This provider has proven to be on the top of its game in this review. Ill answer these questions and give you my honest opinion about this service and its performances. The company is located in the united states. This is not the most privacy friendly country, as it belongs to the five eyes alliance, but private internet access does not collect any activity. Logs its written in their privacy policy and their team has proved on several occasions that the no log policy is really enforced. Now lets take a look at the main features of the service. First, their apps code is open source. Anyone can easily study it to make sure its safe and the community can submit contributions to make it better. Next wireguard is the latest and fastest vpn protocol thats, so efficient its supposed to replace openvpn. Both protocols are available with this service. If you need to smoothen your connection to browse local and foreign websites, use the split tunneling feature, it allows you to choose which applications or websites can bypass the vpn tunnel. Finally, the app comes with several privacy features like kill, switch, dns leak, protection and port forwarding. These are great to keep your ip private and download torrent files. You can set up the vpn manually or download a dedicated app on most devices and operating systems after installation of the client. It will appear on your screen with a big button to connect. You can expand the app to see more details and enable more advanced features when choosing a server.

I like that the ping of each server is displayed its really convenient to select the fastest and most stable connection in the settings. You can change the protocol, enable split, tunneling and other features like the antivirus and, if you pay for it extra, you can obtain dedicated ips. Before i show you how the app works a word on this standout feature that allows you to drag and drop shortcuts to optimize the interface to your liking, one of the main reasons people use a vpn is to unblock streaming services. Now i will show you how to unlock the american netflix catalogue that offers more content than others. As an example id like to watch this title on netflix, but its not available in the country where i live, unfortunately, to bypass geo blocking, i connect to a server in the united states. Then i refresh the page and i can watch the video, along with thousands of other series and movies in just a few clicks, and this works on other streaming platforms as well after using the service for some time. I would like to rate private internet access as follows: lets start with privacy and security with its no log policy, this provider doesnt collect any user data. It also protects you from threats, while using public wi fi and keeps you safe from malware while staying anonymous. Based on these findings, this vpn deserves five stars for security. Next, the performance private internet access has a sophisticated network of servers allowing for high speed connections.

As with other providers, you can expect a slight drop when connecting to a further server, but its barely noticeable. The provider deserves four stars for its performance. Next lets talk about user interface. I really love how much you can do with the client. It is simple and easy for anyone to understand and use. This is one of the best vpn app i ever used. Therefore, i would like to give it five stars. Lastly, the price: when comparing the price with the performance and the features, this provider is one of the best choices on the market and you will get a sweet deal from the link in the description while theres no free trial, you can use the 30 day money Back guarantee, if you realize that its not a good fit so id give 4 star for the value for money. Private internet access offers a lot for its price from unlimited bandwidth and high speeds to powerful encryption, and even a free antivirus do not hesitate to try it out today, risk free with its money back guarantee.