Dont be sexist lah.. If you care about your childrens eyes like Eye Care or if youre, a professional who wants to stop squinting, when reading emails from your very good boss, that keeps emailing you after hours, then you should probably keep watching because today Ill be reviewing the brand new BenQ Eye Care, GW2785TC monitor. Lets take a closer look., True story. Recently. My equally baller sister wanted to build a study station for her son and spent about RM5000 on a set of ergonomic desk and chair, because she knew that he would have to spend long hours studying from home because of the current situation. Without me even poisoning her About monitor ergonomics, she came to me out of the blue and asked me which monitor she should get for my nephew., Even though I was gon na recommend her something similar like this monitor that we are reviewing today, she ended up buying the even more baller PD2700U, Which is actually on sale right now for RM2149, linked in the description. Anyways lets dive right, in., The BenQ Eye Care GW2785TC is priced at RM1349. Theres also, the 23.8 inch version the GW2485TC, which is priced at RM1199.. This monitor has a 27 inch, 75Hz refresh rate 1080p IPS panel in a 16 by 9 aspect ratio that has a standard 5, millisecond gray to gray response time and anti glare finish.. The IPS panel makes this very suitable for work and study because it has the widest viewing angle among all the LCD panel types.

Other specs about this monitor include the advertised 72 NTSC color coverage, as well as a 250 nits peak brightness.. It is definitely usable, but if you need better specs for color crucial work like video or photo editing or interior design and architecture and stuff like that, then you should probably consider BenQs, PD or SW series. Instead, though, they are definitely more pricey.. In terms of looks, this monitor has an all black plastic chassis, with pretty slim bezels, giving it a clean and sleek appearance which, when coupled with the cable management system, makes for a good option for workspaces.. It also comes with an ergonomic stand with an adjustable height up to 130mm 45 degrees, swivel 90 degrees, pivot and tilts down 5 degrees and up 20 degrees.. This makes the monitor very easy to adapt for different users, ranging from toddlers who study from home to grown men who like to browse the internet to wives who like to watch Lee Min Ho., No matter your size or age. This mother has got you covered., Jokes aside. It is actually very important to properly position your monitor if youre going to be studying or working with it for longer periods of time, for the sake of your posture, as well as your eyes.. Also, an ergonomic stand like this is actually quite an underrated feature that a lot of entry level monitors tend to lack.. Now, of course, if you want even better ergonomics, feel free to buy a monitor, arm and use the provided VESA mount with this monitor.

See. I really care about you Eye Care, which is why I kind of need to tell you about BenQs Eye Care technology., Who wrote this script: Pei Yi! Why you like this? Your zoomer humor is very special. Below the BenQ logo. Youll find a light sensor that supports the Brightness Intelligence feature.. This sensor detects your environment or work environments, ambient light and adjusts the brightness contrast and color temperature of your screen. Accordingly, automatically.. If you also own the BenQ Screen Bar, it will sync up with your monitor and adjust accordingly as well illuminating your desk with 15 adjustable brightness levels up to 500 lux, ranging from 2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin, which is eight levels of color temperature which will fit In most use cases., It also makes for a clutter free desk setup, since it mounts directly on top of your monitor, while protecting your eyes because of its beam angle that doesnt shine directly at your face.. Also, another part of Eye Care is the Low Blue Light Plus setting that reduces emitted blue light that can be harmful to your eyes.. To be honest, this Eye Care feature set and the ergonomic stand does make the GW series monitor slightly pricier than some of the more basic options out there.. However, I think theyre actually worth the money if you need these features for work or study.. So, like Ive mentioned before, people are caring more about their eyes these days, so it is good to have more options like this monitor in the market.

. As a bonus feature, it even comes with four different modes that you can switch between very quickly to suit your daily activities, including the care mode coding mode reading mode and e paper. Mode. Moving on lets take a look at the IO ports at the back of the monitor.. You have one headphone jack, one HDMI 1.4 port, two DisplayPort 1.2 and a USB Type C port with 60 watts of power delivery. And this means that if you have the right laptop with the right specs, you could simultaneously charge it and output video to the monitor, using just one singular, USB Type C cable without even having to use the power brick that came with the laptop.. This is very handy since most work and study computers are laptops, anyways and, of course, we have audio. On the right side of the BenQ logo. Theres, an inbuilt noise canceling microphone for those of you who need to attend a conference call or two with your kids running around in the background. Heres, a tiny demo of how it sounds. Like. Now Ive, just cranked up the noise cancellation on the microphone to high. So in case youre having a meeting right And then if Azrai behind is like farting every day you wont be able to hear him. In terms of speakers. You get a couple of 2 watt speakers that are not awesome, but still does the job in a pinch. Heres a sound test for your reference as well.

. To recap: here are the pros mehs and cons of the BenQ Eye Care. Gw2785Tc.. I give this BenQ Eye Care GW2785TC, a very CheapBuy for people who care for their eyes 8 out of 10.. So if youre shopping for a work or study monitor without breaking the bank, then I think this is a pretty suitable monitor for you. Being 27 inches. If you can afford the extra desk space, it will allow you to sit back a little bit when youre doing your thing.. The ergonomics and Eye Care feature set are also very clutch to help the monitor, adapt to your work environment without much hassle.. I also kind of like that USB Type C power delivery port, because if you are like Elaine, who only works with a laptop, you can get a much cleaner desk setup with more space for your documents, your notebooks and stationeries and other stuff that Elaine like to Have hanging around her desk., Of course, if you dont care about your eyes and your back because youre a zoomer who is YOLO ing it, then there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there. So go ahead and buy those, and that is all I have to say about The BenQ Eye Care GW2785TC monitor., If you thought this video was awesome, dont forget to like and share and leave a comment down below. If you have any questions regarding this monitor or any other monitors and Ill try. My best to reply to you.

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