Next, video all right so today were gon na talk about another gadget. Thats gon na help you out in your daily life, as we you know, always talk about so todays, probably a little bit different, uh normally ill talk about. You know your daily life and the gadgets thats useful mechanically in your work. In your you know, other chores of the life, but today were going to talk about something personal to yourself, uh and thats. What you know we normally forget in the long run, while learning running around all day long for you for your work for everything else, and we do forget about ourselves, as in our you know, personal health and personal care. So todays topic going to be about the personal health or skin care that you know we get all the acne, all those pimples or you know any blemishes on your screen on your on your skin and um thats gon na be a gadget to help you out With that thing, so todays probably gon na be about that device or get gadget. Thats gon na help. You out you know to take care of your skin uh theres. So many um, you know, creams or you know, face, washes or acne remorse. You know chemicals out there or anything. You know you can just do your skin routine, but again only applying this, the cream onto your face is not enough. You need something to scrub it in a way that you know to give you a facial in a way.

Uh, so todays device is gon na the gadget is gon na. Do exactly the exact same thing uh this little guy right here has this right here. This is all like silicone beads right here: um thats gon na help you out to rub your skin on when you apply water and then the cream on it. And then, when you rub this guy on it, thats going to help you out in the long run too rub it, keep it clean, keep it all good and good to go now how to turn it on is theres a button right there. This turns it on and if you can hear it its vibrating right now, its super vibrating. You can increase the vibration by this clicking on this and you can decrease it by clicking on this, so theres vibrations into it. And then, once you have turned on the vibrations you just apply on it and you move it around and you scrub it around and thats going to help you out to scrub your skin. Take away all that oil take away all that bacteria and then thats, going to help you out to keep your skin clean, because how you get your skin clogged and then how you get pimple is when you get the oil and the dead bacteria clogged in your Skin and then, when they dont, when you dont wash them out, then you get acne and then you know bacteria and then all that pimples acne blemishes, you name it your skin, get destroyed by that.

So when theres, no blockage – and you keep doing your – you know skin routine good and then you keep doing your screams and then you keep scrubbing and then you keep doing your. You know your daily skin skin care um. This guy gon na help you out to keep up with that, and then you dont get pimples or acne with that guy, so keeping up together with this guy also theres, something in the back. Thats super hard beats right here and if you have to take out something from your screen is, is super oily and super super bad. You can just use this guy right here, scrub. It, like you, know harder and then thats going to clear up your skin super nice and super good and yeah and to charge its a rechargeable, theres, no, but no cells in here or no nothing theres a battery rechargeable battery in there you plug it in and Back in there right here, if you can see right there, you plug it in you charge it. Then you use it and then you know its pretty durable its been ive charged forever and then you know the charging leads um. You know rest forever, so you dont have to worry about that for the long run. But the thing is, there are some soft beads and theres. Some heart beat, so you can use this heartbeat down there and just you know rub it up, and second thing is waterproof.

You know because youre gon na use it on your uh wet skin, theyre gon na be oil, water and the oil. So this is waterproof right here, so you dont have to worry about the water or anything else, so yeah thats, what i use for my daily life for my daily routine thats, going to help you out with the water, with the skin care, with the oil bacteria. Everything goes away just you know. Super durable super cheap, its about like 10 15 bucks from You can go ahead and order that from there and keep up with your skin, because skin is much more important right now, because these days people judge you by your looks and then, if you dont, look good, you have acne or you dont, look good as much. Then people, just you, know, disapprove of you or you know they dont intimate you as much so my recommendation uh this little gadget right here, helps you with your screen with helps you with your skincare routine, so and theres that so that was todays.