go and get the app for pc as well ill kind of touch on that a little bit more in The video, what else do they give you they give you a gigabit, ethernet cable, and this is cool. If you want to wire this directly to your router, you can do that if you dont want to use either 2.4 gigahertz or 5 gigahertz wi fi, and then, of course, they give you a power adapter as well to power the unit. Now the beauty of this is that, if you unpower the unit on your own or unplug it, your data is not accessible by anyone. So uh, looking at the main unit itself, its got some nice venting at the top, a little led on the bottom front. There and then some nice feet to keep it in place with a reset hole on the bottom. Now you do have a full sd card slot here on the side and on the back youre, going to have your a power button, youre going to have your power input and then the middle youre going to have a hdmi 2.0 port here that is capable of 4K – and this is to output, to maybe a tv, if you want to share your photos or movies, you can do that directly to a tv gigabit.

Ethernet port is here and also a full usb 3.1 port, and that is awesome because you can use a usb. Stick or even an external hard drive to give you even more space on this than the 512 gigabyte ssd that comes pre installed. So there is some expansion here and they have thought of this, and i think that is a really great idea. So if you do not want your information held by, you know apple for icloud or microsoft for onedrive, and you dont want it on their data centers. Then this is something that you should definitely look into, because all the data is your own, its all contained there and you have it uh, privately and securely. Okay, so ive got everything hooked up here and were going to use the amber ix app on android. Again, you can also get it for ios super simple to set up here. It basically talks you through everything, so very easy to do here. Uh at the bottom, youve got a cloud storage. They offer you two gigabytes of cloud storage for free uh and then the middle button is your amber. We need to set it up. It needs to verify my account with a adding a password when you first set up the app its going to ask you to set up an account and then you will be in the device selection menu. So im going to pick amber x. It does have the other amber or amber pro, and it will give you a very detailed step by step guide, as you can see here, so this is kind of foolproof.

They really did a good job on this, to making sure that you know to have everything done now. The total setup here does say take some time im going to cover most of it. So if you guys want to skip ahead, you can, but they even give you a checklist here which is really nice just to make sure that you have everything and you are set up and ready to go so mine is blinking yellow. I am ready to go. Ive got bluetooth and location services on ive got my ssid for my wi fi, so were going to go to discovery and we are going to wait for it to come back now again. This is really a great product again, if you do not want to share your information with other companies, say, be it microsoft or apple or whoever youre, using for your cloud backup and also you dont have to pay for it its pretty much once you buy the Amber x, you own it, you dont, have to pay a monthly fee for backing things up or anything like that. So those are major advantages here and also the fact that i found that once i backed everything up to my amber x, i could delete a lot of things off of my phone and save a ton of space on my actual device for taking new pictures. So what were doing right now is we are connecting to the amber x, uh to the home, wi fi and youre gon na have to put in your wi fi name and password, and what this does is this uploads the information from uh the app to the Amber x so that every time you power it off or if you lose power and it and or restart it, it will automatically know all your information and will be able to be right back on your network, so kind of a necessary thing to do there.

Super simple and easy: just throw in your wi fi, password and uh. It will connect uh and upload that information to the device and be good to go okay. So once the process completes youre just going to have to hit the start using amber button and you cannotice that the led is now a solid blue on the amber unit itself. So were going to do that and then its going to bring us into our settings menu where you can check your amber, you can set settings for backup and upload. You can check some of the general settings as well. So if we go in its going to show me kind of at a glance how much space im using im using 2.5 gigabytes of 467 gigabytes, it does have a 512 gigabyte ssd inside. But of course, uh. You know with the formatting and also with the fact that it has a amber os that it runs on the device itself youre going to be using about two and a half gigabytes and youre only going to get about 467 gigabytes. Total usage uh its going to give you some stats here for this youre going to see your ip address, how much space youre using your system up time, the status, the os version, the led brightness, which you can change and, of course, theres an option for external Usb drive where you can put that usb stick in or a external usb full hard drive to extend the storage beyond that uh 500 gigabytes that you get off the ssd, those other things that you can go in here and mess around with.

As far as a backup and upload settings, you do have your camera roll back up. Of course, thats going to be what most people are going to be using this, for you can see that my phone storage is using about 46 or 47 gigabytes and if i upload everything and then delete it off my phone im going to reclaim you know about 50 gigabytes of storage, which is very, very nice background services, uh youre, going to probably want to leave those on for camera, roll backup and downloads and uploads. So those are just normal uh, just kind of giving you an overview of the general settings here as well. App notifications are on. You can turn them off if you do not want them and you do have a develop mode as well. You upload all your files from your phone uh. You can go back into the amber x, app here and you can see when it was backed up. You can see that i have a total backup of 518 items here. I can view on my backed up items so well. Do that you can see that i do have some photos here. Some of the moon that i took with the s21 ultra, and i can look at that. I can look at it in full screen. I can go down here and i can start a slideshow. I can download this to the device. If i want to, i can add it to an album and organize it that way i can copy it.

I can look at photo info and, of course, i can share it, which is awesome. This is where you can share this with anybody either share via email and you can set what you want to do. You can export it to another app as well, so itll download a copy to my phone, and then it will be able to be used in another app, so sharing it is great. This is a really good thing to have here for being able to share this with anyone from anywhere. So if im away from home and say im in another state or im in and even in another country – and i want to share something that i have backed up with someone – i can share it right away and its of course not taking up space on my Phone, so that is excellent, uh overall, its got a really nice interface here with a lot of options uh for you to check out okay. So the last thing i want to talk about here with the amber x is the security that theyve put into place here. For this as well uh, they have that huge privacy first up there and they really do kind of back it up with the security. Now the encrypted data transfer, uh and transport is going to be tls version 1.2 using openssl, 1.0.2 p and basically, what that is its end to end encrypted data transfer. So youre not going to have to worry about anybody except uh, intercepting your data transfers when youre uploading to it or or sharing it with somebody else.

So that is definitely great on the security side. Now one last thing they do is you can actually enable a disk encryption for the internal ssd drive using dmcrypt aes and uh dash xts cipher. So they really have this thing on lockdown, if thats, what youre? Looking for to keep your data safe and most people are in general, if you want to get away from paying subscriptions for online services, such as icloud or onedrive, and having your data being backed up on a microsoft or apples. Data centers and those are just two examples of course, then this is something that you want to look into im going to replace backing up to one drive with this device in my personal setting, just because its a privacy concern – and i – and i think that this Is a great alternative for that, especially since its small, it has a ton of storage out of the box, its not overly expensive and its expandable. So that means, if i run out of storage on it, i can add more so far. I really like everything that the amber x has to offer and i am definitely giving it a thumbs up. This was luke from galaxy tech review. If you have any questions or comments about this device, please leave them in the comment section below and ill get back to you as soon as possible. Remember to like, and if you guys havent subscribed yet please do so because that always helps me out and ill check.